Reader’s Question: Why Is Jupiter So Horrible To Me?

Tuesday March 27th 2012
Zeus to the Greeks; Jupiter or Jove to the Romans

A friend wrote this to me recently.

“I have a terrible time when Jupiter is aspecting things. Rather than being a benevolent and blossoming force, he’s like the biggest bitch in the world, but too mean-spirited to even talk to me — just takes and shuts things down. Very odd. I wondered if you had any bright ideas about that.” 

Hmm – an interesting problem, and actually not unique. Jupiter’s “benevolence” is seldom as clearcut as one would like. With her permission, I  reproduce her chart here, and also with permission I’ll tell you the relevant bits of biography. I’ll call my friend X.

This is a hell of a tough chart with all that 12th house energy plus the tricky generational line up of Pluto-Uranus opposing Saturn-Chiron in a very tight conjunction. This generational tension pulls in the chart ruler, Venus, meaning that X personally feels that intense, aggressive Pluto-Uranus – not easy at all – and it is an opposition. Venus is in the crosshairs of Pluto-Uranus.

By tradition Jupiter in Gemini is debilitated – the blessings are scattered. In particular, the mind is said to be affected. Some astrologers say this is the signature of a Jack of all trades who is master of none, or of a shallow mind. In fact, X does have a lot interests and she is a collector of information (Gemini), but she has a mind like a steel-tack, and shallow? Not at all.  I have found that Jupiter in Gemini is often very clever. And my friend is very smart indeed but most particularly she is an enormously (Jupiter) talented (2nd house) writer (Gemini) and one of the most articulate conversationalists I have ever met. Truly she has a real facility with words – a gift from the king of the gods.

Jupiter squares that damaged Saturn-Chiron, expanding it. Saturn often represents the father in a chart and in X’s case, I can tell you that he was both a damaged and damaging individual, whose abuse of power hit my friend exactly, smack, in her sense of self, the chart ruler Venus actually exalted there in Pisces, but also assaulted by Pluto-Uranus.

Any transit to natal Jupiter is going to open up those old wounds from her father, but also the inner father too. Look at that stellium in Pisces/Aries: it starts with Venus and ends with the Moon, the two female planets. They are split asunder by the intervention of Saturn-Chiron and mental Mercury. As a child, this was the father breaking my friend’s femininity; as an adult, there have been a lot of medical problems (Mercury-Saturn-Chiron), but also she worked as a health professional for many years, taking that wounding and putting it to good use.

Saturn is not called the inner critic for nothing, and he squares Jupiter in Gemini. Saturn is bolstered by a stellium, while Jupiter stands alone and weak. Self-doubt has a tendency to destroy X’s confidence. More simply Saturn disses Jupiter here.

And my friend holds her own masculine energy really close – Mars conjuncts the powerful, optimistic Aries Sun. Her anger is liable to turn inward and manifest physically – and she has quite a lot to be angry about. Mars is debilitated in Taurus, again this can literally mean a physical disability sometimes, although often it simply means an ability to truly make stuff – pots, cloth, painting. It’s a handy, artistic placement, and again this is true of my friend. She can fix things.

Mars is so close to the Sun that it’s combust, another traditional term. It means the Sun swallows the energy of the Mars. The Sun is actually applying to Mars, which makes this stronger. And in Aries the Sun is strong. It means the physical energy has trouble manifesting – and Mars is rising (on the ascendant) which makes it even more likely to be physical. You might expect Mars Rising in the chart of an athlete, and in fact the Gauquelin’s did find this to be true. They found statistically, more athletes had Mars in the 12th or 9th houses than you’d expect.

But in fact X has become very disabled and even more when Jupiter passed over Saturn-Chiron. She suffers from a syndrome called chronic (Saturn) pain (Chiron). Part of her healing process has been to write (back to the Jupiter in Gemini) about Saturn and about the pain.

In this chart, Jupiter’s closest aspect is a sextile to the 12th house Sun. Despite everything, my friend is lucky. She is blessed in particular with unusual talent and a certain amount of solvency, despite being completely broke. There is a constant tension in her life between optimism (Jupiter) and pessimism (Saturn), but out of this tension comes great creativity. I’ve learned that the tensest aspects often give the greatest gifts, especially the square.

And look how the hidden 12th house Sun in Aries – just bursting to get out and experience the world – is caught on the midpoint between Jupiter and Saturn.

I could go on about this exceptionally interesting chart, but I want to get to the nub of the question, why does X experience Jupiter transits as “bad”?

You can see that Jupiter has spent the last couple of years opening up the whole of her chart from Venus in Pisces down to the ascendant, like a tin opener around the edge of can. With a chart as tough as this, that is going to be hard work. Every single aspect of her self has been hauled out of the nice dark closet where much of her was kept, picked up, exposed and examined. And this happens to her on a 12-year cycle, so that’s about three years of Jupiter in the 11th, 12th and first and then a bit of a breather before the Jupiter return and, so on and around again.

Now my friend’s use of language is really interesting Jupiter is “too mean-spirited to even talk to me”. She has Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of talking. Jupiter in Gemini loves to talk, thinks in words, needs to communicate. And Mercury in her chart is at 1° Aries with the Moon just escaping from conjunction. She needs words as much as she needs food. Her first action is to speak. The cruellest thing is not to talk.

Interestingly this New Moon has stimulated that very point in her chart – and she spoke to me.

But “mean-spirited”? That’s not Jupiter. He’s a lot of things, many of them not so good, but mean-spirited –never. I hear a projection. In the spirit of my friend’s conversational chart, this is what Jupiter might say to X:

“You keep ignoring the gifts I bring: why should I talk to you? When I do talk to you, you can’t hear me. Who do you think opened everything out for you in the last few years? It wasn’t that Saturn you’re so fond of. It was me who guided you to write, who found you a shipmate, who gave you the courage when I linked up with Mars… That was all me.

“But if you expect it all to come wrapped up with a bow, forget about it. I don’t do good. I’m a god for god’s sake. You expect me to be nice because I get called “benefic” (silly word). I’m generous all right, but I’m generous with everything – mustard, chill and mayonnaise.

“The point is I’m not “good” or “bad”, I’m more, I’m extra, I’m magnifying, expanding, growing. It’s not me who does not speak; it is you who will not hear.”

Jupiter has been muffled by the Saturn square. We can take the gifts of Jupiter for granted, especially when he is difficult in the natal chart, because they come so easily.

Mary and Elizabeth by Master MS (1506)

Today, Jupiter is sextiling my friend’s Venus, encouraging exactly that blossoming she writes about.

Here is the beginning of the Magnificat, the words that the Virgin Mary spoke when she went to tell her cousin Elizabeth about her pregnancy. She could be talking about a transit of Jupiter.

“My soul doth magnify the Lord.
And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.
Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid;
for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.
Because he that is mighty,
hath done great things to me;
and holy is his name….”

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  1. Sabrina says:

    I remember when jupiter transited my pisces sun in 6th, I was expecting many things (job, more income since it was going to aspect the 2nd at some point, etc) but basically it got me to focus in my health and find the ‘right help’, so even if was hoping for something more glamorous or bombastic, I have to say it improved the quality of my everyday life.(note: it was actually saturn who would get me the jobs 😉
    your friend’s chart is very interesting. I was also thinking that the mercury-saturn conjunction helps to keep thoughts together plus the square’s tension add to the sharpness?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have many friends born in ’66 and ’67. You’d think some of them would have escaped having those conjunctions and oppositions on angles, or close to personal planets, but no! At least they are prepared for these times. None of them (that I know) find any of what we are going through the least bit surprising.

    I was recently wondering about Jupiter as well, because my cohort was born with Jupiter closely conjunct Uranus (in my case, both also contact a lot of other planets–they oppose Chiron and form the apex of a kite). I can’t seem to distinguish the two in operation! Do you have any thoughts on how these two might work together?

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is X. Your breathtakingly kind words still have me wiping the tears from my eyes. Your faith in me and my gifts has always been one of the most central touchstones I’ve had in these rocky years. Now I’m going to find a way to rustle up a little more business for you, more book sales perhaps, something … because my gratitude requires action from me. 🙂

    The last time we discussed this, your wonderful Jovian channeling was spot on. I’m different, but Jove is not. Perhaps I’m overlooking something.

    I’ve always received the functional minimum of what I needed to survive when I most needed it, generally long after I’d given up hope, long after gratitude had any energy — because chronic desperation is exhausting beyond words. But the lack of kinetic energy in my gratitude let it sink deep. I’m grateful more in deeds than in words, because words can’t express what I feel when I’m saved from torture or extinction yet again.

    It’s true that I often find his generosity less than overwhelming. My present income is half of what my health requires. I live more simply than you’d ever believe possible, but managing my advancing disease is not cheap. My friend Y was supposed to help cut expenses by providing professional and practical help, but, well, the less said the better.

    It’s as if Jupiter gives with one hand and takes with the other.

    One thing I almost added to my question and wish I had… My friend Y, whom I’m supporting right now, has had nightmares which convinced him I’m a secret sexual predator — and have designs on him. General isolation, and the sickening bitterness of this hateful accusation in one of my closest relationships, was the “gift” to me of that marvelous Jupiter-Venus conjunction. (Venus rules Y’s chart too, I’ve been told.)

    It was the outrage and heartbreak of that, that prompted me to write you. I’m a survivor of sexual predation, as you indicated, but feel not the faintest hint of a whisper of desire to wreak it on someone else.

    I took in my friend partly because it was the necessary and decent thing to do, but definitely as a testament of thanks for all I had received towards my own survival.

    I wanted to show the world what generosity should look like, poor as I am; to share without the churlishness, hostility, and repayments-in-blood that I had experienced so much of myself. I wanted to be, not just generous, but kind and upstanding about it. It was a quintessentially Jovian impulse I sought to embody. Living my gratitude.

    Since January I brought that exercise into my own home and it has gone very sour indeed. For someone who has trouble receiving, Y has learned to take with apparent ease, and then he put that accusation on top of it… In my darker moments, I wonder if there isn’t some point to that churlishness and those repayments in blood, some counterweight the receiving psyche actually needs, in order to retain its center while receiving.

    If Jove feels unthanked, then how the hell do I express my gratitude in a way that he can receive? My words may have matched the scope of real needs rather than the gifts, but for the past year I’ve been working on living my gratefulness for the gifts and pushing it out into the world.

    Perhaps he’s upset with thinking that I was trying to teach him his job?

    You can see why I remain just a wee bit confused about Jupiter. What now?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I should add, in justice, that Y is a deeply good man with some horrible things to deal with. There’s a ton of love between us, but this is a very bad time.

  5. Gee, that was a terrific analysis and explanation too, Christina! The 12th house dynamics were really brought out in the open and carefully handled. Thanks for this!!

  6. Christina says:

    @Sabrina – “mercury-saturn conjunction helps to keep thoughts together plus the square’s tension add to the sharpness” – just so

    @Anon – the word that comes to mind for Jupiter-Uranus is exciting – also the very definition of thinking outside the box, huge ideas, really forward-thinking, but opposite Chiron again there’s that wounded feeling. I wonder if this is to do partly with family break up, parental break up and the wounding of the individual. It’s across Libra/Aries i think.

    @X – it’s my pleasure and I hope this has been helpful.

    About Y, what a horrible thing to happen. Nasty, nasty. But you’re blaming Jupiter too much again. Jupiter expanded you, making you a bigger target.

    But the guys taking aim were Mars Rx in Virgo, first at your Venus and then Uranus-Pluto. A reworking of the theme of sexual predation. And then the icing on the cake – Pluto square your Moon. This is what is responsible for making you feel under attack. This is one of the toughest transits known to astrologerkind. Hence the themes of home (Moon) and violation (Pluto).

    Plus the Uranus-MercuryRx New Moon was exactly on your natal Mercury – very rare. But there must have been a shocking exchange of words.

    • X says:

      For the sake of completion, I want to add, on this rereading over 4 years later, that I chewed over your comment here at the time, and it was hugely helpful. Bigger target… This passage changed my relationship with Y, and a year later, he was part of a group that, of all things, was trying to find me to kill me, possibly partly because I’d found the love of my life, and possibly partly because Y didn’t want to be written out of my will. Both of which are decidedly Venusian, eh?

      It’s 2016 and my life, my friends, my housemates (my partner and an old friend), my loves, my home, my fortunes, even my health, are immeasurably better. I feel like a darling child of Jupiter, not to mention of Mercury and Venus and possibly, with the angular awkwardness that’s probably inevitable, even of the Chiron/Saturn/Pallas conjunction.

      I’m so much more relaxed 🙂

      As for Pluto… still working on that one. One day, I may even be at peace with him.

      • GARU says:

        I needed to read this, even though I don’t understand all of this astrological part, I understand abuse. This story has given me hope in the world, because I’ve been treated horribly, like a pariah, when I’ve nothing to hide or be cruel about.
        I’m just convinced that when you are being your kind and benevolent self some people hate that because they can’t do this without having something in it for them and so they work against you, because your free and giving nature reveals how “bound, manipulative and Scroogey” they are, even when you don’t notice these traits in them yourself.

        Last night 9-9-16, was the final straw and someone said today there was an Eclipse in Jupiter last night. I’m a Gem, so I googled Jupiter in Gemini to find out what that means, and came up with this page.
        At first, I reacted so fiercely that I was super talkative and then I shut down, thinking Words are actually like jewels, and carry far more power…

        Then my mathematical mind kicked in and I Did the equation: Does a Vessel of Power belong or deserve a Vessel with no Power to Retain Power? Case solved, inequality sign: no form of communication is worthy the idiot who abuses it.

        Words are NOT just words to me, Words are deeds, words create and destroy, so if you don’t mean them…hush. Sounds harsh… but so is verbal abuse, slander, gossip, lies, off- color jokes, etc. Or maybe the last 3 weeks have been rougher than most, and have involved my asthma (windpipes), and others’ windpipes who don’t have the illness.

        The worst is when precious, innocent, children learn bad habits and sad realities, from us adults— who can be facetious, bias, short-sighted, arrogant, or sociopathic, for starters.

  7. Morvah says:

    Beautiful article Christina, thank you and I concur on the moon pluto square which I spotted right away. Much love to both you and your friend who does write so well..

  8. Sabrina says:

    @ X, If I may add something…A packed 12th house can be difficult to live with. Is a house of great tests. I must agree that Pluto, Uranus and Saturn are the ones ‘being tough’ right now. What I suspect is that Jupiter is bringing things up so you can find ways to heal, to ‘find the right help’. Showing what’s hidden even from youself.
    Jupiter can mean freedom as well, free yourself of what is slowing your growth. Best of luck!

    • X says:

      All four kings were working me over for sure, but — as Christina told me privately at the time — if I could make it through the next couple years, the pressure would ease up, and that has indeed happened. It’s safe to say that I learned… how much can I understate this… a LOT about “the right help” and have put it to use. Thank you so much for your good wishes. They meant a lot at the time and warm me still 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    That blew the lid off for me. Thank you so much. Things are much more clear and new possible futures can crystalize.

    And I’ll be nicer to Jupiter, with a much better understanding of those dynamics 🙂


  10. Christina says:

    Thanks everyone for adding so much to this piece.

    There is one more thought I’d like to put in your head. Saturn and Jupiter: bad dad and good dad: both are inside and outside you.

  11. Gilly says:

    Interesting – I have an apparently lovely Jupiter, in Sagitarius, conjunct Venus, trine Uranus and my MC. I’m naturally lucky, but I’ve never had a good time with Jupiter aspects, they seem far crueller than anything Saturn throws at me. Jupiter returns are the worst; the one I had in late 95 I was going through an almost-breakup and a depression that almost destroyed me. At the next, in 2007, when the return was exact, my mother died.

  12. Christina says:

    @Gilly – that is interesting – too much Jupiter. There certainly seems to be a connection between Jupiter transits and death. I see that more frequently than with Saturn transits.

    • Leonora says:

      YEs- Jupiter seems to expand not just the waist but the spirit and this means on to the next level of consciousness – Earth body not required.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to enlarge upon (Jupiter) my thanks to Christina, Sabrina, Morvah, and those who’ve added their thoughts and expanded on these themes. I take your kind words gratefully to heart. In addition to much deeper understanding, I feel much stronger for not feeling so alone. Many thanks!


  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Christina, X, anonymous..very enlightening. I too have a lucky jup in sag conj venus in the thing I felt particularly let down by was that recent earth a very earth heavy chart I was so disappoinred..absolutely nothing came my way that potent week. In the end I just fall back on basic gratitude 101 and leave it at that.

  15. Well… I have Jupiter at 11 Taurus in the 10th. It squares Venus in the 7th and sextiles Uranus in the 12th. However, it is a singleton. My only earth and the ruler of my sun.

    So, I have been experiencing my Jupiter return with that lovely Earth Grand Trine. I was expecting a big boost of energy or perhaps a lovely career opportunity, adoration from the public 🙂 Instead, I have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping.

    I was coaxed to enter a contest to win a small set of water colour paints. This was a contest for non-artists. You had to draw a faerie and submit it to a Facebook wall. I should point out that I don’t draw. Sometimes I doodle little flowers. I am not an artist. I encouraged everyone I knew to participate in this wonderful opportunity. At the last minute, I was ‘strongly encouraged’ by well-meaning friends to submit my drawing. So I drew a faerie. I thought she was quite lovely. I didn’t win.

    So this Jupiter transit for me has been about sleeping and discovering I have an inner artist and one other thing.

    I also have Fibromyalgia and ME. It had been under control, manageable. I have Chiron at 11 Cap in the 6th (an exact trine to my Jupiter). Not surprisingly, I first became ill when Pluto crossed over into my 6th house. I thought perhaps this transit would manifest as an improvement in my health or perhaps a breakthrough of some kind. Instead, my health has deteriorated… considerably.

    Apparently an earth grand trine with a Jupiter return was not quite enough to counteract a second Saturn Return and Pluto transiting Chiron ….

    Thank for an intelligent and thought provoking post.


    • Isy Aweigh says:

      Robin, I’m intrigued. It occurs to me that Jupiter enlarging on Chiron in the face of a Saturn return would not necessarily feel good… I have FM & CRPS, with a Chiron/Saturn conjunction too. I’ll dig back and see what the Big Boys were doing when I got sick.

      I do hope this becomes a transition to better times for you, if through a rough chicane. These painful constitutional illnesses suck.

  16. Christina says:

    And thanks for that intelligent and thought provoking contribution, Robin.

    There seems to be a strong theme of generosity in these Jupiter transits – giving more than receiving.

  17. That’s fascinating and way cool:) I hadn’t thought about the reverse side of Jupiter’s gifts: giving. When I read that simple short sentence of yours, (“There seems to be a strong theme of generosity in these Jupiter transits – giving more than receiving.”) a bell went off in my head. Thank you for the reminder.

  18. mm says:

    Much to ponder here Christina. Thank you. A post to re-read.

    Even though I have Jupiter in Aq trine Sun in Gemini, I have never found him particularly beneficial, though other people comment a lot on what they perceive as my sense of optimism. Rather, as you say, he magnifies. He did this in spades in 2009/10 in that conjunction with Neptune/Chiron in late Aquarius which really cut the ground from under me healthwise (I have Saturn in late Leo). I’m not through yet with the recovery – it’s taking a long time.

    As an aside, I’m particularly interested in your observation that Mars in Taurus indicates that physical energy might have difficulties manifesting. I have Mars in Taurus, though not on the Ascendant, and that never occurred to me, but it makes real sense. As I get older, and as I get well again (see previous para) there is a dawning awareness that my health and life force will need to be nurtured and husbanded going forward. Can’t take it for granted any more.

  19. Christina says:

    @mm – glad you are on the road to recovery.

    There is a turning point in one’s life when you stop taking your body for granted. It’s not at the same age for everyone, but it surely is Saturnine, as in your case.

    I notice that health is a strong theme within this post and the responses to it. Worth remembering.

  20. Leonora says:

    Like all interpretations, we are so removed from the original witness of the celestial objects when myths were formed. We have opted for the Health and Safety versions of the gods. Jupiter/Zeus/Dyaus Pita/sky god accompanied by thunder and lightning bolts/shields without angles- interpreted by Plutarch as plagues. SO is Jupiter mean? No, just awesome – in the proper sense of the word.

    • Chris Horkey says:

      I’ve never been religious to any extent, so when I prey at night I have always just done it to “whatever higher power that’s listing “. So when I was having a bad day and thanking “whoever was listing ” for giving me one more day I just asked “Who Am I Preying To?” And as if from the depths of my mind very forceful I heard and felt ‘Jovial’ in reply. I sat up in bed and looked around and was freaked kinda because I wasn’t expecting an answer, in fact I started to say in my mind after asking who I just said it doesn’t matter and as I was thinking or saying it in my mind “JOVIAL” lashed out in my soul and mind and through me way off from what I was praying. Needless to say I didn’t think about it and went to bed, until a day later on my lunch break I Googled Jovial and Jupiter God of God’s came up. I was shocked. I can’t find or figure out why or how this came to me. And why can’t I find anything else about jupiter being warshiped.