Astrology of Now: Flying Flamingoes, Black Rod, and the Bendings

Tuesday September 10th 2019

Even by the standards of that operatic place, the scenes in parliament were extraordinarily theatrical last night. Starring roles this time were taken by–

Mr John Bercow as The Speaker

Ms Sarah Clarke as Black Rod

House of Commons as The Chorus

Opposition Benches as The Choir

It’s always nice to learn a new word. According to my online dictionary prorogation is “the action of discontinuing a session of a parliament or other legislative assembly without dissolving it.”

This happens for a few days between parliamentary session, the average is about eight days — and then they all gather again. This time the government has shut down parliament for five weeks — just in time for Brexit.

Last night, the British parliament was shut down. That needs to be repeated, the British parliament was shut down.

In the process, the Speaker said he couldn’t give a “flying flamingo” as he explained that “no, this was not normal”; the Choir chanted “shame” as the government filed out of the House of Commons — and certain members of the Choir attempted to hold the Speaker down in his chair so he could not leave the chamber; other members held up signs that read “silenced”; and finally the Choir burst into song at some time in the early hours of the morning.

The astrology is, of course, tres interessant as they say in Norman French. (As an astrologer, I feel I should be in tune with some of the more archaic traditions of the prorogation.)

No particular time for the second chart. This is the current sky plus the UK chart. Last night, the Moon was in Capricorn.

In the UK chart, Saturn represents parliament. This is the lawmaker in the 11H of institutions. It’s in Leo, of course, and all you have to do is watch the proceedings to see just how Leonine the whole affair is, what with the costumes of the stewards and the Black Rod, the division of the house into sides and the box for the public audience. As has been said, it’s theatrical.

So it’s useful to see what Saturn is up to by transit to see how parliament might be faring. First of all, there was a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn yesterday — and yes, emotions were running high. Even Mr Bercow wiped away a tear as he announced his departure.

Then, Saturn and the South Node are making a conjunction for most of this month. South Node equals dissolution. However, Saturn will turn direct on September 18, and be out of synch with the South Node by the time parliament is back in session. It may turn out to be useful for Parliament to take this time off to regroup before the next session.

Parliament is far from defeated by this. After all Saturn is strong in Capricorn — and he is bringing the force of law. Look, though, a little further ahead to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January and you will see that it makes a quincunx to the UK Saturn. Pluto and Saturn will need to be working together or it could be a fight to the death. Pluto is a planet that can corrupt, kill — and renew.

There is only one conjunction between these two this time round, but they have been so close together for much of this year that we have witnessed exactly what this conjunction can mean in the sign of government. There is a struggle going on right now for the heart of government. During the English Civil War, this  conjunction took place — and for anyone with a knowledge of that period, what happened in Parliament last night was resonating strongly with that period.

Back then it was the King against Parliament. This time around it’s the government against parliament. That is a very serious situation to be in — and you can see what happens next this month in that chart: Saturn and the South Node conjoin at 14° Capricorn. This is on what’s called “the bendings” of the UK chart, an exact right-angle to the UK Nodes.

This is one of the most significant points in any chart, and a transit here indicates a spin of the wheel of fate, a corner turned.  Let’s hope the corner turned is out of this trough of Brexitshambles. But the way out looks treacherous, slippery and long.


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  1. Faye Blake says:

    Yes absolutely riveting times astrologically! Interesting post Christina and I loved the flamingos! We will miss his colourful speech. As you know I have been following Ceres and suggesting she is the planet of democracy and particularly of the ‘plebs’! Her temple was used to support and shelter them against the ‘patricians’ ( Jupiter) and magistrates. Interesting then that the Venus Merc conjunction yesterday hugged Ceres in the UK chart in a trine – she is at 23 Taurus in the UK chart – the plebs wanted to speak. And John Bercow is even more interesting as he has Ceres at 17 Virgo next to Pluto – he has been powerful in standing up for the ‘plebs’ and democracy – today the Sun Neptune opp is bang on his Ceres – giving up ( Neptune) his power to fight for democracy ( Ceres Pluto).

  2. It’s the People v Parliament. The government is trying to do what the people want and parliament, for various reasons, Bercow included, is trying to prevent the wishes of the people.
    Moon in Aquarius, they aren’t taking this crap anymore. They will revolt. This is a revolution.
    Yours a leftwing brexiter. Yes they do exist.

  3. I was watching it live online and I had to continue to look up the meaning of things online, being a Yank, Parliament is a very different environment to the oh so boring Congress of the USA. When I realized that Parliament was being suspended for five weeks, just before the Brexit deadline, I was furiously looking online to see if that was normal. As the Speaker said “No, this is not normal.” Thanks for writing astrology articles about this situation in the UK. I’m sharing it on a half dozen social networks because it’s important that Yanks know what is going on with one of their oldest allies. I sign off as “Blinking Rapidly & Gobsmacked” Nora Stone

  4. Vesta says:

    I saw your Instagram post, so I knew you were writing this. If you hadn’t, I was thinking of requesting it! 🙂
    Fantastic analysis. Haven’t heard of ‘the bendings’ before. Am I right in thinking it’s also called a ‘skipped step’? Or am I thinking of something else? Never did understand that properly.
    As I’ve mentioned before, my chart angles are the same as the UK’s. When Saturn transited our IC, it was about new beginnings. Have to say, I’m still waiting on mine! But I know they’re coming, it can take a year or so, going by last time. It’s like seeds are sewn, it’s not immediately obvious, but becomes clear in the fullness of time.
    Some are saying constitutional crisis. I feel a deep dread, to be honest. A fear. I know (hope/have faith) everything will be ok, if we just keep our heads and focus. But losing control seems to a thing right now.
    The way it looks to me, the Conservative party are collapsing and they’re taking everyone who still supports them with them. So those who have realised are jumping ship, while others who are deluding themselves ‘this is fine’ are in for a rude awakening. It’s not just individuals, it’s entire institutions. But we expected that, given the uranus/pluto squares. So all of this seems a long time coming.
    Delusion is an important factor right now. I was listening to Anne Ortelee’s podcast for this week about the stellium in Virgo opposing Neptune one by one and how each opposition is bringing clarity. Hopefully that will mean a few bubbles burst.
    I wanted to ask how that works with the Virgo stellium being the 12th house, because that’s what’s hidden. So the clarity remains hidden? Obviously I have this in my chart too so I’m asking for myself as well. Wonder if there’s any difference between the personal and the collective. Probably not.
    There’s a lot of instant karma about right now too, which is also Saturn. I’m thinking of Boris Johnson. (and now I’ve started laughing. What a loser!) 🙂

    • Christina says:

      The Neptune-Mars opposition on the Full Moon is the kicker. Could be a football bashed straight into a mirror…

    • Vesta says:

      Oh meant to add the last time Saturn crossed our IC was around 1990. We were just coming out of a major recession, it was the year of the poll tax and water rates riots, and the demise of Thatcher. Which is why I said karma. The Conservative party took a sharp turn to the right 50 years ago and kept going. What we’re seeing today began then. And once again, we’re looking at uranus/pluto at play. It’s been 50 years of gross abuse of power by the ruling elite and their corrupt institutions. What’s happening right now is a rebalancing, correcting those abuses. But also it’s bigger, maybe not fall of patriarchy but certainly some shifts within that paradigm. And the picture gets bigger and ever more complicated the more you look at it. It does seem to boil down to who has power and who doesn’t, what the powerful did with theirs and their comeuppance. Uranus was transiting below the horizon these last 50 years, then once it went into Aries, it crossed the UK DC and was above. Something escaped, or the powerful lost their grip, lost their hold on things? And power shifted to the people. Hmmm!! Interesting.
      Still trying to understand how it applies to me, it’s been absolutely devastating so far. :/

  5. S.J. Hunt says:

    I looked up ‘the bendings’ and discovered it means ‘a crossroads’. So the UK is at a crossroads and has to choose between continuing in the same old adverserial way of winners and losers (South Node?) or shifting up a gear to a new modus operandus of working together (North Node) to achieve the best result for everyone. It also has to choose between accepting one Union (EU) to retain its own (UK) or losing both and finding itself temporarily in splendid isolation before possibly becoming swallowed up by another (US healthcare system, anyone?). In today’s world there’s no escape. As others have said, all these crises are about losing control. People feel they have lost control, I believe mostly because of the effects of social media rather than any political association, but after 40 years of media bashing people look for external scapegoats rather than asking themselves: who benefits? The Chinese saying: “may you live in interesting times” was never so appropriate as it is now.

  6. Fraser MacKinnon says:

    Scotland will be leaving very soon and brexit will harm england very badly