In Conversation with Astrologer Barry Goddard

Monday March 6th 2023

You probably know that I do a Q&A for subscribers to the horoscopes (which happens most months). The format varies, and this month, we were lucky to have Barry Goddard over to chat about astrology and shamanism, what Pluto wants, and more. He also answered questions from the audience in a spontaneous example of astrology in action.

I don’t usually publish these meetings because of privacy issues, but all participants agreed to this one winging its way out into the world.

If you’d like to take part in the conversation next time, do join The Oxford Astrologer. These monthly meetings are part of the membership.

To find out more about Barry, visit his website Astrotabletalk.

To buy his book click the image.


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  1. JLR says:

    Oh yes, we Americans and our royalty. Certainly presidents and movie stars are. And every high school crowns a homecoming King and Queen—who are elected by the students. 🙂