Coronation Astrology Q&A

Monday May 15th 2023

The Oxford Astrologer monthly Q&A was taken over by talk of the coronation — it was the day after. It turned into quite a discussion. I explained why I am sure this is an elected chart — that is one chosen by an astrologer — and other participants made interesting and relevant contributions.

I have quite mixed feelings about the whole thing. A magic spell was cast for the whole country — on the one hand. But then it ended with people wearing silly hats — on the other. Oh wait, this is Britain!

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Usually they are closed due to privacy issues, but participants agreed to publish this one.

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  1. Diane says:

    The video is still marked private

  2. Wendy Fey says:

    Thanks for a fascinating discussion. That Moon almost void of course puzzled me at first, but it makes sense in the context of their personal charts. One of the things that struck me about the ritual was the way he was ‘escorted’ by two obviously high-ranking church men. They just looked like his minders/warder to me! The whole thing had a strong feeling of the power of the church being asserted, as though he could only be king if he promised to be a protestant (very specific). Shades of Saturn in Pisces I suppose, and the powerful Jupiter near the MC.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, I agree re power of the Church. I was watching with my daughter who happens to be studying the Stewarts & she said the bit where he promises to be Protestant was from the coronation of William of Orange when they were so worried about James II catholicism. I thought it struck a dud note actually. I liked all the priests gathering around like fairies for sleeping beauty, but it made one think of who had not been invited…

  3. Iris says:

    Liz Greene! Fascinating thought (reflects well on him, to me). She is astrology royalty so there’s that.
    Great, layered discussion, thanks for sharing this.

  4. Faye Blake says:

    Thanks for sharing Christina – finally had time to look at this. I watched the whole coverage and the astrology was fascinating. I too thought that it must be an elected chart. I timed the mc and asc – amazing stuff – Jupiter on MC at exact moment of sacred screened anointing. William pledge to serve was 12:10 Node on MC seems amazing with the fate of all involved. When MC was right at the end of Aries he was given the sword – at beginning of Taurus given glove and orb of power. When MC reached the Sun the Anthem was sung! When the Mc reached Uranus the whole procession moved – a new era had begun!
    Charles is a very Ceres king and I loved the fact that Ceres was stationary on the day – the people ( who I associate with her) stood still for ages to watch the whole event. Wrote a pots about it too. Fascinating stuff.