Bowie: Back After a Decade of Silence

Tuesday January 8th 2013

Plaintive, beautiful, broken, nostalgic. David Bowie’s new single Where Are We Now?, released today, is a return to his Berlin years both lyrically and musically.

Bowie’s 66th birthday is today – maybe a good moment to recall those times in Berlin (1976-1979) when he produced some of his most extraordinary work, killed the demon of his drug addiction, and ended his first marriage.

That was quite a Saturn Return then.

And it’s a time to wonder at how we become who we become with the experiences, memories, feelings of all our previous selves layered upon each other.

As a Capricorn Sun with Aquarius Rising, and Saturn on the descendant conjuncting both his Moon and Pluto, you can see why transits from the teacher planet have been such big turning points for him.

He’s past his second Saturn Return now, during which he went under the knife for heart surgery. Then he stopped making music for some years as Saturn went through his seventh and eighth houses. This can often be a time of retreat.

Today, Saturn is in the opening square of the new cycle. It’s exactly aspecting its own natal position and sitting at the top of his chart. It’s just past a conjunction with Chiron. I wonder if this album is a way for him to heal those difficult, intensely creative years in the 1970s.

The creator of Space Oddity is clearly an “Outer Planet” person. His career has been all about transformation (Pluto) and strangeness (Uranus). Both these planets are activating his chart now. Pluto is conjuncting his Mercury – and has been for quite a while. And Uranus is creating an exciting and lovely Grand Trine with his natal Moon-Venus trine in the fire signs. I expect he’s been on fire with inspiration.  Finally, Neptune (music) is squaring Venus and quincunx the Moon. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

To see the video, click here.


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  1. Link says:

    Hi Christina, how did you find out a time for Bowie’s birth? Looks like he’s got quite the trine between his Ascendent, Neptune and the Northnode, which also helps explains the avante garde life/art.

  2. Christina says:

    It’s a really interesting chart, isn’t it. Creative and powerful. I got it from astrodatabank.

  3. Lachesis says:

    It’s a really odd film, but made me feel all young and hopeful again; feelings I’ve been getting flashes of all this (short) year. What’s going on? This is beyond Bowie, a new song and a video, though they are part of it. Feels a bit like surfacing from a deep sleep. It’s really positive reception suggests other people are feeling the song-plus feeling, too.
    Super post, fascinating chart. Thanks.

  4. Christina says:

    A very strange film – apparently the faces are projected on to dolls. But somehow it works.

    This year has gotten off to a strange but hopeful start hasn’t it. I think it’s partly to do with the fact that we are half-way through the Uranus-Pluto dance, and it like we’ve turned a corner and can see a little further down the road.

    Obviously, the economy is still shocking etcetera but on a personal level, there seems to be a certain amount of optimism.

    Of course, Neptune is also moving forward and has finally left that critical area at the beginning of Pisces.

  5. Christina says:

    PS. Jessica Adams wrote a longer astrological profile of Bowie back in November – suggesting that January might be rather important for him.

  6. Sabrina says:

    Enjoyed reading both pieces! Is amazing how he embodies the outer planet energies. I agree with Adams about that regal presence while turning down knighthood. So Aquarius-Leo…King in his own terms.
    I really like his earthling album. Checked the release date and that day both Uranus and Venus where exactly conjunct my own Venus. Of course I like it…that very Uranian techno beat!

  7. Christina says:

    Yes – that was the bit that bounced out of her piece for me too.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Considering that he has chiron near the beginning of scorpio and saturn transit has passed over chiron it would be interesting to know when he produced this new music. In Magi this is not a good omen – satarn has no positive influence or interpretation. Especially making an aspect with chiron and according to magi the following/approaching transit to his natal jupiter will not be good – remember paul ryan in the us election. BTW I noticed (a bit off topic I know) that romney had transiting saturn conjuncting natal Jupiter as well as approaching saturn chiron transit a square I think. So they were both buggered. Sorry for going off topic. Just giving a different view point and trying to back it up.

  9. Christina says:

    Anonymous – not off topic at all; thanks for contributing. I see what you mean about the Saturn’Chiron (interesting) – could well be something personal in the 8th that the public won’t know about.

    I have to say though, from personal experience and reading a lot of individual’s charts, Saturn transits can be positive, life-building. For people with Aquarius or Capricorn Rising in particular Saturn can be consolidating and empowering.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The magi’s have done a lot of research collecting charts of successful people in all sorts of fields. I have looked into my own chart and others and have checked the times and events when saturn has been transiting jupiter and chiron or the other way around ( I do like to be sure ) and have found a distinct correlation with what they say. I think its about success in the world and how at these times saturn will thwart.

    I notice from bowies chart and I forgot to mention that you pointed out those planets in leo. Already done sqauring itself while conjuncting chiron. Now inbetween natal saturn and pluto. Has to be be to do with big business (pluto).

    Its only the transits that are bad the pluto/saturn conjunction in his birth chart is not bad – mno natal aspect is bad – not even saturn. Has always been good with big business.

    Maybe I will shutup now.

  11. Christina says:

    @ Anonymous – aha I get it, you’re talking about saturn transiting jupiter and chiron, not all Saturn transits.

    I am going to go have a look at those specific ones then.

    Yes Bowie has a knack for business. In himself he’s a big business.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ah – Christina it really is all Saturn transits that upset the smooth running. However, in a natal chart all aspects are ok – even by saturn. Its just those saturn transits. In particular to and/or inbetween saturn/jupiter saturn/chiron. According to magi one aspect of chiron represents career. I realised after posting yesterday that bowie due to his natal chiron being at 6 degrees of scorpio has had transiting chiron at the beginning of pisces trining. Thats good – very good. You can see why he got back into his career. I imagine its takes a while to come up with an album and/or single. I think this would be inline with the longtime that transiting chiron has been at the beginning of pisces. I do not know when he released that video, but if it was recent than that might have coincided with saturn crossing his natal chiron and transiting chiron. That would not be so good. In other words his new impetuous for his career was good timing but the release of that video was marred by saturn.

    But if there are enough good aspects the saturn bad aspect can be mitigated. Its all about timing. You have to wait until saturn has passed or there are enough good aspects to outweigh saturns effects.

  13. Christina says:

    Thanks for getting back, anon. OK. I see where you’re coming from. I’m speaking from experience when I say Saturn transits can be excellent. It depends on the chart, and the context, e.g. time of life. I’ll give you an example. When Saturn conjuncted my Moon, I had my first baby. The symbolism is perfect. I became emotionally responsible. Here’s another example, a had a client just recently when Saturn transited Mercury, she finally knuckle down to getting her post-grad degree. I’m not saying Saturn transits are always terrific, but we always need to be careful about being overly categorical, I think.