Neptune Puts A Spell On You

Tuesday March 6th 2012
Titania (Michelle Pfeiffer) and Bottom (Kevin Kline) in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

My friend J has great big, baby blue eyes. They’re beautiful. She comes across as a little flaky, vague, kind, not quite of this world, when she walks along, these days in a kaftan likely as not, she floats.

People think she’s a soft touch.

She’s not. In fact she has a hot-tempered Aries Moon and a smart Aquarius Sun. So why the floaty fairy impression? Neptune on the Ascendant: that is what you see when you look at her.

You could dive into those eyes and get lost there. Or maybe they just reflect back exactly what you want to see…

That’s the thing about Pisces and its ruler, Neptune. Sometimes, you’re looking into a mirror. Sometimes you’re projecting all kinds of stuff into that mirror and it bounces right back at you. This has its plus points for both parties. It allows the Neptune person to hide and it gives them a magical, uncanny glamour; it allows you to make up any old thing you like.

Neptune is glamour, a word that comes from the Scottish gramarye meaning witchcraft, magic or enchantment. Where Neptune is in a chart, there’s a sprinkling of fairy dust. That’s why film stars so often have Neptune rising or on the MC or North Node.

There’s a downside to this as well, and I’ve noticed this a lot. Neptune can render the wearer invisible, because invisibility works by reflection. If you’re an actor and you need to put on a series of masks, this is handy, but what if you want someone to look at you properly and see you for who you are? Being seen as a person, especially by your nearest and dearest, is crucial for your sense of self. Wherever Neptune is in you own chart, you may be invisible.

And if you fall in love, Neptune can play all kinds of tricks. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titania is helplessly smitten by Bottom, the donkey-headed weaver because a little bit of magic juice has been squeezed into her eyes. Titania is queen of the fairies (a position perhaps only RuPaul can aspire to nowadays) but even she was confounded by magic.

Neptunian glamour can last a moment – or it can go on for years. Then one day, just like Titania,  you wake up and look over to see a donkey’s head on the pillow – the illusion has gone.

On the other hand, of course, without the Neptunian glamour would any of us fall in love in the first place.

Nina Simone – Sun Pisces, Neptune conjunct Mars, another example of Capricorn shaman with Moon there and Saturn rising.

Here is a link to super piece by Joyce Mason about Neptune and boundaries.

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  1. diastella says:

    wow – such deep jazz – i love how people become more like animals as they grow older – defined precisely to their intrinsic nature, their habits gracefully included in their body dance. There is nothing to hide and everything is revealed…raw and true and perfectly beautiful.

  2. Christina says:

    Yes – when we are truer to the animal nature, are we closer to the gods?

  3. Lizzie Vee says:

    Oh – lightbulb moment! I have Pisces rising and moan bitterly that no-one really listens to me, despite my Taurus sun and Moon in Sag in 9th! that explains it – they are too busy projecting to see ME. How frustrating! I don’t want to hide or act, so need to think how to use this. thanks for your enlightening comments.

  4. Sabrina says:

    it is said that the deeper the roots, the higher the branches that reach the sky 🙂
    my mom is a pisces sun with neptune in libra close to the Asc. And she is hardly unnoticed (well, she has 5 planets in fire). But she used to say that in love, she felt she wasn’t really seen…

  5. Hemisha says:

    Yes it is very true. Once people know you are a Pisces and assume images of being fragile, flaky and doormatish..but like good old Linda Goodman said perfectly – Pisces woman have 12 women in them…and I think they can channel anyone according to the situation or is it Neptune effect to morph. I think we are tough as nails with the elegance of a ballet dancer!
    Somtimes I wonder if 2 swans could be good candidates for sign symbol after the fishes. Elegant yet paddling like crazy underneath…

  6. Hemisha says:

    Mercury Rx = My grammar is all askew – sorry!

  7. Jonathan Thomas says:

    Neptune represents odd, uncanny or just plain weird events that seem willed by a higher power. The ego can’t calculate infinite math but Neptune can that’s why it seems weird, this energy also represents Quantum Physics.

  8. Casey Jones says:

    I have Neptune on my AC. I always thought it was all my Libra stuff that gave me my charms. But I could see it being Neptune, I guess. ☺