Astrology of Now: War or Peace?

Friday April 13th 2018

No doubt about it: this is a tough and dangerous month. Here’s why.

Charles V — Holy Roman Emperor in Middle Age.  This is a copy of the original by Titian. Notice that his armour is black. The Spanish Hapsburgs introduced the fashion for wearing black — the colour of both Saturn and Pluto — at this time. By the end of the century, most European monarchs were dressed in black.

Charles V — Holy Roman Emperor in middle age, said to be by Titian.
Notice that his armour is black. The Spanish Hapsburgs introduced the fashion for wearing black — the colour of both Saturn and Pluto — at this time. By the end of the century, most European monarchs were copying the Spanish fashion. You could also argue that he is dressed as Mars (warrior) in Capricorn. And in case you were wondering, he was born with Capricorn Rising with the Moon on the Ascendant and Neptune in the 1st. Oh and his Sun is 14° Pisces, just about where Neptune is now.

Mars, the planet of war, aggression, action and passion, is pounding his way through the sign of Capricorn. At the start of April, he contacted sombre, stony Saturn, sitting there in his own sign, and at the end of the month, he contacts that underworld crime lord Pluto. These two powerful outer planets are both now in this sign of the establishment, governance and earthly power.

You probably don’t need me to tell you what’s been happening to the “World Order” since 2008, when Pluto entered this zone. (but in case you forgot here’s a word cloud : bank crisis, Arab Spring, #blacklivesmatter, eurozone, ISIS, Putin, Trump, Brexit, nationalism, Bannon, Macron, Syria….) Pluto has a bit of a scorched earth policy and he’s not finished with the corridors of power until well into next decade.

Now Saturn is coming up behind Pluto — and Saturn is making order out of the chaos, as he goes along. This has both good and bad potential outcomes. When these two meet in 2020, we can expect a momentous shift in power, for example an obvious switch from the USA to China.

To give you some perspective. When these Saturn and Pluto met in Capricorn in 1517, Martin Luther pinned his thesis to that door in Wurttemberg, setting off the Reformation which would wrest a chunk of power from the Catholic Church (eventually) across much of Europe. In that same year, Charles V was proclaimed king of a united Spain, and the Hapsburg domination of Europe, which would last into the 19th century, began. Under Charles the Holy Roman Empire and the Spanish Empire were united. His inheritance included Austria, Southern Italy, much of Central Europe and Germany, Burgundy, the Netherlands, Spain. In other words, most of Europe was under now the Hapbsburgs  — and most of the Americas, including, of course, the Spanish Main.

Charles V's European territories. Red represents the Crown of Aragon, magenta the Crown of Castile, orange his Burgundian inheritances, mustard yellow his Austrian inheritances, and pale yellow the balance of the Holy Roman Empire. CC BY-SA 3.0

Charles V’s European territories. Red represents the Crown of Aragon, magenta the Crown of Castile, orange his Burgundian inheritances, mustard yellow his Austrian inheritances, and pale yellow the balance of the Holy Roman Empire.  CC BY-SA 3.0 (Creative Commons)

During his reign, Charles had to fight wars on several fronts, most definitively he would have to stop the Ottoman advance into Europe. This Turkish dynasty also established its claim on a vast territory in that same year (1517). Selim I defeated the Mamluks just outside Cairo in the Battle of Ridaniya in January. This was within weeks of the conjunction and that victory meant that the Ottomans now controlled the entire Middle East.

So you can see three historic shifts in power right there in one year. The Ottomans and the Hapsburgs would go on to consolidate their power over the coming decades, and so would the Protestant Church.

In that same year, 1517, the first official European diplomatic mission was sent to China by the king of Portugal — they landed in the Pearl River estuary, what is now Hong Kong…

How is this relevant to now?

Well, last time Pluto was in Capricorn in the 1770s, these two planets did not meet, so this meeting has not taken place in the stone mansion of the sea goat for 500 years.

Furthermore, although the actual conjunction will not happen until 2020, this month Mars is going from one to the other. At the conjunction with Saturn in the first week of April, he also received a square from Mercury, the planet of communications, in warlike Aries. Hence, the bellicose tweeting. But Mercury was Retrograde. Mercury will turn direct on April 15, on the following day, there will be a New Moon in Aries, conjunct irascible, unpredictable Uranus. (If you want to start something with a bang — do it on April 16.)

Mars will not conjunct Saturn in Capricorn again. Their next meeting will be in Aquarius at 0° in 2020. That encounter in early April was a one-off. In contrast, Mars and Pluto (joint rulers of Scorpio) have met regularly every two years in Capricorn, and will continue to do so. They meet on April 26-29 this year.

Now while Mars is stirring things up in Capricorn, Mercury stirs things up in Aries and makes angry aspects to Saturn and Mars again (April 25, May 12) — and Pluto (May 7).

So what we see now on the world stage is a sign of things to come. What is more, you may be having stirrings of this in your own life. In which case, you might want to look at some other areas of the sky for support.

To add to the tension, the Sun is currently conjunct Eris, the goddess of discord, and moving towards a conjunction with Uranus, the god of rebellion, later this week. The Lord Sol has done this every April since 2011, so it’s not so unusual — but there it is. Furthermore, Chiron, who brings his own kind of disruption, will move into Aries this month too.

Venus, the planet of peace and harmony, is currently in domicile in Taurus, so strong, practical and feminine. She makes easy trine aspects to all the planets in Capricorn, perhaps calming things down a little. Jupiter in Scorpio is currently retrograde, which means he’s less likely to blow things out of proportion, and more likely to provide wise counsel. The Guru makes good aspects to all the planets in Capricorn, too. Hopefully, these two can hold the line.

Also, keep an eye on those harmonious aspects between Neptune and Juno in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio and the Capricorn stellium, as I mentioned in the video in the last post. These could also mitigate the tension. This is less about talking sense into people and more about soothing and listening.

Phew — that’s enough for now.

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  1. Vesta says:

    Definitely seeing this around me as well as in the news. The most disturbing is my neighbour who is emotionally abusive to her small children, babies really. (Social services are aware, which is good.) I’ve noticed a correlation between the planets and her behaviour, the worst the aspects, the more she takes it out on them. It’s extremely disturbing to witness an adult scream at a 6 month old. Her older child is a nervous wreck. There’s nothing anyone can do apart from bear witness. 🙁
    And that seems to be the theme for everything else. The constant threat of war, the yelling, the shouting, the screaming, and careless tweeting from those in authority. And how disturbing it is when the media twist the facts to fit their right wing agenda – which creates two realities, one we witness, and one that’s recorded as an ‘alternative fact’.
    One good thing to come from this is a growing call for peace and a recognition for what’s missing, kindness, compassion, empathy. And honesty, of course. I was just thinking about that yesterday. So that’s another battle, between those who want war and those who want peace.
    I choose peace, and I hope things are calmer after this Aries month is over.
    China is very interesting right now. It’s like they’re rebuilding the Silk Road. They’ve been slowly and quietly investing heavily in countries around the world, then behind the scenes, interfering in their politics, notably in Greece, undermining the EU. It’s under-reported but it is being picked up by journalists. One to watch, not least because it’s making it easier for those countries grateful for the investment to shift allegiance towards China, or not care about US sanctions and the like, which is what’s happening in Pakistan where Chinese investment is so great, children are starting to learn to speak Chinese because that seems to be what they’ll need in the future. It’s not just that China are surreptitiously growing in power, it’s also that the US are losing theirs. But that doesn’t mean China want to be the world’s big brother/protector, which is what the US pretended to be since after WWII, China seem to be blatantly self-serving. If you abuse your power you lose it, so I’m not sure how things will work out for China, it’s not going so well for USA.

    • aqua says:

      That sounds appalling.
      Talking of listening and soothing, is it at all possible to invite the children over/offer to baby sit to give the poor kids some respite?

      • Vesta says:

        It is. 🙁 Yes, I’ve tried everything, repeatedly offered any help, she always says no, which is fair enough maybe, I’m only a neighbour. I think what it boils down to is she’s a bully. I saw her lift the one year old off the ground by the wrist today. Like a soft toy. She’ll pull her arm out of her socket like that. Maybe that’s what it’s going to take? For a hospital to notice? This is horrible. Only ever heard about it, never witnessed it first hand before. 🙁

        • aqua says:

          Just seen your reply Vesta and thanks for your kind words.
          It did bring up unpleasant memories but that is unavoidable in life and not your fault.
          I do appreciate what an appalling spot youre in but really glad you reported her for all your sakes.
          I dont usually suggest something so ‘New Age’ but if you can find a good Reikii practitioner to send distant healing to the situation sometimes it can shift things quite powerfully.

          The only rub is the practioner needs to ask permission, at least in meditation, via the child I would imagine.
          Other energetic shifts might involve quality and ethical spell casting or Spiritual healing/ Qi Gong.
          Or even just asking for Angelic assistance via yours to hers.
          Desperate times call for esoteric measures when the usual channels are blocked.
          All the best with this.

        • aqua says:

          Oh God poor kids. I know precisely how how it feels, my father treated me like that, picking me up by my neck, swinging me round like a cat. He put me in a neck brace on 3 occaisions, among so much else.
          Tbh I so desperately wanted someone to intervene. I hope some help can be found before its too late.
          I appreciate its a horrible position to be in, but please may I suggest reporting the situation?

          Here are the Red Flags from the NSPCC

          • Vesta says:

            Thank you, aqua. 🙂 Yes, I already reported her, which is how I know social services are aware. I am desperate for the situation to change too, but I also want what’s best for the children. I am not the only one in the building, I am sure the other neighbours are watching. So it’s not gone unnoticed, which is something.
            Ugh I am so sorry for what happened to you. I hope what I’ve written hasn’t upset you. I am very sorry if so. At least you’ve confirmed to me I am right to be appalled.
            Thank you soab, yes. It’s the saddest thing, to realise we’re alone and to fully feel it. That’s how I felt growing up, left out, never feeling I belonged. Terrible thing to make a child feel like that. I read that children are hardwired to bond with their parents no matter what, so separation is like losing a limb. Another reason for caution.
            I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and hard place. Damned if you, damned if you don’t. Don’t know if that’s pluto and saturn. They’re both hard!

          • soab says:

            Its all about people. When I was in a childrens home for my own protection from my mother, it did not stop bullying by fellow children in the home. And the staff are no help really, due to their POV, how lazy they are, how emphatic they are, their beliefs etc…

            We are all alone…and always will be…no matter what we experience…we (the individual) is the only one who knows what is right for the individual.

  2. aqua says:

    “(but in case you forgot here’s a word cloud : bank crisis, Arab Spring, #blacklivesmatter, eurozone, ISIS, Putin, Trump, Brexit, nationalism, Bannon, Macron, Syria….)’
    Dont forget the most potentially far reaching movements : #MeToo #TimesUp Equal Pay – over half the population after uncounted millenia 😉

  3. That is very insightful. Thank you.

  4. Christina says:

    I see the caption fell off the main pic: that is the Red Knight in Vasilissa the Beautiful illustrated by Ivan Bilibin

  5. Vesta says:

    So it’s war, then. An astrologer in Twitter drew up the chart. He said the MC is 18 Leo, the degree of the Aug. 11, 1999 total solar eclipse.

  6. Anon says:

    Another insightful post as always, Christina. So much has happened in the world since Pluto went into Capricorn that it’s hard to remember it all. I personally think we have Neptune and Chiron in Pisces to thank for the more compassionate worldview over the last few years. It will be interesting to see what happens when Chiron moves into Aries. And Vesta, I feel for you, being a witness to that situation. As someone who was raised by an abusive mother myself, my heart breaks for those poor kids. Parents who abuse their children deserve to have them taken away from them. I wish someone had reported my mum to social services. If you can help them in any way please do so. Abused kids need to know not everyone is like their parents

    • Vesta says:

      Thanks, Anon. I was thinking of my Mum too, who was a depressive, which resulted in our neglect as children. (my natal moon squares saturn). She never treated us like this though, I am sickened by what I’m witnessing. My neighbour is hostile, not educated or very bright, and quite young. She was a teen mum for her first. But if the children go into care, then what? That’s made me hesitate. What she’s doing is a crime, I know, she’s looking at 10-15 years in jail. But consequences of actions? Or even consequence of inaction? Because I was thinking of mars stuck in the middle between pluto and saturn. I feel like that’s me, not knowing what to do. My heart’s breaking too. We have Childline that children can call, but if the parent’s phone is a password protected mobile, they can’t. I’m hoping her eldest, aged 5, will tell a teacher, except she doesn’t seem to be going to school regularly yet. I always give her a cuddle when I see her, she’s adorable.

      • 44 and counting says:

        A 3rd way is to try and befriend the mum. May be an impossible task but if you can get her ear and have her respect then you’ll be able to help the children by helping her. It’s likely she never had a decent upbringing and doesn’t know any better than the “Eastenders method” (shout at others and make threats when things are difficult).

        She sounds the sort of woman who is desperate to be loved and low on self-esteem. A bit of empathy and avoidance of judgement or advice may go a long way. Look and praise every positive you can find.

        But it’s difficult to want to get involved with someone like that. Because if you start to get close, you can guarantee some of the hostility will come in your direction. It really is a test of being able to provide unconditional love and see the person and ignore the behaviours.

        • Vesta says:

          Thank you, both. 🙂
          Yes, I’ve heard how services have been completely hollowed out, children don’t get the care and attention they need. Plus the trauma of being separated from family. It’s not something to rush into, I agree.
          Actually, that’s the first thing I did, befriend her. I mean I do anyway, you want to be neighbourly! I chatted, got to know about her background, she knows she has issues, and I’ve always offered to help, even if just for someone to talk to. It’s always rejected. And now we’ve reached hostility towards me. So looks like I’ve done all the options. That’s how I read her too, she had a terrible upbringing, low self esteem, feels unloved, etc. I’ve learnt that whilst, yes, it’s right to empathise and show compassion, but also, it needs a boundary, otherwise that inch you give is abused and turned into a mile. That’s what I’ve been learning these last few years anyway, and here’s another lesson, by the look of things!

          • Vesta says:

            Thanks, Christina. I always need reminding. 🙂 She’s disturbing the whole building, I’ve often been woken by her raging, I can’t be the only one. She’s disturbing the peace.
            And thanks again to all for the advice and support. I feel better knowing I’ve done all I can and I’m not overreacting or anything.

          • Christina says:

            Yes, Vesta, do look after yourself too.

      • Isy says:

        Wtih foster care and care homes so underfunded and poorly staffed, sending a child into care can be terrifying. I’ve spoken to so many survivors of system care it really does give one pause.

  7. soab says:

    Youre forgetting its much simpler. Her Saturn retrograding 29 degrees scorpio, being aspected by uranus and chiron. Whats going to be interesting is, if she loses her job when chiron passes goes into aries then retrogrades back into her Saturn?

  8. jassi says:

    I had just been reading before seeing your post that, Luther was born under the Uranus-Neptune conjunction which was in Sagittarius 1478/9. It fitted him to be a part of the Reformation. Not that I have any knowledge about the Renaissance and Reformation.

  9. Hugh Fowler says:

    The Saturn Pluto were in a triple Conjunction with Mercury at 4° Capricorn when the Reformation started. Luther used the native German language and the new printing press technology to get his ideas to a literate secular audience. This enabled him to outrun the Catholic Church in the battle of ideas. Shortly afterwards Mars followed on K making Conjunctions with first Pluto and then Saturn.

    This time the order is different. Mars was Conjunct Saturn at the end of March and will Conjunct Pluto on 26 April 2018 at 21° Capricorn. This appears to be the precursor or the setting in motion of events that will fully manifest themselves at the Pluto Saturn Conjunction at 22° Capricorn in January 2020. Incidentally the upcoming Mars Pluto Conjunction squares the 12th House Neptune of Vladimir Putin at 21° Libra and the natal Neptune of China’s President Xi who shares the same Neptune degree as his Russian countepart. It also exactly Squares the Sun at 21° Aries in the UK 1927 Constitutional chart.