12 Ways to Feel the Magic of Neptune in Pisces

Monday January 30th 2012

Thought it was time to revisit this post, which I wrote back in April. Neptune goes back into Pisces on the 3rd or 4th of Feb, depending upon where in the world you are. Catch that wave.

Neptune’s Horses by Walter Crane.

Neptune, the great god of the sea, has dived into the ocean of Pisces. This is a moment laced with magic for each of us. How and where can we find it?

That great numinous beast (with the help of his white horses) spreads glamour, confusion, dissipation, illusion, an indefinable feeling of God, the desire to disappear into the great ocean of the universe. Where Neptune goes, boundaries dissolve, what was once reliable disappears, mirages manifest. All this is more so now that he is super-powered in his own sign.

I have to admit – on a personal level I am very excited since I have a huge amount of Piscean energy in my chart.  I feel sure I can hear the mermaids calling – or is that my imagination?

Neptune often acts malevolently – drugs, alcohol, the creeps, masochism, lying, deceit. But I want to think about how you can use this transit positively, especially since it’s going to be effecting your life for the next decade and more.

Neptune will be in Pisces from now (with a brief retrograde back into Aquarius this autumn and winter) until January 2026. That’s a long time.

0°, where Neptune is now, and will return to later in the year, is often a significant moment. Pay attention to yourself now and how you are feeling and see if you can find any clues about how Neptune in Pisces may work for you later.

So I’ve been wondering how Neptune’s sign change will work on a personal level. Obviously, it depends on the shape of your chart – how strong Neptune is natally, how much Pisces you have and which natal planets Neptune will transit by conjunction, square etcetera.

In the very broadest sense, everyone born with Neptune in Scorpio – which is rather a lot of people (anyone born in the mid-50s to early 70s) – should be able to drink in this new Neptune energy with greater ease than in the previous decade. However, that is too wide a generalisation to be truly useful.

Here are some thoughts I’ve had about the signs, but please think of this as opening a window onto new possibilities, not a definite prediction. I figure if you read your Sun sign and rising sign, you should be able to think the Neptune, but if you read the lot you’ll be able to feel the Neptune.

Aries – Dreams
Neptune is in its own sign and house: this is good, but powerful. Your magic comes in the area of ancestors, the past, your psychological inheritance. Neptune has left the part of your chart associated with aspirations, so you may find that you take that reality, in some way brings you up short at first, but once you get in to this transit, I feel that Neptune will become your friend. Also certain friendships that have been part of your life for the past decade may now fade away. I have some personal experience of this and can tell you that this is a very comfortable placement for Neptune. Of all the signs, you should be feeling the most relaxed about this change.

Taurus – Fellow Feeling
You may find that the direction your desires take you changes subtly over the next decade. Whereas before you were focused on material stability, you may find yourself seeking a deeper spiritual connection to the world and to the people around you. Neptune has left your status and career sector, suggesting that he has done his work there perhaps expanding your ambitions or helping you carve out  a career in a “Neptunian” industry such as film, music or even fishing. I know someone who has been building bridges. On the other hand, you may have felt oddly directionless for a Taurus – unable to make a job stick, strangely dissatisfied if it did. That feeling should be truly over now as you move into the next decade.

Gemini – Imaginative Work
There are two obvious ways this could work: either your career could go very off course or you could find yourself shifting focus into a more Neptunian sphere – film, music, caring, charity – anything associated with water. I have seen more than one person with this transit who has found the audience (or clientele) for their creative work go global. As a Gemini, you could well suffer from living life in the shallows but Neptune in the career sector of your chart will help you connect your work and ambition with wider and deeper humanity.

Cancer – Faith
As a water sign, you have some affinity with Neptune and he will be at a nice angle to your Sun for the next decade, lending a certain glamorous aura to you personally. I think he’ll simply help you become even more attractive (is that possible?!). He is also traveling through the house of religion and higher knowledge for you, which is an excllent place for him. You may well look back on this time and see it as an inner pilgrimage. By the way, if you’ve had any difficulty keeping tabs on investments or other monies (not salary), that time should be over.

Leo – Touching Souls

Sunrise with sea monsters – JMW Turner

You have been hosting the dissolute one in your house of partnership. This may well mean you married a Pisces and that you created a deep spiritual connection with partners. But it’s also likely that you have felt a certain lack of support from significant others – lawyers, business partners, lovers. Whenever you thought you had someone to rely on, they just kind of faded away. That, thank goodness, is over. Neptune is moving into a “water” house, where, I suspect, you will find him a lot more comfortable. This is the eighth house of sex, death and psychism (also debt). There are several ways this could work out. Tantric sex – yes. A direct connection with the “other side” – yes. That famous Leo gut instinct could get even more accurate. Look also for a deeper spiritual connection to your in-laws. One word of warning though, keep an eye on all of your unearned income – stocks, shares, inheritance, royalties – you don’t want it to just fade away.

Virgo – Power Partner
Your partner is about to become far more powerful and active than you would have thought possible. This may not be obvious immediately, but over the next decade watch your darling grow from strength to strength. If you’re single, look out for Neptunian types. I know they have a bad rap in astrology – drunks, junkies, leeches – but they are also poets, musicians, sailors and simply sun sign Pisces. I have come across people with Neptune natally in the house of partnerships and I’ve seen all of these potentials play out. You’ve had Neptune disrupting your daily routine for almost a decade now, perhaps with some indefinable illness or a chronic complaint. You may not leave this behind now – that’s not how astrology works – but you may find you have greater clarity about what exactly you need to do to cope on a daily basis. One word of warning, watch out for needy Neptunian types coming into your life.

Libra – Everyday Magic
You like things in your day to day life to be just so, dear Libra, but you may find that you have far less control of your routine over the next decade. The time has come for you to go with the flow. Your best tactic is not to fight it, but allow the Neptunian energy to take you where it will. Neptune has been at an especially lucky angle for you in the last decade, giving you true artistic inspiration. Don’t worry, this won’t go, but think about taking that inspiration and applying it to every aspect of your life. Allow your inner artist to touch everything you do.

Scorpio – Artistic Inspiration
Lucky you – a decade of inspiration. Your artistic nature is about to be touched by Neptune’s magic wand. As a water sign, you have a natural affinity with the big blue planet and he will be at a lovely angle to your Sun for the coming decade.Your children may also be a source of inspiration for you but if you have teenagers you may find that you need to keep a close eye on them. If you’re not on the ball, this could be the decade when your child drifts away from you while your head was turned. If any of your children are musical give them all the support you can.

Sagittarius – The Sea, The Sea
Have you thought about moving to the seaside? Or going to live by a lake? For you, embracing the energy of Neptune in Pisces is probably more straightforward than anyone else. Make your home near water or, if that’s just not possible, bring water into your home – sea paintings, a fish tank, a fountain. When you have this kind of major transit it’s a good idea to embrace the Neptune rather than run away; since in some way I can’t define, the boundaries of what you call home may become hazy.

Capricorn – Music

Remember what Odysseus had to do to pass the sirens…

Let the music of Neptune into your life. You may be one of the musical Capricorns – of which there are many – Elvis, David Bowie to name two – in which case your world is already about music. But prepare for Neptune to take that to a whole new level. Neptune is in your sector of communications. Music is the upside of this; the other side of the coin could be that somehow you find it hard to make yourself heard. This means you will find new, creative ways to communicate.

Aquarius – Cashflow
Your experience of the noughties may have been, well, weird. Neptune transiting Aquarius saw the rise of that most Aquarian of activities – social networking – but how did it effect Aquarians personally? Well, you know, speaking uber-broadly, I’ve seen quite a lot of romance – and Neptune is romantic. I’ve seen you being idealised and pedestelled and the things Aquarius stands for (humanitarianism, technology, science) glamorised. Take that with you into the next decade, because actually, this Neptune placement could see you making a lot of money. I know you don’t care tuppence for gold, but better money flowing in than out  – right. Because that’s the other way it could go. Use your talents to benefit everyone, and you will benefit morally and financially – it’s that simple.

Pisces – Grace
One thing’s for certain, the world’s about to get a swamp of a lot more Piscean over the next decade, so it should be nice and wet for you, little fishes. Your friend Aquarius has been having this transit since 1997, so take a good look at what happened to Aquariocity in that time, and think about how that could apply to fishiness. Neptune often shows us what’s fashionable, glamorous, sexy – that’s going to be you and the stuff you like. Be yourself as deeply as you can be Pisces – and I don’t mean get drunk and fall down, or get confused and go to sleep. Dream your dreams, but now is the time to share them.

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  1. Leslee says:

    Very nice post (and I love the image!). Funny, I woke up with unusually vivid dreams this morning. Neptune’s obviously getting close again to opposing my Mercury at 0 Virgo (1st house, rules my Virgo Sun). And this time he’ll also oppose my Venus and Pluto at 2 Virgo. Goodbye Virgo efficiency, hello imagination! Should be interesting. 🙂

  2. LIN says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hemisha says:

    Love your article..Neptune will conjunct my Sun and trine my ascendent and sextile natal Neptune. And you have taken the words out of my mouth…when you say’stuff you like’..looks like pyschicness has kicked in already for you already. And a borderline atheist like me is intuitively connecting to the universe…Hmmm..lets see what happens?
    xx Hemisha

  4. LIN says:

    Thanks Christina! I have sun, moon, mercury all in pisces. I do tend to have prophetic dreams and out of the ordinary spiritual experiences. Lately, I’ve been more in tune with my spirituality and have been inclined to discover what my purpose is. I’ve also been writing a lot of fiction and a movie script. I hope this will be my time to get published and share my life experiences with the world. I feel inclined to help others through my writing. Thanks again.

  5. Gilly says:

    Pay attention to yourself now and how you are feeling and see if you can find any clues about how Neptune in Pisces may work for you later….

    Oh God no. I honestly can’t take another 14 years if they’ll all be like today. ;(

  6. Christina says:

    Gllly – you’re the second person who’s said that to me today! Actually Neptune goes into Pisces on the 3rd – so maybe that day’ll be unbelievably fabulous!

  7. Sherri says:

    I’m a Cappie with Pisces in the sixth house.

    Does that means my work may get more fun, my dreams may be more helpful, I won’t do the Capricorn depressive drinking thing, and I’ll worry less?

    I would LOVE that!

  8. Christina says:

    I think your work could definitely get more glamourous.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Another Capricorn chiming in! Having lived through Neptune’s passage through Capricorn, I feel pretty well-equipped to handle this ingress. I remember myself prior to the years that my natal Sun and Mercury were being marinated in Neptune’s salty waters; a spiritual youngster, for sure, too willing to believe whatever authorities promised as truth. I like to think that the hard lessons I learned during the Neptune in Capricorn years will see me through any confusion as the planet shifts signs.

  10. Christina says:

    Marinated – that’s very good imagery. I almost wrote Martini-ated (but then I am staying with my parents today) and that’s pretty Neptunian too.

    The other thing about the Capricorn angle is that Neptune will be in sextile to your sun sign so the energy may well be rather good for you. Also I think it’s interesting that Neptune has gone into Pisces in trine with Saturn exalted in Libra. This suggests to me that there may be a lot more practical shifting involved with this transit than one might expect.

  11. Christina says:

    @LIN – those all sound like very positive ways to go with the Neptune energy. You might want to keep a record of your dreams over the next few weeks.

  12. LIN says:

    I will definitely keep a dream journal starting today to see what will happen. What would a person with pisces moon/8th house experience with neptune? I ask because I’ve been experiencing some weird things lately

  13. P says:

    Like Leslee, I’ve also started experiencing vivid dreams (and I never remember my dreams, nor do I have terribly interesting ones).

    At some point, Neptune will oppose my natal Moon @ 11 Virgo. Wonder what will happen…..

  14. P says:

    This is the second time Roger Ebert has fetured such an article on FB:


    I wonder what Neptune in Pisces will mean for the film-making part of the arts, myself!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m a Pisces Sun/Ascendant with Neptune conjunct my MC, also Pluto is transiting my 10th house. I am currently getting back into what I loved as a child (but was discouraged from doing as a career) – writing and art – and want to make it my career in the future because it’s the only thing I ever really wanted to do.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Looks like I’m coming late to the party. Neptune conjuncted my 3 Pisces Sun awhile ago and has now retro-ed back. I have been feeling so foggy and like I can’t communicate properly that someone advised me to create a shrine (real or psychical) to Neptune. I love the painting you chose, Christina, as I’d never heard of Neptune’s horses. I’m curious about the Pisces in your chart as I have Sun, Moon and Mercury, plus several asteroids, in Pisces. Taken together they form a chorus line from 3 to 21 degrees, so the Sea God is going to be bunking with me for a long time. But I feel myself languishing and wish there were some practical way to harness the power of his lovely horses. Any suggestions? … Quilly

  17. benett0n says:

    Capricorn sun with Neptune in Cap in 1H & Pisces in 3H here!
    Guys, that’s the most terrible time of my life so far. Came from total control over people and situations to a massive break down. Neptune has worked for me pretty well until now – I was able to use it’s energy and turn all the dreams and wishes into reality, but since it entered Pisces – it all came the other way around. My dreams, when I don’t have insomnia, are so vivid that sometimes it takes the whole day to pull out of them and step into reality. Word for word, my dreams are so real and vivid that they suck all my energy, and when I “wake up”, I am totally exhausted and confused. Another negative aspect, of personal experience, is that after entering Pisces, Neptune literally demolished all the “boundaries” and kind of illuminated and exposed what yet had been mystic and “veiled”. For an elusive personality, as I consider to be, it’s like taking your “magic stick” away. The occult turned to be so wide-spread nowadays that it is not mysterious and exclusive as it used to be. Everybody now talks astrology, magic, alternative medicine, etc. and most of those people just don’t have the slightest idea of what they talk about, but at the same time believe themselves so strong that it is quite alarming.

  18. Iris says:

    Christina – I was reading something Jessica Adams in a ‘tips from astrologers’ article. She wrote about Neptune -a tip: if your eyesight deteriorates, you’re more out of touch with your Neptune cycle issues than you know.
    Being blind to reality, not seeing things coming…my mind just won’t bend around this connection between my eyesight and my neptune cycle.
    I have Neptune transiting the first and yes, my eyesight is dwindling rapidly.
    But there’s some sort of truism around being more out of touch with something than I know – how do I get in touch if I don’t know what I’m out of touch with?

    Any insights on this? When I try to feel my way into it, the fog moves in…

    • Christina says:

      First of all, I also think Neptune is connected to eyesight. But, although I usually agree with Jessica (she is a really good astrologer), I find I quite disagree on this point. I say this as someone with poor eyesight all my life, so it is a subject that interests me. (I actually have Moon in the Pleiades which was recognised by astrologers as a placement that will give poor sight in the left eye — and so it is.)
      Failing eyesight can equally be about inner vision. You can’t see outward so well but you can see inward much more clearly. This can be a gift. Although the material world becomes blurred, the numinous clarifies. So I don’t think you’re necessarily out of touch at all, in fact you are getting more in touch with the world of Neptune. Does that help?

  19. Iris says:

    Oooh, that’s so lovely. I do appreciate you writing all that with your sore hand too.
    Yes this feels right; it lands. I noticed this begin when Neptune went through the 12th. ‘Reality’ or how I constructed it started to erode, and now I can see inward much more clearly.

    Luminous does mean something. Your words are quite special, thank you.

    PS: Have you seen Birdman? Another Neptune in Pisces film I think.