Are You a Pirate or an Able Seamen?

Tuesday August 30th 2011

“Why join the navy when you can be a pirate?”  Steve Jobs

Especially if Johnny Depp is your co-pilot.

Let’s say pirates are unconventional, rule-breaking mavericks. (Not cut-throat criminals in need of a wash.)

We’re talking metaphorically here.

In contrast, the navy is all about obeying orders, being part of the fleet, asking no questions.

Pirates = Uranus
Navy = Saturn

Being a pirate (at least in the movies) is all about making it up as you go along, navigating by the stars, flying by the seat of your pants and reinventing yourself as required.

Being an able seamen means knowing and understanding the rules of the sea, being part of a team, being able to use your tools properly, and keeping your ego under control.

Yes, wellโ€ฆ

Astrologers are, of course, traditionally ruled by that old wizard Saturn, but the new ruler is most definitely Uranus. You can see this when you look at astrologers’ charts or if you check Uranus transits to your own chart. You’ll find your interest in astrology (almost inevitably) was sparked during a Uranus transit โ€“ or that you’re just a born Uranian.

Naturally, since it’s astrologers talking about astrology, there’s some disagreement. Rob Hand, for example, says the real ruler of astrologers is the trickster planet, Mercury. Now that opens a whole new set of possibilities.

You know, to make a really effective pirate, you have to understand the navy โ€“ even if you don’t want to join.

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  1. Dunyazade says:

    Whatever the ruler, I’m covered:

    – Uranus in my 11th house
    – Saturn in my 8th (house of the occult) conjunct South Node, therefore, I was an astrologer in previous lifetimes

    – Mercury rules my 8th and it’s in my 9th (the house of God/Spirit).

    Hehehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Christina says:

    @Dunyazade – definitely an astrologer! That SN conjunct Saturn must be interesting in a lot of other ways too.
    Have you checked out your Pallas? That’s another pet theory of mine viz astrologers. Here’s the post I wrote about it

  3. Dunyazade says:

    Got Pallas covered too!

    It’s in my 12th house (I was a Secret type of astrologer!) trine my Saturn and SN.

    I guess I worked undecover, astrology wise. Plus: she’s in Scorpio! I like her quite a bit (however my “favourite” is probably Vesta. Because it’s conjunct my Sun.)

  4. Christina says:

    @Dunyazade I would love to hear how you feel Vesta works with your Sun.

    Have you read this post on Vesta?

  5. Dunyazade says:

    I like her symbol. Vesta is the flame. It (for me) represents my inner truth – spiritual wise. I’ve been looking for “God” (or a “Religion”; better yet, a Spiritual Truth that makes sense to me – my whole life).

    It’s my Quest (9th house). It’s the absolute Most important thing in my life (that I live inside and this quest has nothing to do with other dreams in my life – more materialistic.)

    I just wish I could find “God” and be happy and pleased with what I found. But I never am. So far the only thing that more or less “makes sense” is Astrology and Reincarnation. But I cannot claim I’m a Believer. Believers to me (of any kind) seem to be morons (sorry for the word) because they just believe and to hell with rationality and logic.

    I’m absolutely independent about finding my own truth (9th house Sun/Vesta). No one, and I mean No one, can drag me to their religion (family members have tried). Because I’m a Leo and my Vesta is also a Leo (6 degrees apart). I also believe that if you’re not trying to find your own “God” – you’re an idiot. Can you see the Leo arrogance here, lol? I mean, no, not a real idiot. I understand that others have other sacred truths of their own – and they can leave “Finding God” to the next life.

    Basically: my Truth is sacred (don’t even mess with that) and my Quest to find it also is. I try not to speak of these things – because they don’t make sense in a Material and Practical World. And people won’t understand. They just understand dogma (idiots) – and that’s the only way they can speak of spirituality (I’m talking more of my inner circle, nothing to do with internet and people of similar, huumm, tastes).
    Also: I’m agnostic.

    I think I’ve read your Vesta article before, but I’ll reread it.

  6. Kerrie says:

    This post has been really helpful to me as a way to think about Uranus & Saturn. I have a yod with Saturn at the apex, Ur/Pl on one leg, and Neptune on the other. I’ve never really gotten a grip on how it works. Being a Cancer Sun/Venus/Mars/Mercury, security is always on my mind. But Saturn in Aries squares those Cancer planets, PLUS it’s inconjunct Ur/Pl. Pirate vs. Navy indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

    To make things more interesting – – Pallas is conj Uranus in Virgo, and Vesta is conj Saturn in Aries… in the 6th.


  7. Christina says:

    @Dunyazade I hear where you’re coming from. And I think astrology attracts people who question and for whom a rigid system of belief doesn’t work.

    When people (civilians eg non-astrowise types) say, “So you believe in astrology…” I don’t even know where to start – except perhaps by throwing my hands in the air.

    @Kerrie And Saturn in in fall in Aries. I think it’s quite a difficult energy to contain. With that going on the 6th, your sense of duty must be powerful. As for the Pallas Uranus Virgo – that’s a real astrologer’s grouping.

    Saturn in Aries vs the Cancer planets. Bravery vs security.

    glad the post helped!!

  8. Isy Aweigh says:

    Belief assassinates thinking and blinds experience… Even when it’s belief in the pure sovereignty of thinking and experience. So I am stoked (as even respectable Californians say) to read of your fierce determination to find a perfectly personal path to the larger Truth, without Belief to mess things up, @Dunyazade.

    As for this sailor, this post is hugely helpful, and the metaphor simply couldn’t be better. Especially as I tend to give orders like Navy, but take them more like Pirate.

  9. Christina says:

    @Isy “Especially as I tend to give orders like Navy, but take them more like Pirate.” ho ho me too

  10. Louise says:

    Oh to have Johnny Depp as my co-pilot!