Astrology of Now: Be Kind(er)

Monday July 6th 2020

Print by: Jacobus Harrewyn. Published by: Willem Koning

There’s a lot of fire and brimstone booming around the skies right now. It’s due to a few factors, but I want to focus on Mars, the warrior, in Aries, the One. This is a powerful and dangerous transit, to be handled with care — but there are good things about it too.

Mars in Aries is Mars unrestrained, one-pointed, focused. And wherever this is in your chart, you can have breakthrough, achievement. You can be a winner. You may already be strapping on your helmet and your chest-plate, snapping your shinguards into place and slipping on your high-tech sandals. Mars runs into battle like Shaka Zulu.

Mars is also not a thinker. He’s a doer. And currently, Mercury, the planet of thinking is retrograde in one of the least rational signs. Mercury has the feels in Cancer the Crab. So many of us are thinking emotionally. Now this too has its upside. We may be more intuitive, more creative, more imaginative; our memories may be excellent. But we are unlikely to be especially reasonable.

Mars in Aries is not concerned with the effect he has on others. And Mercury in Cancer may be sensitive, but also not necessarily ¬†interested in others’ sensitivities. In short, it’s rather prickly.

Both these tendencies are at play through July and into August, so be careful what you say now, and to whom you say it. We may all have to remind ourselves to be considerate, because we’re not in a super-considerate environment.

As Michelle Obama so memorably put it: “When they go low, we go high.” With Venus in Gemini, we can find the kind words (even though Mercury is retrograde. Indeed these words may be old-fashioned ones like temperance, pleasant and patience, for that reason). And right now, the peace planet is putting a restraining hand on Mars’ sword arm for just a few days.

At the same time, consider where Mars could help you to make a win. Since he’ll be in Aries over the next six months, this may be something which needs several pushes, or a sustained, one-pointed effort…


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  1. Isy says:

    Aries is in my 12th house. I’ve been thinking hard about cutting my logistical ties to my country and finding a place to live abroad. Hm.

    I signed on looking for insight into a feeling that the past is getting cut off from the future. Might just be the political situation evolving in the US though.

    • 44 and counting says:

      Isy – I’m a 12th house Aries too. What I’ve generally found is I become more selfish/insular during Aries transits. The rest of my chart likes other people and getting along with them and doing stuff they like. So it’s quite refreshing, albeit lonely, to focus on myself.

      Has Uranus transited your ascendant yet? That might be the feeling you’re getting with wanting to make a break from your past and live abroad. Alternatively are Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto affecting your MC-IC?