Mrs Libra Says No No No

Thursday October 13th 2011

Happy Birthday Mrs. T.

Enjoy the Iron Lady in her element. When Mrs Thatcher said no she meant no, displaying all the qualities of a truly hard-core Libra.

Of course, it helped having Saturn smack on her Scorpio ascendant.

Boy, she can really kick ass. Can you see what makes her so storming?

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  1. KL says:

    You know – I kind of miss her – does that make me mad? Or just desperate… I wonder what she would have done if the world economy had the nerve to collapse on her watch

  2. Sabrina says:

    The Mars/Pluto square is explosive enough. Being part of a T-square in cardinal signs, with mars as pivot point makes it quite stormy! Even being in libra. I like the Pluto bringing that t square energy and flowing into a water grand trine. Saturn in scorpio in the combo (plus trining Pluto): Heck of a strategist. She has the intuition on where to go and can lay the ground to get there.
    Three planets in libra…well, you’ve pictured it quite wonderfully these last few days!
    Uranus, and the yod, I’m sure there is a lot to say about them as well.

    I must add I know very little about UK politics, but always found the Lady quite interesting.

  3. Christina says:

    I find her absolutely fascinating. I was never a fan at the time – but now she seems rather wonderful.