Venus Waves her Magic Wand Around My Home

Tuesday October 18th 2011
Just What Is It That Makes The Modern
Home So Different, So Appealing.*

This week I came home with a painting that I’d (accidentally) bought at an auction that I just happened to be passing – oops. Honestly, the money sort of swooshed out of my purse.

The funny thing was that on the same day, my partner, Darling D, came home with a print he’d bought in the market and a painting he’d picked up for free at the Jam Factory, a local gallery cum restaurant.

Now, you may think we spend our whole time rushing out and buying pictures to decorate our home. Far from it, and what is more we’re supposed to be on an austerity drive at the moment.

My partner and I have ascendants which are very close together, so we both have an IC in Scorpio (and no we don’t live down a mineshaft). And Venus, the planet of art and beauty, approaches by transit. The IC is, of course, the angle of home.

Venus is cruising through our third house (neighbourhood) scattering things of beauty (she rules that) to appeal to the eye or tempt us to open our wallets (also Venus-ruled). Pretty soon she’ll cross the IC, in time I hope for us to actually locate some picture hooks.

*Richard Hamilton, who made this collage back in the 1950s (and invented the term Pop Art at the same time) died last month at the age of 89. RIP.

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  1. jess says:

    Hey -that Venus is pretty kooky.

  2. KL says:

    Is that Venus on the sofa?

  3. Christina says:

    Venus on the sofa and Mars flexing his muscles.