The Wounded Healer Steps Into Aries — and Back Out Again

Friday March 2nd 2018

This year, the asteroid Chiron is finally changing signs for the first time since 2010/2011. He’ll be spending his summer vacation stirring up a whole lot of aggravation in Aries, before slipping back into Pisces until next year.

Chiron in Aries

17 April — 27 September 2018

18 February 2019 — 19 June 2026

In January, I did a one-day workshop on the year ahead for The Oxford Astrology Group. This video is an extract from the day, briefly discussing Chiron.

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  1. Severne says:

    Thank you for sharing it. I wish I could have been there!!!!
    Spot on. The pain, the heartbreak and the awakening of compassion. With Chiron and Neptune transiting Pisces I feel I have tapped into my Pisces potential like never before.
    What do you think about this transit hovering the angles?

    • Christina says:

      Thanks — I hope I wasn’t too morbid! — I didn’t mean to be.

      I think it’s important, and it really depends which one. On a career angle, the mentor side of Chiron can really show up.

      • Severne says:

        Not at all. It really resonated with my experience in the last few years. I have experienced the healing part as well, at least in part. And of course is good to have the wider sense of what was going on in the world last time Chiron was on this side of the zodiac (that part did worry me..).

        How about the Asc-Des axis. I know few friends and myself going through it.

        On a different note. Happy belated Birthday Christina! I hope you are having lots of love surrounding you.

        • Christina says:

          Well, that could work in a lot of ways — clearly the partner(s) involved. You’d need to know the circs, because it can be simple (you hook up with a doctor!), or possible less fun repercussions…

          • Severne says:

            I have experienced a lot of the health and vocational (!) aspects while it was going through my mostly pisc 6th house and definitely the Pisces sun (same as you with the children Christina) and somehow already with partner.
            The physical part was not as painful as the emotional but there has been a deeper connection with the body and thanks to that, the mind and emotions.
            Natal Aries Chiron is far in my 7th so sounds like a coming home transit.
            Thanks for all the info about Chiron!

          • Phillustrator says:

            When Chiron began to transit my piscean descendent a few years ago now, I injured my knee and had to have an operation. The I injured my cornea badly and nearly permanently damaged my right eye. Soon after, I developed a relatively unknown chronic pain condition which led me to seek out alternative therapies (I’ve often noted Chiron’s relationship with holistic treatments) which actually worked for me and introduced me to some wonderful people working in physio/acupuncture. I broke up with a close friend who I discovered wasn’t a friend at all (this was unbearably painful) which led me to seek out a grief counseller who helped me recover. Even though it was one of the most painful times in my life, there is no doubt that it matured, deepened and strengthened me. I do not regret any of it now.

  2. carline says:

    Thank you for the video. Good to hear information about Chiron. Unfortunately the too active “participation” from some person/persons in the audience was detracting.

  3. Laure says:

    Great talk about Chiron. Thanks for sharing this.

    In natal, it’s Chiron Pisces is conjunct my midheaven. Words can barely express …. ouch.

  4. Vesta says:

    This was very good. Totally agree about Chiron pain, it HURTS.

    Happy Birthday, Christina! 🙂

  5. 44 and counting says:

    Chiron transits seem to be good for healing emotional baggage, I find the timing of its transits are very precise as well.

    The toughest was when we had jupiter/neptune/chiron in late Aqua and they opposed my Leo personals – I had what in olden days would be called a nervous breakdown. But it led to a new, better me. I also got made (happily) redundant from my IT career when it passed over my Aqua Mars/NN conjunction – start of a whole new direction.

    I have it in the 12th opposite Uranus in Libra and both are square to the MC/IC. I’m definitely inclined towards teaching/healing.

  6. Phillustrator says:

    “The wound is the place where the light enters you”. A traumatic, painful experience enabled me to understand this profound quote from the poet, Rumi. And Chiron exchanged his immortality for the life of Prometheus, the bringer of fire to mankind.

  7. Starfish says:

    Thankyou for posting this Christina. Chiron has been hard as you say to get your head around. The notion sometimes encountered that Chiron is the bridge between Saturn and Uranus is totally relevant in this era of transition from the physical to the digital/virtual technological -reinforced not only by Uranus in Taurus -fully from March 2019 and by the fully installed Air epoch indicated by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius [Dec 2020] So the terrain in which Chiron will be operating is dominated by this very long term collective energy shift which will require a change in consciousness, new definitions. While in Aries the wounded sense of self also accompanies the questions “what is Self?” and “how much focus on the Self is healthy?” Weighing up the value placed on Self over the Other and the larger social environment we inhabit is likely to be generated as a consequence of experiences taken on board during Chiron in Pisces where the message available is : As sentient beings we are all connected, all suffering and all deserving of compassion. The failure to blend the wisdom of Pisces with the raw neediness of Aries will deliver painful, wounding rejections while Chiron is in Aries.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, I think this Chiron in Aries tour is going to be associated with different ideas about the body. Will we all be cyborgs by 2026? Just kidding — but we will be going along that trajectory especially as Uranus in Taurus makes high-tech super practical.

  8. Christina says:

    Severne — I don’t seem able to reply to your comment directly. But I also associate Chiron with alternative therapies very strongly. I had exactly the same experience with alternative healing for my daughter. I saw everyone (I was desperate) — and the osteopathy and acupuncture actually worked; mind you a lot of stuff didn’t, but the stuff that did work was at the crossroads of cutting edge science and “alternative”. I also found that we had to see the whole healing journey as an experiment and pay close attention in a scientific way. My daughter had M.E.

    • Severne says:

      Sorry I missed this…We’ve been through a similar journey. I would love to talk! The physician that has accompanied us since the beginning of the proces, sometimes as a guide or reassuring presence as we look for alternatives and struggle to make sense of it, has Chiron in Pisces, conjunct my youngest’s Chiron and my oldest NN…

      • Severne says:

        I just had a sense of Chiron crossing the Desc: Being in touch with others pain. Being present with others pain.
        I don’t know how it will feel once it goes into Aries. But the mix of Chiron in Pisces in the Desc was very strong today. It’s path through my mostly Pisces 6th brought work with a lot of emphasis in service, which I can do now because of the journey we have talked about in the previous comments.

  9. Angela Janssen says:

    I really enjoyed watching this and thinking about the history, as well as personal effect of Chiron.
    For a while now he’s been squaring off with my Sagittarian sun whilst transiting my 4th house, and it’s been an interesting time. Astrology gives a little insight which leads to acceptance and perhaps that’s chirotic!