Burma’s Thaw: Managing Inevitable Change

Friday January 13th 2012
Burma’s generals.

Why has Burma’s junta, which has ruled the country for decades with steely ruthlessness, decided that this is the time to start making peace with its rebels, release political prisoners and allow elections?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that the generals who run the country consult astrologers before every decision?

I think it might.

It’s obvious that we are in a period of great change globally. To a Western astrologer, this  evidently corresponds to the alignments of the outer planets – Uranus, Pluto, Neptune and Saturn. The Burmese use a system closer to the Vedic or Indian one, which traditionally discounts planets discovered since ancient times. But clearly their astrologers have reached the conclusion that change is inevitable, so it is better to manage it.

The current group of eclipses has been batting across Burma’s Ascendant-Descendant axis, and last

This date and time were chosen by astrologers to
ensure a powerful start for Burma. Jupiter rising, Mars on the MC.

January saw a solar eclipse on Burma’s Sun. This June there will be a lunar eclipse just 1° from Burma’s crucial Jupiter rising. These all indicate change – especially in strategic partnerships. But there is much more change to come.

You can see that the next six months will be a time of change for the country, as Mars, the action planet, crosses and recrosses the MC, which represents the Burma’s rulers. Mars in Virgo can be about housekeeping, getting everything nice and tidy for the next step.

The progressed Moon, which signifies the people, has moved to the third house of communication and is currently exactly opposite that dominating Pluto at the top of the chart. This may suggest a greater equality in the relationship between the people and their rulers, more balance. The third house transit of the progressed Moon shows the people may finally be getting a voice.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is slowly approaching Burma’s Capricorn Sun and will conjunct it in 2014. This is the same year that Uranus, revolution, opposes the natal Moon. Major change is coming. So Burma’s rulers are wise to try to go with that energy.

But Uranus-Pluto can be a pretty brutal combination and we are hoping for an orchid revolution with Aung San Suu Kyi leading the country to democracy. With Jupiter stimulating her natal Mars-Venus conjunction and Mars transiting her natal Jupiter, the Lady has a lot of power and luck on her side this year. Her profile is going to be exceptionally high, which means she has more cards in her hands than usual.

Neptune, idealism and faith, will sweep across the IC in the next decade, suggesting a wave of nationalist feeling (or floods, of course). Let’s hope the nationalist feeling is caused by the successful move to democracy.

One last thought, this is a potentially very rich country in a strategic location sandwiched between China and India. Burma’s ability to transform itself into a fairer, freer place and remain independent of foreign influence could have a major beneficial impact on the region’s balance of power.

I have written quite a lot about Burma in the past. 
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Such an interesting post! It is amazingly accurate in terms of what has come to pass in Burma in the past few days. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Such an interesting post! It is amazingly accurate in terms of what has come to pass in Burma in the past few days. Thank you.