Neptune in the Kitchen

Wednesday August 31st 2011

A friend recently described my house as “tousled”.

She really was being too kind.

I have Neptune (floaty chaos) on the IC (home angle of the chart). Housework shmousework: I’d rather be dreaming, and He Who Must Be Obeyed would rather be cooking (Moon in the 4th among other things).

But I think I’m going to try and take April Elliot Kent’s advice for this month and turn routine into ritual.

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  1. leslee says:

    Hm, I have Neptune 5 degrees approaching my IC, so despite being a multiple Virgo I’m going to claim Neptune for the floaty chaos of my home! Three of these Virgo planets (Merc, Venus and Sun) have progressed into Scorpio and are now in my 4th house (along with pJupiter) so I’m living there. Scorpio likes ritual and assigning deeper meaning to household stuff. Alas, I’m under way too much transiting Neptune influence to follow any routines.

  2. P says:

    Thanks for the article! The question she asks at the beginning is a really good one:
    “Why,” I might reasonably have asked her, “have you turned the maintenance of your life into a drudgery to be avoided?”

  3. Christina says:

    @leslee – Neptune…sometimes you just have to submit.

    @P – it is good isn’t it, but I know I’m with leslee: the chaos will continue.

  4. leslee says:

    I should have perhaps said my natal Neptune is just 5 degrees before the IC. It’s been transiting opposite my normally precise Mercury in Virgo. So the chaos in the kitchen is, alas, probably permanent. The chaos in my brain will presumably someday pass.