6 Things to Do with Mercury Retrograde in Leo

Monday August 15th 2011
6. Give an abandoned cat a home.
This one is called Bean and he’s staying with me.

Mercury the messenger shimmies backwards in Leo until the 27th, so you still have time to redo all those leonine things. Here are some suggestions.

1. Go see a revival of an old favourite at the theatre
2. Play a game that you used to enjoy as a child. You may find you want to take it up again.
3. Visit a beach you’ve been to before but have neglected. While you’re there, build a sandcastle.
4. Have a (very brief) fling with a lifeguard. (If you get found out, you can always say your astrologer told you to do it.)
5. You know the thing you have which might as well be entitled All About Me and that you were too embarrassed or humble to show anyone? Get it out of the bottom drawer/attic/trunk. have another look at it. It might be better than you think

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  1. Christina says:

    Me too. He can talk. He says No and More – I swear.

  2. Cosmic Mummy says:

    I am taking my daughter to see a production of my old tv show favourite Mr Ben at the theatre on 26th, how coincidental is that?

  3. Christina says:

    A rather beautiful cartoon – and strange. I wonder what the shows going to be like.

  4. MaryHu says:

    A couple of days ago, my cosmically attuned husband insisted that the whole family go to see a screening of the 1936 musical Swing Time at a recently renovated, 1920s-era movie palace. It was a delightful, lighthearted experience.

    My cat speaks, too. She sits on the kitchen counter, stares pointedly at the tap, and utters “waa-errr.”

  5. What a lovely picture of Bean!