Burma’s Full Moon

Friday October 14th 2011
The Burmese Festival of Lights takes place over the three days
of this October Full Moon
Photograph by Chien-Chi Chang, National Geographic

Two hundred political prisoners were released this week in Burma. So I guess it’s not all bad news in the world.

Has the military junta in charge of the country really had a change of heart?

This week’s tense Full Moon (18°Aries-Libra) conjuncted the Burmese chart’s natal Moon in Libra. In a national chart, the Moon signifies the people.

Now, Burma is run by a cabal that is said to use astrology systematically to make decisions. Why would they choose to release prisoners during this Full Moon week? 

A Full Moon is a kind of culmination. It’s a moment of tension. It’s like when you have a pot boiling on the stove. you let a little of the steam out to keep the simmering even. By allowing a moment of freedom, the Burmese government is hoping things will carry on as usual.

This Full Moon was especially powerful of course because the Sun was (and is) conjunct Saturn, the planet of government, boundaries and rules – and imprisonment. So it was sensible to arrange a release of prisoners for this week in order to avoid having it, or something like it, happen spontaneously. That is using astrology.

Change is coming to Burma – as it is to so many countries born at the beginning of January. Pluto will conjunct the Burmese Sun repeatedly from January 2014. This is bound to bring upheaval and a release of toxic energy. The junta may well be planning how to master that energy now. It’s up to the opposition to be doing the same.

For the full Burmese chart delineation click here. This is especially interesting because the time and date were chosen by astrologers.
For a profile of Aung San Suu Kyi click here. In times when there is a dearth of leaders, it’s good to read about one.

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