Neptune and Bin Laden Update

Monday May 9th 2011

If you read my post of May 4, you’ll know that I think Osama Bin Laden is an example of the dark side the Neptune archetype.

A few more pieces of information have come to light that reinforce this notion.

  • It has emerged that the codename for the operation to get Bin Laden was Neptune’s Spear.
  • The depressing footage of Bin Laden watching himself on television captures a Neptunian moment. This is the planet of illusion and of image, don’t forget. We see the “real” Bin Laden watching the “TV” Bin Laden. One is the mirror of the other, but the mirror/TV distorts and glamorises. What is more we are watching him on the screen too. This is illusions within illusions. Where is the truth?
  • And one last thing, if the touted birth chart for Bin Laden is correct Neptune had at last reached Bin Laden’s Midheaven at the moment of his death.

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  1. P says:

    Yippity-yay (sarcasm). Now he gets to be a martyr (Neptune) and a mythical hero-figure (Neptune again, I’m beginning to feel sick of this), to boot.

    Jeez, where’s Saturn (reality) and Mercury (rationality) when you need them?