Adele’s Saturn

Tuesday November 16th 2021
Adele at the Griffith Observatory -- note the tattoo, the earrings and the dress. She's all grown up now.

Adele at the Griffith Observatory — note the tattoo, the earrings and the dress. She’s all grown up now.


One thing’s certain about the singer Adele: she likes Saturn. At her one-night only special in Los Angeles the other day, she sported ginormous, dangly Saturn earrings, flashed a tattoo of the ringed planet on her right forearm, and was otherwise clad in black head to foot — that’s Saturn’s colour.

Oh and she sang this: “..I need some substance in my life, something real something that feels true..” That’s a Saturn sentiment if ever we heard one.

So I couldn’t help but wonder how the taskmaster works in her chart…

Adele has Saturn at 2° Capricorn, so her first Saturn Return kicked off in January 2018. That was the year she married her long-time partner and the father of her child — a classic Saturn Return move — and split from him — also a classic Saturn Return move. She was really getting to know Saturn that year, and in fact, she says her tattoo is an homage to her Saturn Return.

Adele’s Saturn is in a tight conjunction with Uranus, the planet of the switheroo, the U-turn, the about-face, the unexpected. So it’s cute that she did the marry/divorce thing in such a short period, as Saturn swept across that conjunction and deeper into Capricorn. He’s very strong in this sign, of course, because he rules it.

Those two planets are just below the horizon in her chart, close to the angle of relationship — and making an out-of-sign conjunction to Adele’s loquacious Sagittarius Moon. That big, philosophical Moon had just set on the morning of her birth. It’s one of the things that  gives her those huge emotions to write about, but also what gives her the ability to step back and contextualise very personal experiences.

The Moon rules the chart, because sensitive Cancer rises. And she displays that Rising sign vividly in her wide apart eyes and soft features, but also in the way she reels us into her emotional world.


Of course, the other source for her writing is that Venus-Chiron conjunction in the 12th. Here personal relationships (Venus) are painful (Chiron), but become universal (12th house). And it’s all in Gemini, the troubadour’s sign; sign of crafted storytelling and poetry. Manilius, the Roman astrologer, gave Gemini Apollo with his lyre, as tutelary deity.

Uranus and Saturn make a tight aspect to Mercury in Gemini — also in the 12th. This gives her the discipline to write Saturn is, of course, the lord of ambition, discipline, hard work and stamina. All are necessary for a career as a pop diva, so it’s no wonder she has Saturn in the 6th house of work.

Adele is also lucky. In fact, Juno and Jupiter sandwich her Taurus Sun: an extraordinarily fortunate coronation. Her extraordinarily beautiful, athletic voice (Taurus rules the voice) is a god-given talent. As a poetess of love-stories, she is also fortunate to have the asteroid Psyche opposite her Sun and trining her North Node in musical Pisces.

Adele’s been through quite a physical transformation since 2020 with a dramatic weight loss — maybe not so remarkable for someone with a Uranus-Saturn conjunction. It did happen though as the eclipses passed through her sixth house of health and she changed her daily routine. Indeed, she says she became addicted to exercise. It’s not just Scorpios who are obsessive, Taurus has the quality too, and the persistence.

Uranus, the planet of electricity, change and awakening has been in Taurus for a while, but it has only just reached her Jupiter — during this publicity tour for her new album. The promethean planet, who brings fire down from the heavens to the masses, is just about to hit her Sun..

But let’s return to Saturn, where we began. This planet obviously has great meaning for Adele, a woman who grew up without a father, who  is usually symbolised in the chart by Saturn and the Sun. But again, with that conjunct of Uranus and Saturn, there was bound to be something unusual or upsetting about her parenting. Her own father deserted the family when she was a child. As Saturn, the old father, the all-father, traversed Capricorn, she “made her peace” with her own dad, just before he passed. She became well-acquainted with grim-reaper as he walked through her house of friendship. 

The first Saturn Return is considered the gateway into maturity and adulthood by most astrologers. It’s not alway easy, but it’s worth it. I guess Adele’s astrologer gave her this sound advice: make a friend of Saturn.

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  1. Kim Werfel says:

    I had noticed the Saturn tattoo and earrings and was wondering about that. And the new Album, “30”….corresponding to the 1st Saturn return.
    Excellent article Christina – so insightful and spot-on.
    Thank you!

  2. Shirley A "SAM" Madsen says:

    Thank you very much for my being on your email list and reading your breakdowns of planets in charts!! I love your work. I have been away from astrology for some time and it tugs at my heart to get more involved again. I have what I think is a healthy Saturn in my chart, it keeps me grounded with four planets in Gemini, including Saturn! I may be mistaken, I am not sure but it looks like a great placement. I will share my birth info if interested, I loved reading about Adele and what makes her tick. She needs more of my Mutables and I need more of her Fixed!! BD info is 6. 21.1943, Sidney, Montana, 2:20pm. I love my summer BD. I always look forward to your monthly Analysis!!

  3. Jade says:

    A very interesting article Christina, you write that Uranus is about to hit her sun and Jupiter and then she canceled her residency in Las Vegas without just reason, although she said it was because of COVID a lot of people don’t seem to believe that and the residency could be postponed as far as April. A true showing of Uranus transit to Jupiter and sun.