What Makes (Celebrity) Love Last?

Saturday September 12th 2020

Denzel Washington: Sun Capricorn, Moon Aquarius & Pauletta Washington: Sun Libra,
Moon Aries. Married 37 years.

“…. and they lived happily ever after. The END.”

Are you kidding? The End?

Marriage is, of course, both a beginning and an ending. Not so long ago, you married until death did you part — and thereupon hung many an Agatha Christie plot. Nowadays, of course, marriage is much more fragile — at least in the West.

And it seems that one social strata where it’s  more prone to shatter is in the dizzy heights of fame. Splits are tabloid fuel, and divorce has always been part of the Hollywood lifestyle. However, certain couples manage to stay the course, which gives us a nice, neat list of people whose birthdays are known and who have managed to stick with a partner for a long time.  I wanted to look at the simplest astrology to see if there was any truth in certain astrological received ideas about compatibility. So I looked at 20 couples.

Reader, I can tell you now. there isn’t. At least in my short survey. It was easy to find a score of celebrity couples who’ve been together for more than 20 years, and some much longer. So I compared Sun and Moon signs to see if there were any repeating factors. I’d like to point out that it’s important to take into account that these are famous people so that already creates a bias to the sample. Still, some quite interesting things did turn up.

First of all, just a few of these couples have traditionally compatible Sun signs. You’ll read that Leos like Sagittarians and Rams, for example; Pisces like Scorpio and Cancer; Taurus likes Virgo and Capricorn; and Libra likes Aquarius and Gemini. This is based on elemental affinity, so all water signs ought to be compatible, for example. Further, certain elements are said to match: fire with air, earth with water. And you may read that as a Leo Sun you should never go near a Pisces, or a Libra shouldn’t sleep with a Virgo. Well, people are clearly a lot more complex than their Sun signs…

Because, in fact, from this sample almost everyone has chosen to be with someone who’s considered a bit of a tricky match. Could it possibly be that one of the secrets to a long marriage is keeping it interesting?

So first I looked at Sun signs. I didn’t’ look at exact aspects, just compatibility by sign.

There are squares, trines, sextiles and oppositions, but the most frequent Sun sign relationship in the is group  is…. drumroll… the semi-sextile. Yes, that’s adjacent signs, like Cancerian Kevin Bacon and his Leo wife Kyra Sedgwick who have been married for more than 30 years — and still seem to have a high old time.

Kyra Sedgwick Sun — Leo Moon — Taurus Kevin Bacon Sun — Cancer Moon — Aries

Kyra Sedgwick: Sun Leo, Moon Taurus & Kevin Bacon: Sun Cancer,  Moon Aries. Together 32 years. Suns semi-sextile, Moons semi-sextile

The second most frequent were the awkward quincunx, that’s the signs on either side of an opposition across the sky, and trine, which is a smooth and easy aspect between the same elements. This latter is the one you’d expect to see most.

Elton John Aries Sun Moon Taurus David Furnish Scorpio Sun Moon Libra Suns quincunx Moons quincunx

Elton John — Aries Sun,  Moon Taurus &  David Furnish — Scorpio Sun, Moon Libra. Together 27 years. Quincunx Suns and Moons.


Tina Fey: Sun Taurus, Moon Libra & Jeff Richmond: Sun Capricorn, Moon Virgo. Suns are trine! But Moons are semi-sextile (again)

So then I looked at how the Moons related and came up with a host more semi-sextiles. The astrologers’ favourite Hollywood couple has been Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, because their synastry was such a perfect energetic interchange. He: Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon. She Aquarius Moon, Pisces Sun. You’ll note that’s another set of semi-sextiles.

Joanne Woodward: Pisces Sun, Aquarius Moon. Paul Newman: Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon. Married 50 years.

Anybody together for fewer than 20 years didn’t make the cut, which means you have to be a reasonable age and to have met fairly young, although a lot of these marriages are second time round. It seems that people learn from their mistakes.

So then I wondered If there were any signs that showed up more frequently. You’d expect fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — more. In fact, from this sample, the most frequently occurring Sun sign is Aquarius. That’s quite interesting for a number of reasons. First of all, Aquarians are the least likely to get married at all statistically, so clearly they are choosy. And being a fixed air sign, once they’ve made their minds up about something — or someone — they are hard to shift. According to Manilius, the Roman astrologer, Aquarius’ tutelary deity is Juno, the goddess of marriage… Maybe there’s something in that.

The least frequent Sun Sign was mutable Virgo, who theoretically might be quite content on their own, thank you very much.

But what about the sign of partnership, Libra? Well, Libra Moon is the big one. Adding up Sun and Moon signs, Aquarius and Libra tie quite far ahead of other signs. Capricorn and Pisces scored lowest. Maybe one too cool and one too flaky! As you’d expect, there were more fixed signs, and fewest mutable signs. Fire and air were ahead of earth and water, which does make one think about how important good, clear communications are in a long-term relationship.

Will Smith Sun Libra, Moon Scorpio & Jada Pinkett Smithh, Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon. Married 23 years — and showing that Virgos can make it last.

The other classic astrological feature to look for in synastry is a cosmic marriage — matching Sun and Moon signs. There were just two of those, both air sign combinations.

Tracy Pollan: Sun Cancer, Moon Gemini & Michael J Fox: Sun Gemini, Moon Taurus. Married 32 years.


Christopher Walken: Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon. Georgianne Walken: Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon. Married 51 years.

There were only three people born on the New Moon, and all their partners’ Sun-Moon aspects seem to envelop them in a protective hug.

RuPaul Sun Scorpio Moon Scorpio Georges LeBar Sun Aquarius Moon Libra Suns square Moons semi-sextile

RuPaul:  Sun Scorpio,  Moon Scorpio & Georges LeBar: Sun Aquarius, Moon Libra.  Suns square,  Moons semi-sextile. Airy balance meets Scorpio intensity.


Samuel L Jackson: Sun Sagittarius, Moon Virgo & LaTanya Richardson: Sun Libra, Moon Libra. Suns sextile, Moons semi-sextile


Stedman Graham:  Sun Pisces Moon Pisces & Oprah Winfrey:  Sun Aquarius,  Moon Sagittarius.  Suns semi-sextile Moons square

Well, I’ll leave you to ponder on this, but I did wonder about the excess of semi-sextiles. Is this because a long-term marriage is about standing shoulder-to-shoulder, especially when you’re married in a pretty tricky environment (Hollywood). You need to be a team. Of course, the quincunx is really interesting too, because this is an aspect of adjustment and mystery. The two signs often find each other intriguing or hard to understand, So if you hang out with a quincunx, you will grow. And I wonder, if you manage to make it work, does it make for a stronger relationship.

Here are the rest of them.

John Travolta: Sun Aquarius, Moon, Virgo. Kelly Preston: Sun Libra, Moon, Aries (probably). So sad that Kelly Preston passed away this summer. Suns trine,  Moons quincunx.


Annette Bening Sun Gemin,i Moon Libra & Warren Beatty: Sun Aries, Moon Scorpio, Suns sextile, Moons semi-sextile


Michelle Pfeiffer:   Sun Taurus,  Moon Virgo & David E Kelly:  Sun Aries,  Moon Capricorn Suns semi-sextile Moons trine


Tom Hanks:  Sun Cancer,  Moon Leo &  Rita Wilson: Sun Scorpio,  Moon Leo.  Suns trine! Moons conjunct.

Goldie Hawn: Sun Scorpio, Moon Gemini & Kurt Russel:  Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon  Suns trine! Moons semi-sextile


Don Gummer: Sun Sagittarius Moon Leo & Meryl Streep:  Sun Cancer Moon Taurus.  Suns quincunx,  Moons square


Ted Danson:Sun Capricorn, Moon Leo & Mary Steenburgen: Sun Aquarius, Moon Sagittarius Suns semi-sextile, Moons trine!


Christopher Guest: Sun Aquarius, Moon Sagittarius & Jamie Lee Curtis:  Sun Scorpio,  Moon Aries. Suns square,  Moons trine!


Pierce Brosnan: Sun Taurus, Moon Cancer & Keely Shaye Smith:  Sun Libra,  Moon Sagittarius. Suns quincunx Moons quincunx


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