The Capitol Riot

Saturday January 9th 2021


On January 6, the seat of American democracy, the Capitol, was invaded by a mob. Lawmakers were hustled into hiding, while the place was overrun by a motley crew of mostly white men, some dressed for combat, some for the pantomime, and some for a corporate awayday.

It was shocking — but not surprising. Strangely, these images were familiar from other televised insurrections — Libya, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Rumania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela. The ‘forever war’ that burns like a bushfire around the globe, blowing destruction and chaos from one country to the next, had come to America.

The warrior planet Mars has spent six long, incendiary months in his home sign Aries. He’s been stirring up anger and discontent. This is Mars in the sign of individual action. Trump supporters have been champing at the bit, straining at the leash, wanting to take action as they saw their man losing the election. In chatrooms across the web, they have been stoking group paranoia, exchanging strange dark fables, embroidering myths of Donald Trump as a godlike hero fighting a cabal of evil-doers who have stolen the election and  planning for this day. Sounds a lot like the Marvel universe…

January 6th’s riot was the physical manifestation of that paranoia — and as you can see, Neptune, the Great Illusionist, was on the bendings (the halfway point between the North and South Node that day). Indeed, Donald Trump has just had a nodal return (1 19-year cycle), so Neptune is squaring his natal Nodes too, plus his Sun-Moon opposition.

The rally he called was based on a very big lie: that the election was fraudulent. That is also Neptune in Pisces, a humungous fabrication, a giant illusion.

It began as Mars used his last few minutes in Aries to set the riot in motion. At mid-day, President Trump addressed a rally of his supporters, telling them to march on the Capitol. Mercury, the planet of words, was exactly on the USA’s natal Pluto on the day in a sign of manifestation, Capricorn. Mercury has been moving from a transiting Pluto conjunction towards making the square with Mars.

So Trump’s followers did as they were told.  Much has been written about this, and there are some excellent eyewitness reports online. Here’s one from Robert Moore at ITV in the UK, and another from Insider News

The astrology is fascinating.

Mars is, of course, the trigger here — in those very last minutes of fiery Aries as the marchers heard the speech, marched to the Capitol and broke in. Then as Mars moved into Taurus (5.36pm), law enforcers regained control of the building.

By the moment of the breach, around 2.15pm EST, the Moon (emotion) was beginning to oppose that Mars — and it’s obvious from the footage that the crowd had become a mob, whipped up into a frenzy of anger. The Moon continues to close in on that opposition but Mars slips into Taurus before it can happen. In fact, in some ways, despite the drama, the riot was a damp squib, since the participants seem to have been expecting a violent revolution and all they got were some selfies and stationery. Their leader was nowhere to be seen.

One of the reasons this Mars in Aries has been so worrying for the last six months is that it has been at a combative square aspect to the dark lord Pluto, expansive Jupiter and orderly Saturn in Capricorn for most of that time. This has always looked dangerous, especially since November. It was a relief when the latter two switched signs in December, slightly easing that tension.

Saturn in Aquarius is also about manifesting ideas, making ideas real — so you get QAnon made flesh. However, unfortunately for the rioters, Saturn likes law and order, rules and regulations, and Mars, the spirit of anger and rebellion will be stuck squaring a very strong Saturn for the next few weeks.

Nevertheless, the trouble is certainly not over just yet, Mars will make a conjunction with the planet of revolution itself on the day of the inauguration. That is fascinating. It looks like a moment when old rules are overturned. However, this may not be in quite the way that Trump and his followers would like. After all, a president has never been impeached twice before.

Much has been made of the police failure to stop the riot. But iIt could have been so much worse. There could have been much more bloodshed in those few hours.

Note that Mars, the match that lights the fire, was making a lovely trine to Trump’s ASC

Having said that, of course, this is not over yet. This week is dangerous. Mars will be “translating the light” from squares to Jupiter and Saturn, and on to a conjunction with Uranus. The latter  is accident-prone, explosive and unpredictable.

Saturn in Aquarius needs to keep the ship of state steady, and one of the dangers the Democrats could make would be going back to business as usual. Watching the senators return to the floor was heartening — until about the fifth self-serving speech from an extremely old person. That did seem like Saturn as stuck in the old ways.

I note that the very Uranian Aries, Nancy Pelosi, had Mars activate her Saturn at 0° Taurus yesterday. It is she, as leader of the Democrats in Congress, who will have to push through an impeachment. She’s not going to let this one go: it’s been too scary. Furthermore, the revolutionary conjunction of Mars and Uranus is very close to her MC. She’s likely to do something radical that will go down in history right now…


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  1. Padmini says:

    I’m very impressed with this one, Christina! The first article (GQ) that you linked to is one of the first to say ‘well this wasn’t a surprise’.

    So many thoughts about this:
    1. Marjorie Orr pointed out that 2022 looks like trouble. A commenter in the same post pointed out that 2026 has similar transits as when the American Civil War started.
    2. What are the implications for the charts of Ted Cruz and Sen. Hawley, two of the most prominent and continued Trump supporters, continuing on in their support despite the fact that they nearly lost their heads?
    3. What about the chart of Kamala Harris, in case something terrible happens to Biden?
    4. How do USA transits compare against Weimar Germany and the chart of the Nazi party?
    5. What about the chart of Parler, which is now a major right wing social media prescence?

  2. Jen says:

    Nice analysis of the astrological weather… though it boggles me that the evidence of election fraud is being ignored? That too is Neptune at work lies illusion and deception on both sides..
    I have to keep faith that the divine plan is all on schedule… usa pluto return wont see events run smoothly.
    You might want to check out the microsoft patented cyrptocurrency , lodged 29 march 2020, that resembles the chinese credit system , only based on the human body productivity and browsing history… see us patents office for details. When you consider this as a big picture with the election, fraud, virus, lockdown, economic disaster… its like a big game of chess.

    • AquarianMoon says:

      @Jen — Given that over 50 federal judges, many of whom are Trump appointees to the federal bench, in almost as many different jurisdictions threw out those cases of state election voter fraud as presented by Guiliani and team for not having credible evidence, I am uncertain as to what you mean. Over and over and *over* again, they were unable to present compelling evidence and so those cases were thrown out and from a purely professional standpoint – these people are lucky they stopped before they were disbarred. Which is a pretty serious affliction for a lawyer, I am told. The facts are that Biden has the numbers and Trump does not, and over 50 federal judges agreed that Biden has the numbers and Trump does not.

      I do not have to like a particular fact but to remain tethered to our collective reality I must admit that the fact exists. There is a speed limit for the road I’m driving on and if I do not follow it, I will get a ticket or even potentially hurt someone. There is an incredibly contagious respiratory virus tearing through my country like the Kool Aid Man busting through walls so I wear a mask out in public even though wearing a mask gives me an acne flare up.

      Now for astrology so I remain relevant – I am eyeing that Chiron in Aries which is in the same general neighborhood, and briefly the same house as the Mars in Aries-Taurus switch over. Our wounding is in Aries and Mars acted on that wounding first in Aries then in Taurus, which can be rather more volatile than Aries, in some cases.

      • Christina says:

        Yes, the Chiron is interesting. Maybe also the individuals involved feel wounded. There was something of the dangerous wounded animal about the men in that crowd.

        Maybe I’m just thinking that because of the Jamiroquai guy.

  3. not_an_employee says:

    You obviously are not abreast of events in the election – I was not there but there is a lot of evidence of fraud, I even saw a video of one black guy who was going through the ballots ripping up all votes for trump – on purpose, where there is smoke there is fire! Never mind polling stations being closed early then cases of ballots being brought out from under the tables, or how double the amount of people voted than ballots were sent out, or the dominion machines that had wifi cards inside despite them not supposed to be there, how on live tv the votes were flipped, how the media called the elecetion result before it was established etc etc… Biden was a guy who could not attract a thousand people to his rallies, while trump attracted thousands to his, yet we are supposed to believe that biden won – seriously.

    No this was clearly Saturns influence, the fraud, deception all down to Saturn, and notice that on the day of the election mercury was clearly tightly aspecting saturn, just as on the 6th of january, and was joined by venus.

    Clearly you need to read more, to do more research. So disapointing to read stuff like this.

  4. The Capitol Riot is an excellent article: well-written, clear and thorough.
    I notice the author’s name is not mentioned. …?
    Also, with due respect for your lovely website, the charts are small, colored and somewhat difficult to read.

    I am a new member, eager to delve into your recent and past publications.

    Keep well!

    • Christina says:

      All articles are written by me unless labelled otherwise. Yes, I’ll see what I can do about the size of the charts.You used to be able to click on then to expand, but that function seems to have dropped off.

  5. 44 and counting says:

    Fascinating watching Trump get hammered by transiting Pluto (on this New Moon) opposite his Cancer Saturn/Venus. Everybody turning against him. Corporates and banks refusing to do business with him any longer. Talk of being impeached or removed by 25th amendment.

    The only question is why has it taken to this point for the astrology to come get him? Uranus-Neptune went over this point in the 90s. And there’ve been other transits yet he’s managed to ride them all out without an iota of growth. I guess previous divorces / bankruptcies probably occurred to try and show him the way but …

    • Christina says:

      It’s incredible really, but I do think being born on an eclipse like that can be very empowering. Also maybe Regulus on the ASC has something to do with it.

      • 44 and counting says:

        That Regulus on Asc/Mars has certainly had him acting like a King. I feel like this is the prelude/reminder to America’s Pluto Return which of course commemorates the Declaration of Independence from King George III.

        I remember when I was growing up America used to boast about how it was possible for anyone to reach the top rather than being born into a ruling family. While it’s true on one level, there are a good many Americans no longer represented by their politicians (whether Republican or Democrat) just as they weren’t under the British monarchy.

        Only this morning I was reading about how a Republican Congressman is outraged about having to walk through a newly erected metal detector to get into the House. Many Tweets saying “This is what children do every day to get into schools. What anyone who flies or goes to a concert or sporting event does”. Except the polticians never do, they get VIP treatment. They’re so far removed from the normal person’s experience they don’t represent them. I wonder whether bar-tending AOC will seek out these experiences or allow herself to become privileged.

        Maybe Saturn in Aqua is beginning the purge of those who aren’t like “us” and don’t want to belong to the same group without special treatment?

        • Christina says:

          Yes, his despotic behaviour is why I’m sure the birth time is correct. Of course, the tradition with Regulus rising is also a mighty fall.

  6. Denise says:

    Thanks for this – nicely done! With natal Sun in mid Aries, I was pretty tired of Mars in Aries and looking forward to his move into Taurus. I totally lost track of that during the events of January 6. The timing is interesting – I read a detailed report of various law enforcement decisions in the Wall Street Journal – there was a lot of back and forth among numerous authorities for a couple hours that afternoon, just before Mars moved into Taurus. Also interesting, considering the association of Taurus with the 2nd house, is the reaction of major political donors, many of whom are now suspending contributions.

    Shocked but not surprised are exactly the words I have been using, and I have seen others use them as well. When 10 former Secretaries of Defense signed a memo stating that the military has no business in determining election outcomes, (on January 4) it was worrying. And that was just one sign.

    I wish it were over, but it does not feel over yet. The 18th is a national holiday celebrating Martin Luther King Jr., then the inauguration on the 20th. Still plenty of scary talk out there on the internet.

    And btw, Nancy Pelosi, besides being a Uranian Aries, as you described her, is also an Aries Dragon.

  7. Jassi Joe says:

    Interestingly, that last week’s event didn’t appear to work out as we (being one of the 99% of the true Trump supporters) have liked, appearances can be deceiving. There were lessons learned, eyes opened. It seems somehow providential that the people’s protest at the “People’s House” occurred on the Epiphany.