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Arthur Rackham's illustration for Comus by John Milton

Arthur Rackham’s illustration for Comus by John Milton


My forecasts have been hailed as “the most thought provoking horoscopes on the web” and praised not just for their accuracy but for their humour, compassion and sheer poetry. Each birth sign gets a 1000-word essay outlining the major celestial events of the month and how they will affect you, bringing practical suggestions as to how to make the most of the astrological weather. Click here to read a sample horoscope.


Choose when to grab the ribbon of destiny as it unfurls through the month ahead, and when to let it drop, with specific dates and a digest of the important transits of the month.


We compile the horoscopes in an intense burst of activity at the end of each month, so the words are imbued with the essence of the time.


Open your imagination to all the possibilities. We help you to make your own associations and to think and feel the symbolic language of astrology.


Accurate horoscopes are all about handing power over to you, the reader, because they are a sharing of knowledge that used to be a guarded secret.


The visual is as important as the verbal here. Carefully curated pictures are part of the horoscope: sometimes they comment on the content, and sometimes they complement it.

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