Planning Your Future in Detail

Monday December 10th 2012
Rene Magritte: Rider in the Woods

My friend Q has been rather cross recently. As far as she is concerned, life is not working out. Somewhere on the journey, she took a wrong turn and found herself in a thicket of gorse and shale instead of travelling through the beautiful beech wood she had imagined.

She was moaning so much the other day that someone whose ear she’d been bending told her to go away and write herself a fantasy email from her future, successful self – and think about it.

Q sent me the resulting email too and it made me laugh with delight. She had laid out in detail how she’d achieved (her brilliant) potential in her career, and resolved her rackety love life with a clever metaphorical twist worthy of a film script.

So why am I telling you this?

Because it’s a perfect action to take with the current planetary set up. Jupiter, the planet which helps see the helicopter view, dominates this Sagittarian time of year. And currently Jupiter is in Gemini, the sign of writing and detail.

In my last post on this, I listed some of the authors who have Jupiter in Gemini, including Dickens and JK Rowling. You can see immediately how these two created special worlds right down to the smallest element. Oh and their books are really big (Jupiter). But think about this: Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey also have the signature. Again these women both have had very big visions of what they can achieve. Both have built communications empires. They’ve influenced the detail of people’s lives. Oprah’s advocacy of reading proper literature is a perfect expression of the benevolence of Jupiter in Gemini.

Right now, there’s a really interesting Yod, or finger of God configuration, pointing right at that Jupiter. Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are sextile to each other. That is a lively conversational sort of contact, and they are in mutual reception in each other’s signs. The planets of death, endings and transformation are working as a happy team. Hard to visualise, I know, but you can imagine a bit of sardonic humour there, especially when Mercury slides right into the picture in a few days time, snapping the whole Yod into action as he opposes Jupiter. Tomorrow he goes into Sagittarius.

Jupiter’s energy is forward looking. It is about strategy and vision. Pluto in Capricorn is about practical transformation. This is a sign that means business. And Saturn in Scorpio certainly signifies the death of something, possibly certain psychological tropes. Pluto and Saturn are both in quincunx to Jupiter, an angle that is irritating and implies change. Does your strategy or your vision need to shift?

This is all adds up to a moment to throw out old habits and realise once and for all that they won’t fit in with the shiny new future you can see for yourself.  As with any Pluto/Saturn moment, there is the potential for deep and wonderful evolution, or for destruction. On a personal level, the choice could be yours. On a geopolitical level, this could go either way. You could interpret this as a moment for slash and burn, but that is to make way for a practical and exciting new vision of future.

With the help of that communicative, clever Jupiter, and Mercury in  mutual reception with him, it might be an idea for you to write yourself an email from your future (happy and successful) self, and see just how that exercise helps you make a practical plan.

Don’t expect overnight miracles. But my friend Q actually feels much less cross and really rather hopeful today.

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  1. Sabrina says:

    That sounds perfect!
    How do you feel about the yod becoming a kite vs. grand trine kites? There is obviously more tension to start with. A loved one has a yod, and -thanks to you bringing it up!- I think if I pay attention to transits that create it, I could help.

  2. Christina says:

    I think in this instance, Mercury is going to trigger that Yod because it’s the fast moving planet here. It could be as simple as a new piece of information changing one’s whole perspective.

    Yod-kite has got to be far more dangerous, but maybe the potential is greater. After all, with a Grand Trine you normally have planets working in the same element and then when the kite comes in you get the complementary element. In contrast, with a yod you have elements with no affinity changing in order to work together. What’s more you normally get three elements. That’s more exciting. So with this one, we get two planets currently in earth working with Jupiter in an air sign. It’s not comfortable but it’s interesting. Then you get Mercury coming along in fiery Sagittarius, truly like an arrow being loaded into a bow. This all puts an awful lot of pressure on Jupiter.

    Grand Trines can be really lazy – a yod is never that. It’s much more dynamic.

  3. Maya says:

    This is beautiful, I love this idea! Thursday’s new moon is right on my Jupiter, conjunct Venus and trine Uranus. It seems like a good time to think about the future. 🙂

  4. Jeanne Beaufils says:

    This is so perfect for me right now! Due to a congenital immune deficiency, I’m developing lots of food intolerances but have been seeking to ignore the problem even though it is making quite unwell. I just purchased a book on the subject and decided – after one year of dancing around the issue – to get real about it even though it means eating a really depressing diet. Let’s see if the Sagittarian impulse can make it seem like fun? I feel this is all about the opportunity to get real and work hard on something that I’m not too crazy about.

  5. Christina says:

    Jeanne – I really feel for you. Fun has got to be the key.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for this post Christine. My natal Chiron is at 8′ Gemini and mercury will hit my natal Uranus to oppose it. Interesting times ahead!

  7. Isy Aweigh says:

    My natal Jupiter is in Gemini as you keep reminding me 😉 My own health and survival issues have been a bit quagmirish so I’m hoping to bust loose the time to make something (several somethings) take shape.

    Speaking as a rather old hand with multiplying food allergies, I focus nearly relentlessly on what I can have, since the list of can’t s is rather daunting: wheat rice oats corn msg beans and the list goes on and on and keeps growing. But I can have raspberries! And beet greens, yummy! And napa cabbage with leeks, which is the steamed veg of the gods, especially if you steam with apple juice! Heheh. Hope that helps. And oh gosh yes, it is worth it. Life is much better with less poison on board.