5 Steps to Dealing with “Bad” Planets in the House of Love

Wednesday April 10th 2013
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Love: comes in like a thunderbolt, and goes out like a monsoon. Especially if some heavy planets are involved. It can be pretty depressing when you’re just in the midst of the monsoon part and you regard Uranus and Neptune in your house of love. Are you doomed if you have so-called malefic planets in your seventh house?

It is the seventh house that rules whom and how we love. This is the house that tallies with the sign Libra, ruled by the love goddess herself, Venus. Planets in the 7th describe how we meet others, how we seduce them, what we find seductive. By the eighth house (of death and transformation), your relationship is either over or deeper.

If you were born with one of the so-called “malefics” in the seventh, you will need to develop ways of making sure that planetary energy is positive. The first thing I’d suggest is to stop thinking about planets as good or bad. There is no moral value to a planet, and its energy can work for good or bad. Planets can be more or less difficult or challenging. But when it comes down to it, all planets have their bad side. But let’s deal with some of the really tough energies.

Neptune, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus are especially challenging in the seventh.

So what if, for example, you have Pluto on your descendant? Does that mean you’re going to marry a murderer? Of course not. But neither can you ignore that energy. Is your way of attracting people somehow Plutonian. Do you knock ’em dead? Or do you strangle relationships at birth?

So what to do, after the 5th time a relationship has gone to Hades?Here are some steps to take that apply to all the so-called bad planets.


1. Look at the pattern of your relationships.

Have all your lovers left you for an older man? Do you always fall in love at first sight? Do your relationships always last 18 months? Do you have a thing for sailors? Do you always fall for brunettes? It takes a while to develop a pattern, but if you’ve had more than a few relationships, there will be one. Sometimes, it’s surprisingly obscure. I know someone who worked out that all her boyfriends had mothers with the Sun in Gemini, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell that her partners had much in common on the surface.

2. Look at the planets in the seventh and decide if your pattern has anything to do with the energy of the planet.

Here are some examples of bad energy.Pluto – intense, nihilistic, violent

Here are some examples of bad energy.Pluto – intense, nihilistic, violent

Uranus – sudden onset, sudden boredom, unavailable

Neptune – overly idealistic, unrequited

Saturn – mean, withholding, strict, imposed, stuck and boring

3. Is there a type of person you always go for and do they relate to your planet?

Pluto – violent, criminal, abusive, insanely jealous and possessive

Uranus – unloving, fickle, inert, unpredictable, totally unpossessive,

Neptune – drunken, drug-addled, sex-addicted, dependent, clinging

Saturn – cold, old, fearful, mean-spirited,

4. If any of these scenarios seem familiar,

you need to figure out how you can find a positive expression of your planet’s energy. Here are some examples of the kind of person who might be represented by your planet.

Pluto – crime-fighter, surgeon, someone who works with death, psychologist, super-rich plutocrat

Uranus – scientist, pilot, engineer, astrologer!, entrepreneur, outsider, rebel, a foreigner

Neptune – artist, musician, poet, sailor

Saturn – farmer, surveyor, money-man, builder

5. Here are some positive styles of relationship

Pluto – all-consuming passion

Uranus – exciting, unusual, unconventional

Neptune – profoundly romantic

Saturn – solid as a rock, committed, long-lasting

There is always a potentially good outcome.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    unrequited love all my life :’)
    Neptune in the 7th (Conjunction dc Orb 1°15′)
    Saturn Conjunction Uranus Orb 0°46′ in the 6th house Conjunct dc (Orb 8° and 9°)
    all square my nodes and juno ( in Pisce)

    I’ve been very unlucky in love
    seems like it is impossible to love a man and be loved by the same man 🙁
    when I love some one he is unavailable and doesn’t even see me and when some one love me I feel nothing ( but sorry for him – I do know how it feels )
    (I also havePluto in the 5th -romance and fun house ) for me it is all or nothing ; very attracted or very offended
    I’m a very romantic Venus in Pisces lady so I;m in love with love
    I’m very afraid to be alone forever ; I loved 4 men and saw all of them Engaged or Married ( one of them was an artist ) .. I’m very depressed and I feel doomed 🙁
    I wish to have the positive styles of relationship of all my planets energy– may be one magical day I will

    • Christina says:

      Wow that’s quite a stellium across the DC. No wonder you have had to spend so much effort on your relationships. Sometimes, unfairly, we need to go through the mill before we find the right fit.

      There are three things I’d say to you from this.
      1. Saturn brings delay: certainly until after the return and often really quite a long delay.
      2. You know your pattern, so you’re learning the lessons of those planets.
      3. You know what love feels like. You’d be surprised how many people have never felt love at all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Uranus conjunct Pluto in my 7th. I’m a newbie but this is interesting and i will do some research. Thankyou 🙂

  3. Gilly says:

    Interesting. I have Saturn in Capricorn in the 7th – been in a happy, committed relationship with a Gemini man for 30 years – who has Saturn rising. 😀 I also have a LOT of stuff in Capricorn, mainly in the 7th; it’s not all Saturn all the time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous : Pluto in 5th.
    I would say : try loving back sombody that loves you. It can be very satisfying if you respect the love of somebody else and in the end you will succeed in returning the love. Try changing your attitude towards love (Pluto is asking that : deep change in the 5th house).

    I have Pluto in 1st house opposite Venus /Jupiter in 7th. Met my husband very late and had to realise first I had to take action if I wanted to make him mine (I never did that before with other men). We had a very beautiful marriage (he was a Scorpio – unfortunately he died).


  5. Prospera says:

    Which has more strength: planets in the 7th or the ruler of the 7th (and its aspects)?

    I have Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the 7th, which you could be forgiven for thinking indicates plenty and varied partners. Instead, I’ve suffered a paucity of possible partners, as suggested by the ruler of the 7th being afflicted by Saturn and Pluto. I have found myself unlucky and my choices extremely limited.

    Would you consider the sign on the 7th and its ruler more indicative?

    • Anonymous says:

      I would imagine because both both jupiter and uranus want freedom you will be attracted to those who you cannot have a long term relationship. Plus uranus would be the modern relationship something like one is an airline pilot and the othe the steward both breifly meeting but the contact gets shorter and shorter until it is realised there is no longer a relationship. Mind you this is a western astrology interpretation.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, good question. I was focusing on so-called bad planets in the 7th, because I get asked about them so much. but the ruler and its aspects are equally important.

      I see why you ask. You’d think with Jupiter Uranus, it might be all fun and exciting. But there is a Uranian energy which is exactly opposite – total inertia. It’s like an on-off switch. I was asking my partner about this just recently – he has Uranus on the Asc to the minute almost – and you’ expect his life to have been very buzzy. In fact, it’s alternated, by decades, between extremely frustrating stasis and hyperactivity. Stasis has been the norm. I also think with Uranus there, you are bound to end up with someone quite unexpected, and that can be hard to find.

      I tend not to think about planets as afflicting each other, although undoubtedly there can be energies which are more or less blocked or flowing, more or less jarring or compatible.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Any advice for a sun/chiron in the seventh house?

    • Christina says:

      Yes. In fact I have this plus Saturn.

      First of all, you have an important therapist’s signature there, although of course you need to look at the rest of the chart for more.

      Partnerhships and more broadly one-to-on interaction are your route to self-understanding and personal healing. You need to be careful about putting yourself or your partners into the role of victim. Who hurts who?

      The kind of person you should look for is a maverick or a healer or even someone with a physical disability, or an outsider but someone who is a “king” or “queen” or quite simply a Leo. Watch out for masochists or cruelty.

      You may have a pattern of pain. You may have chosen people who will open that Chironic wound, which could well be something you carry from your childhood. There are issues with rejection and self-esteem. Who rejects who?

      With the Sun here, you both give and receive a huge amount of energy from partners. You need to resolve the Chironic wounds (as much as anyone can) in order to become fully yourself.

      Despite the Sun here, you need to find someone who is your equal and allows you to shine.

      I hope that helps.

      • mcia says:

        Christina hello I am new to your site, i too have chiron in aries in the seventh house, are you saying that with chiron in the seventh house we should not date a Leo?

        • Christina says:

          No. I’m really not. The previous person had a Sun-Chiron conjunction in the 7th so that’s why I was writing about Leos.

          There are no signs that are out of bounds for dating. What you ought to watch out for is trying to date people that you think you can heal, or who wound you. You must have Libra Rising which is a surprisingly difficult. It does mean that you may end up putting other people’s interests before your own too often. The upside, as I mentioned above, is that this is a great placement for someone who helps other people realise themselves.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for replying. This all makes sense, it’s not an easy placement to have but is getting easier with age!

  8. Christina says:

    I should have mentioned in general that another positive way these planets can turn out is simply, and startlingly, by Sun sign or by your partner having a dominance from a particular sign. So, for example, Neptune in the 7th and you have a strange fascination for Pisces, Saturn and you end up with a Capricorn etcetera. Happens surprisingly often….

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m the first comment Anonymous 🙂 you can call me the Egyptian lady and I’m 25 years old
    thank you very much Christina for your advice
    my Neptune is in 8 Capricorn and my Saturn and uanus is in 28 & 29 sag can it be an out of sign stellium
    I spend so much effort on my relationships and I’m always trying to understand love ,relationships and my feelings

    I forgat to tell you I also have Venus in Pisces (9th)Square Mars in Sag (6th)
    and Sun in Aquarius (8th) Square Pluto in scorpio (5th)
    -as if I need more relationships drama 🙂 –
    Venus in Pisces Trine cancer Ascendant
    Venus Trine Pluto in scorpio
    Venus Sextile Neptune
    Venus Conjunct Midheaven
    Jupiter in Aries (10th) trine Saturn and Uranus
    my moon is in late Taurus so I dont have a sun moon square ( lucky me :P)
    my N.N Conjunct juno both Conjuncting my MC in Pisces all squared by
    Saturn and Uranus

    I have a Crazy natal chart 😀 I will appreciate any advice

    @ Mimi thank you for your precious advice and I’m so sorry for your husband 🙁
    I do respect their love … the problem is that I feel so alone with them we don’t have anything in common and sometimes he is much older (8 and 11 years age difference ) and I cant change my feelings toward him as I mentioned I’m Either attracted or nothing at all
    I know how should I fell and I know what I want in my partner I want him to be my best friend and I want to have a good Conversation with him which I didn’t have with any of them 🙁
    but I promise you next time when I like someone I will take some action ( I used to keep it as a secret – a Neptune thing I think – but I will try to fight it 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      thank you..thank you…thank you Christina You’re an angel 🙂 bye bye Saturn-Uranus.
      beautiful info I’m happy .. I don’t care if it’s late as long as it’s a love match.

      I discovered that I have Chiron in 24°34′ Gemini (12th) square Venus 14°26′ Pisces (9th)
      and a T square
      Chiron ( 24°34′ Gemini) -12th- opposite Saturn-Uranus( 28 & 29 sag)-6th- all square MC/NN/ Juno -10th-
      23°14′ / 24°22′ /28°13′ Pisces
      am I right ?? I don’t really understand the T Square aspect what does the 12th and 6th has to do in my relationships ??
      I really want to understand
      sorry for all of this questions .. but I trust no astrologer but you 🙂 you are my all time favorite 🙂 god bless you Christina <3

      dear Mimi…
      it is not that I’m super picky about my partner and I want a Specific qualities and Specific Personality traits .. the point is that I’m trying to protect myself for me Mutual love and understanding means a safe and stable relationship and I have a wounded heartmy mom and dad relationship is just like Hell 🙁 he doesn’t love her any more he Left us twice ..and I tried to fix their relationship over and over but I Failed they are still married but they don’t even talk 🙁 … I saw a lot of bad relationships around me so I’m super protective about my heart .. so maybe if I love a man and he loves me back and their is a real connection and harmony between us I will be happy and safe which I really need and want
      and because I loved unavailable men and they don’t love me back sometimes I fell that I’m not good enough and that no one will ever love me … so I’m always preparing my self to accept that maybe I will be alone forever

      may be love will Heal my Wound

      Thank you for your kindness

      the Egyptian lady

    • Anonymous says:

      1st Anonymous.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      I read your lines : ‘I want my husband to be this and I want him to be so and so’.
      In order to have a good relationship not only Venus is important but all the other planets play their tune as well. You must realise the difference between your needs (the Moon) and what you want and value (Venus and Saturn) in people.
      Your moon is in Taurus and therefore your deepest need is to be secure about the love of a man and to be in a stabile relationship. Focus on that instead of trying to find a man who answers to your idea of love.

      I really hope you find a sweet love.

    • Christina says:

      You’re an interesting mix of romantic and rather unconventional. It’s a good thing you have that Taurus Moon to ground you. Whenever you float off on a wild Pisces drama with Aquarian overtones, you should get remember the real Taurean things in life that nurture you.

      One of the reasons for your effort is that finding your life partner is absolutely life-defining with that Juno/MC/NN. I have just tead a chart for someone who had this. She married late — in her late 30s — but very “well” in that she married someone of very high social status. But this means that somehow the marriage itself is a job. But with Venus up there too, you are more likely to have a love match.

      You have to marry a friend; you’re an Aquarius for goodness sake.

      I would not count Neptune as conjunct Saturn-Uranus.

      I’m going to stop there because I could go on all day…

  10. Anonymous says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Zahra says:

    I have also spent my life falling for unavailable peeps, and watching every man I want leave me for another woman. I have been trying to get out of this pattern, and I just don’t know how. I have Venus and Mars in the 2nd house, Moon and Pluto both in Libra in the 7th house, and Neptune in the 9th. Any ideas on how to interpret these energies?

    • Christina says:

      Do you have Aries Rising? Are Venus and Mars in Taurus? That is very sexy but also you put great value on love.

      Moon and Pluto together can be tough. Is your mother a very powerful influence in your life? I have come across this when people have very strong and loving mothers or quite destructive mothers.

      Moon-Pluto is exceptionally habit forming too. It’s in Libra and the 7th so you are bound to have developed relationship habits. Pluto is our obsessions anyway and the Moon is what nurtures us, so you can be nurtured by the negative. I would ask you what you get out of being rejected. Is it repeating a pain that you had as a child?

      How to deal with this? Obviously I’d have to see the whole chart, but you are a real lover with the Mars-Venus and the Libra. You need to honour that Pluto which demands that your emotional life be transforming. With Pluto some part of you often has to die, so that you can be reborn. There is a shamanic aspect to this.

      You do need to look for someone who is positively Plutonian – e.g. a surgeon or a Scorpio – and possibly like your mother, in a good way.

      If you do manage to transform, I think in the long run you could really help other people with their relationships.

  12. Christina says:

    Hmm I’ll have a think & get back to you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Christina, I have no planets in my 7th house. The DC/7th begins right at 0 Pisces. Neptune is in the 4th in Sag conjunct Jupiter and opposite Saturn in the 10th in Gemini. Neptune and Jupiter also make sextiles to Pluto in the 2nd at 0 Libra.

    Although I didn’t realize it for so many years, it has been pointed out to me that I choose men who are either emotionally or physically unavailable to me. I have also mistaken what I thought were feelings of love for pity and compassion – and they are not the same things at all. The Neptune factors of confusion and compassion fit perfectly. I shouldn’t confuse caring and wanting to help someone with romantic love.

    I have been thinking about my chart quite a bit recently because my love life has been dormant for so long. However, this is not the only area of my life that hasn’t seen any action…everything in my life has been frozen for some time (many, many years). I’m trying to figure it all out.

    I’m so glad that you wrote (above) about Uranian energy and the decades of frustrating stasis that your partner encounters with Uranus on his ASC. I have Uranus conjunct my Sun AND my Mercury in the 2nd. I’ve only begun to realize how very Uranian I am. I’ve never heard anyone speak of how Uranian energy can be turned “off” and not energize anything for a while. It makes sense. I just hope my Uranian energy gets turned “on” again soon, because these years without anything happening in my life is almost too much to bear.

    • Christina says:

      I have only recently begun to explore this idea of Uranian energy being inert. But it has made huge sense of certain aspects that I have come across and found baffling. I really do have to thank D for this. He even gave me the word inertia when he was trying to describe how his energy felt. Actually, Uranus is also conjunct his Mercury too.

      Uranus transits have been exceptionally life-changing for him.

      I know exactly what you mean about the frustration of stasis. It’s a terrible feeling. I wonder if Neptune through the 7th will help your situation. So far this Neptune in Pisces seems to have been both wonderful and awful for the people it has touched. It seems to wash away illusions — which can be quite uncomfortable.

      I hope things shift for you soon. Inertia is horrible.

  14. Anonymous says:

    hi Christina…I really like your blog!
    I have a really difficult relationship history: in short, I tend to fall for unavailable men. My relationships do not last more than one year; and in between I go through long (3 or 4 years) periods of being on my own…I don’t always do the dumping. My last relationship ended three months ago, after one year, and this time I was dumped. Took it very hard.
    I am aquarius, scorpio rising; Moon in Taurus. I have Saturn in 7th house (and 7th house ruled by Taurus), and Chiron in 5th (with Pisces in 5th.) I am really intrigued by the combination Saturn in 7th/Chiron in 5th: in fact it feels as if that combination is lethal for any prospects of a long, committed relationship…

    • Christina says:

      Really, Saturn in the 7th is often about delay, but actually it is the position for long-term commitment. Chiron in the 5th – are you damaging yourself with these long flings? also Moon in Taurus is prone to habit-forming and then it’s very hard to break a habit. Do you think this is a habit? You have quite a fixed chart there, which means that it’s hard for you to change. Also that Aquarius-Scorpio combo does mean that you won’t settle for a relationship that just OK. You need to have a deep connection, a friendship and respect, which is what everyone should want, of course, but some of us will settle for less. I think respect might be the issue here but I’d have to see the rest of the chart.
      If you want a real consultation get in touch with me at c.rodenbeck@yahoo.com.

  15. Anonymous says:

    OMG, this is theeee best site – I luv ur articles & comments! K, sorry for this long post, but Im a Virgo Asc – I love details. This is my 3rd serious relationship. 1st one lasted 2yrs (total mommy’s boy & I’m a Sag so just wanted to get out of the house, even if it meant marrying the postman, ugh…it was his momy this momy that & it made me jump ship). 2nd one was a total loser(drug addict/alcoholic) but I got theeee most beautiful Christmas gift – my son, a beautiful STRONG Cap/sun, Cap/moon, Cap/asc – lol, yes UBER SMART, dignified, is totally the parent, handsome, and crazy for $$ hhha.

    So, these first 2 – started out fine during the relationship period but right after the marriage – they turn into Dr Jekel! Whatever….BUT most recently (2009) OMG I met the most strong, handsome, sexy, kind-hearted, romantic AND manipulative, silver-tongued two-timing Gemini 1st Decan (Cancer/moon, Mars&Venus/Taurus, no 7th House planets, Juno in Taurus 9th House, Ceres/Vesta in Aries 8th House) ever! We met on New Years 2009…he is a relative and came to the U.S. as a refugee and I started helping him w/ his paperwork. He was engaged 6years prior to 20009 where right after the engagement his fiance left to New Zealand w/ her parents & they promised to wait for each other (I found it curious they didn’t marry so she could stay w/ him…my instincts tell me – they played hanky-panky & it was a ‘shot-gun’ engagement – he just wanted to get rid of her the ‘honorable’ way). Ok, when he came on to me – I wasn’t attached to anyone, raising my son, and almost finishing school – so I said why not to a few weeks of fun. Well, after we became intimate & I left for school – his pursuit became relentless. Long story short, he is 11yrs my junior, one boy in nine girls w/ a widowed mother…after his ‘sweet’ mother finds out – she cries wolf that ive seduced her baby, his fiance finds out & i’m labeled the harlot, our ‘tribe’ find out & the shit hits the fan!!! Anyhoo, yes, it has turned my life completely upside down, I lost my place, my son is living w/ my parents in AZ (he is ok, working & school – yay), I dropped out of school (going back this fall), lost all my friends, relatives blah, blah – BUT him & I are still together and ‘underground’ but he still hasn’t ‘left’ the fiance & she hangs on for dear life to one day marry him – you should see her night & day phone calls to him if he doesnt answer & the ‘how could you love me take me & now leave me after I’ve waited for you this long’ OMG – she is all drama. Anyway, we do have Lots of problems & every time we leave each other – SOMETHING always draws us 2gether! The passion, jealousy, and consumption of each other is magnanimous!! However, Im on my last piece of thread of patience…he is afraid to tell his fiance that we never broke up & he keeps delaying her papers & thinks she’ll give up – all I know is she is an Aries. Anyway, 6months ago – I was in a very dark place & quite depressed. I’ve had three very powerful dreams that his mother is the source of his guilt trip re leaving the fiance – but all three dreams I finally leave & he comes chasing me…interested in this final Sag Eclipse & of course the outcome of it this Nov/Dec 2013…this is my chart:

    Sun Sag, Moon Aquarius, Mercury Saggitarius, Venus Capricorn/house 5, Mars Capricorn/house 5, Jupiter Gemini / house 10, Saturn Pisces/house 7, Uranus Virgo /house 1, Neptune Scorpi/ house 3, Pluto Virgo/ house 1, Chiron Pisces/ house 7, Ceres Pisces/ house 7, Pallas Aquarius/house 6, Juno Aquarius/ house 6, Vesta Cancer/house 11, Asct Virgo/house 1, MC Taurus/house 10

  16. Anonymous says:

    hi,i loved your blog!Thank you for your articles,they help me to learn astrology.
    i have saturn and neptune in my 7th house and pluto in my 5th.And they all are retrograde in my natal chart.i wonder what is retrograde’s influence?
    i guess i am living saturn’s delay effect in my love life…

    • Christina says:

      Oh the old retrograde question! Astrologers like to argue about this. Westerners say that it weakens the influence of a planet; Vedic astrologers that it strengthens it!

      I think it brings delay — but depth. It’s like you have to do the planets’s energy really properly.

      However, outer planets are retrograde for almost half the year….

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your answer.I hope we can learn that planets’ lessons in the best way…

  18. Anonymous says:

    I’m new. But have a life long interest in astrology. Have Mercury conjunct Uranus on one side and Saturn on the other in Gemini, in the 7th. On the cusp of the 7th is Taurus. Married very young to a man 12+ years older, an Aquarian. Lasted about the distance in degrees from Uranus to Saturn. Only marriage, sudden, unexpected, a friend of the family. Have had many roommates, one a two year relationship with a Capricorn man, also many years older. Relationships have been generally sudden. Easy come and easy go. Now though, as I approach 70, progressed Mars is conjunct natal Uranus in 7th. Wondering about the Mars/Uranus progressed conjunction. My natal Mars is 19 Aries and Uranus 6 Gemini. So it seems the progressed relationship can add energy to the 7th and relationships generally. Not sure what this indicates for me or current or future relationships.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you, yes indeed, there is someone who is now a friend. A big surprise to me that I am even attracted. So unlike the usual. A Taurus, really little connection in our charts. The only thing I can see is his Venus conjunct my Aries Mars in 5th house. We like each other and have a great mental, energetic connection. He has a brilliant mind, wit, drive to learn. Also creative vision. Fits the Uranus profile, photographer, technology is his life, also music, singer, songwriter, performer. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what, if anything develops. Figure this progressed aspect will last about 3 years. Progressed Mars conjunct Uranus will be exact 2014 in 7th house.
      Thank you for your reply and any input you may have. I realize without all the info in the charts little can be extrapolated. But this may be good for study/research.

    • Christina says:

      I’d be quite intrigued to hear what transpires. One could imagine all kinds of scenarios that would fit this paradigm – like falling in love by accident, or head over heels – mars ruling the head. But since Uranus is involved whatever transpires will be surprising…

  19. Anonymous says:

    I have Pluto in Scorpio in my 7th house (17 degrees). I have never been in a real,solid relationship, but mostly just at the crush stage. Looking back, I’ve noticed a pattern of being quite obsessed with these crushes and usually they end badly before even getting into a relationship. I also recently found myself highly attracted to and intrigued by a Scorpio (and in the past was attracted to someone with a Scorpio moon). I’d say this was a case of a crush gone wrong, i mean a total disaster, where I felt the pinch of a heartbreak and humiliation at the same time and it was an emotional mess at that time, but it taught me a lot. however, I think I’d still go for the Scorpionic aspects of that particular crush.

    So, do you think I should go for a Scorpio/plutonian partner?

    • Christina says:

      It really is hard to say without seeing the whole chart. BUT you need to act out that Pluto somehow and the most efficient way would be to find a Scorpy/Pluto partner – say a psychologist or a detective…

  20. The weird common element in my love life is partners with a Libra Moon. Three out of the last four (the other having my own Moon sign of Pisces, which also happens a lot). Not just partners, the list of Libra Moons includes my daughter, a former roommate and my best friend. My husband, his mother and ex-wife also have Moons in Libra. So that’s weird. I have no planets in Libra, natal Venus is retrograde in Cancer at the very end of the 10th house, conjunct the North Node*. Libra sits on the cusp of the 2nd house, with no planets in residence. I was a bit paranoid for a while, but have come to accept that there must be some message in this repetition. No idea what though. Any suggestions appreciated.

    *My son has his Moon in Taurus, with Mars and the North Node, conjunct my Mars and 2 other planets. Venus disposits all this in both charts.

    • Christina says:

      Goodness – that’s a pattern for sure. I’d have to see the whole chart to really comment, but I suspect you have already put your finger on it. It’s about that Venus perhaps, pulling her out of her retrograde. Libra’s a very sociable moon… forcing you to interact. Pisces Moon can be very shy too. You need these people who are just naturally socially adept to help you deal with the world.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I have Neptune in my 7th house, in 29 Sagittarius conjunct my South Node. I was recently warned by another to be “cautious” of anyone who has romantic interest in me.

    This is good advice. Like many people here, I draw a lot of Neptunian men into my life: unavailable (I swear, I am a magnet for everyone’s husband or boyfriend), alcoholic, deceptive, sneaky, some kind of addict, etc. I don’t want these kinds of people, but man, do they love me!

    My 12th house Venus doesn’t help this.

    I’ve always been the dumper though. These Neptune types, they cling like hell!

    I took off my rose-colored glasses long ago and started seeing people for who they really are. It’s hard work, but I think it’s saved me a lot of trouble. Still, it leaves me with one question: Do people with 7th house Neptune ever find that dreamy kind of love, or must we accept something more mundane as part of a life lesson?

    Also have Saturn/Pluto in the 5th. Had a couple hard relationship lessons. Cautious is a rule I live by.

    I just want to meet a normal person I’m attracted to that’s not a Neptunian mess!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi Christina I need your help.. what to do? Im 25 years old single since birth.. i have mercury mars pluto in 5th while Saturn Uranus Neptune is in 7th.. Am I gonna be SINGLE forever? I always suffer from unrequited love. 🙁 Should I give up on love? Turning 26 years old this Nov13.. i have Gemini Rising and Leo Moon. Give up or chase pavements? 🙁

    • Christina says:

      Never give up on love. Saturn in the 7th means delay. Uranus suggests a coup de foudre, and Neptune idealism. The right person has got to be someone really special that’s all… get on with the rest of your life and the right person will appear when the time is right.

  23. Anonymous says:

    hi christina,

    I’m a Virgo Sun (5th house), Aries rising, moon in gemini (2nd house) and i have Pluto in Scorpio in my 7th house (10 degrees). I have found relationships frustrating my whole life and can’t seem to have a long term one and find a couple of my relationships to have been intense with a profound effect on me each time often scarring me for the next relationship. I feel like maybe with this combination i’m just not meant for relationships and should just not bother with them because they just seem to cause me heartache and left with a feeling that i just can’t do them right. Also, weirdly four of my last five partners or potential partners have been Pisces Suns.

  24. Anonymous says:

    hi Christina,

    I am gemini(Sun and Saturn in IX house. I have Chiron 16°07′ in Aries, in the seventh house.My husbund is Sagitarius.We are toghether from 2003. From last year some things changed between us in a bad way. In a chart are there planets that you show possibility to divorce?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you very much Christina!I love my husband and I want to remain a family.I hope so, he and me will find a way for remain together.
      One of my dream is to learn astrology! Photography and astrology are my passions. I wish to be one of the best photographer and astrologer in the world 🙂 I’m still looking for how to learn astrology. Maia

    • Christina says:

      Uranus is said to be the planet of divorce. Look at the transits, especially to your Venus, fourth house cusp, seventh house cusp or the rulers of those houses.

      Personally I have found that it can work either way but it does mean disruption.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What an interesting article. I have Mars in Libra and Pluto & Saturn in Scorpio, all in the 7th H. All of my natal planets have also been conjunct by the transiting Pluto. At the moment it is still on my Sun. I’ve been with a Cap, with Libra, with Scorpio, and now i’m married with a Gemini. My 7th H starts with Virgo, but i guess because Gemini is ruled by Mercury too, i like ‘Mercurians’:) None of my planets are afflicted by a square or opposition. I’m only 29, but i can say that i feel like i could be a relationships counsellor. In fact i’d very much like to be a therapist through astrology, that’s why i’ll start doing an intermediate course learning psychological astrology. Even though i haven’t studied psychology at the university, i feel like life has been the best university for me 🙂

  26. ariesica says:

    Ruler of scopio is mars or pluto?

  27. Anonymous says:

    thank you so much for this post! I have Neptune in 7th conjunct sun snd ceres and I have many if these misty watery idealistc fantasy troubles. I literally loose touch with reality nit just in love but in life stuff. so o it’s super good to read a way to turn it positive

  28. […] Read more: 5 Steps to Dealing with "Bad" Planets in the House of Love – The … […]

  29. Anna Carolina says:

    Hi Christina, thanks so much for this post. I just found out I have Venus opposite Neptune and I suddenly understand all my previous relationships and patterns and I feel so hopeless! Need to find a way to overcome this with positive energy!
    I m not sure I understand what you meant on point 4 though .. You mean I should go for musicians / sailors? Or develop this in me? Because honest this is what in have been doing ! My most important (and heart breaking relationship) was with a jazz musician who said could only love his music (he’s a Pisces..) and I recently fell for a sailor.. Also Pisces (my first boyfriend who said he loved me but kept cheating on me.. Also Pisces!)

    So, what can I do to change this? How??

    I’m a Leo with rising Scorpio, Venus in Gemini and in my 8th house.
    Aspects of my Venus are:
    SQUARE SATURN Orb 2°28′ Applying
    OPPOSITION NEPTUNE Orb 0°29′ Separating
    TRINE PLUTO Orb 1°38′ Separating

    Please help me overcome this ! There’s gotta be something positive I could use!

    I was born on July 23 1980 at 11:40am in Barra Mansa (Brazil)

    • Christina says:

      Sounds like you’ve been living your Venus-Neptune opposition absolutely. First of all, i’d say better to go out with a musician or a sailor than a cheater, so in fact you’re improving. Also with your chart, you need to have experimented with love, but the potential is huge.

      If you can resolve Venus-Neptune, it’s the most beautiful love combination. Venus-Neptune is looking for an ideal lover, but this can be a mirage, so instead you choose someone who’s essentially not really available, so you can maintain the dream.

      Secondly, the applying square from Saturn is going to delay your finding Mr Right and also make it a struggle. It’s a good thing that you did not settle before your Saturn Return. You have not been ready for commitment, so you’ve chosen people who won’t commit. However, you’re ready now, especially since Saturn started touring your first house. Saturn through Libra must have been depressing too and then squaring your Sun in Leo.

      I’m looking at the T-square between Neptune-Venus-Saturn. The missing leg of that is in Pisces in the 5th house of creativity. Don’t let all your creativity get sucked into hopeless relationships… You need to pour that feeling for beauty and the divine into your own creative self-expression. Only when that creative flow is working within you, will you attract the right kind of person. This could equally be expressed as a connection to the divine. I do think it’s likely that you have been looking outside for something that is beautiful inside you already. However, you can have both.

      On a completely different note, Pluto-Venus is passionate and sexy and transformational. You have both these planets in sexy houses, so you need sex to be a profound experience, and love is what makes you evolve. But since this is a nice trine aspect, I think this probably comes about quite naturally, maybe instinctively. (Actually, this can be a good money aspect too.)

      That’s enough for now. If you want a reading drop me a line.

  30. Anna Carolina says:

    Oh Christina thank you so much for this insights! You did give me some hope and actually having recently gone through another (small but transforming) heartbreak I have decided that enough is enough and that I must stop with self-sabotage at once. This is how I got more interested in astrology, attraction law and meditation. I also started therapy a few weeks ago. I’m really starting to realize what you said: I need to find love within, and I guess that comes together with connecting with the Divine that’s in me. It is not easy though.. Decades of low self-esteem related thoughts that need to be transformed, as well as a pattern of looking for love and creativity outside, in other people as you said.
    I do feel that I’m going through a deep transformation process though, and I guess I’m starting to look for the answers in the right place: inside me. Yoga is helping too, so I am really doing my best now. And I do hope it will be enough to overcome or transform the energy I’m getting from those planets.
    I’m interested in readings, yes – will check out your reading page!
    Again, thank you so much !

  31. srini says:

    Hi I am srini, I am Aries asc with debilitated venus in 6th H, moon in Pisces and the hero pluto is in my 7th house, I have a serious kind of relationship with an unavailable heroine since 4 years.

    We hardly met 3 or 4 times in a year and never spent a time more than an hour. I dreamt in million ways about my love life, but all my hopes gone in vain.

    But still I am not getting a dare to scold her or leaving out of the commitment.

    I feel like I am living with a dark shadow with a lot of emotions, sorrows but I can’t see any kind of emotions Or feelings in that girl

    actually she is very happy with her friends.

    I am getting fear whether I ll become psycho in my near future.

    (Note:this is my first , last and hard love)

    • Christina says:

      Dear Srini, please don’t go psycho. I’m not sure I quite follow your story. Here’s the thing with Aries Rising: it can be very hard not to project on other people because your own worldview is so overpowering. Then with Pluto in your 7th, all your fears get focused on the “other”. You need to make sure you get to know a partner properly otherwise there’s too much going on in your head and not enough in reality,

  32. Forbidden Fruitcake says:

    Hello everybody!

    After checking my chart (and yet another failed relationship), I got a bit worried seeing as how:
    1) Pluto, Lilith and Juno and in my 7th House in Scorpio
    2) Pluto opposes my sun and ascendant in Taurus.
    3) Venus is in Aries, my 12th House (!!!)
    4) Mars is in my 11th, in Pieces (!!!)
    Does this mean I won’t ever have a healthy relationship? Or won’t ever get married? Can I change this somehow? Am I doomed in the “love” sector? Help!!

    • Christina says:

      No, of course not. I wonder how old you are though, because it certainly looks like you’ll learn a lot through relationships and this may take time.

      This should help: I have Lilith smack on my descendant and, Forbidden, I live with someone who has a Venus-Lilith conjunction. In short, it’s a matter of finding the someone who complements your chart.

      There’s no getting away from the fact that Pluto in the 7th is a challenge — and that you may have quite bad taste in partners for part of your life — but with Juno there too, it suggests that there is a relationship out there for you.

      Mars in Pisces, Venus in the 12th? That’s sexy and mysterious. Mind you Venus in Aries is inclined to passionate starts that end in damp squibs. Hope that helps

  33. Forbidden Fruitcake says:

    Thank you SO much for your kind answer…. Maybe there is hope for me as well, but as how I see it right now, I fear I’m going to die alone, without a family, forgotten by everybody. Or maybe the wound is still open.

    For the record, I’m almost 25, but considering the culture where I come from (I’m Greek), things should start to settle in this department by now, so hence the urgency on my side. Everybody is asking me “why you no have fiance?”, “when will you get married with nice Greek boy”, but I feel like it’s so hard. I feel like I’ll never have it: the nice husband, the 2-3 kids, the pretty house with the white fence…

    I had one 3 year long relationship, which ended badly and where I was emotionally abused, but from which I learned a lot… Although it hurt so much, I am so thankful for that experience, because I am a completely different person due to it … and in a good way! Honestly, it was a blessing in disguise.

    The other one lasted over a year. I was casually dumped 2 days after my birthday because of the long distance between us, plus the fact that (he thought) he found someone else there. Needless to say, I never looked back, although a few weeks later he came begging me to forgive him and saying how sorry he was.

    I always have arguments with my parents about this, because they think I should choose one of the nice, safe, “uncomplicated” guys who like me and just get it over with, because “love comes with time, it doesn’t have to be there to begin with”, “not many girls have the luxury of choosing from a few suitors” and “passion comes and goes, family is what counts”. But… it just doesn’t feel right to me like that. Maybe because of the predisposition I have in my chart? Or maybe that’s the lesson right over there: pick the safe one which doesn’t break your heart instead of the deep, powerful, passionate, strong willed, “I am stimulating your imagination and neurons” type of man?… But then I fear waking up married to that “safe” guy and thinking “is this all there is?”…

    Honestly, right now I feel like giving up completely and just focusing on my career… at least that won’t dump or divorce me… *sigh*

    • Evelin says:

      Hey! How are you doing after a few years? Κι εγω απο Ελλαδα ειμαι. You didn’t mention what’s going on with your 7th H? Do you have Neptune and Uranus in it?

  34. Wuthering Depths says:

    Just found this site – amazing! I’m one of those who falls for the unattainable.
    I’m Aries Sun 3rd house opposite Libra Neptune in 9th, both square AC/DC and NN/SN Cap (1) and Can (7), SN conjunct Uranus in 7th, Juno and Pluto conjunct in Leo in 7th, Moon Virgo in 8th, Saturn Scorp at MC opposite Venus Taurus 4th, Gemini on cusp of 5th, Chiron Cap 1st house, Mars Cap 12th, Gemini Jupiter 5th.
    Now, Progressed Moon, Saturn, Neptune in Scorp 7th, Venus, Merc, Uranus in Can 4th.
    Ten years ago, just before Uranus progressed to 4th and Saturn to 7th, met my “ideal man,” spent one month falling hard for him on a course in England. I bared my soul, he said it was “too late for him” (14 years my senior, married to horribly abusive woman who controls finances –I witnessed her treatment of him numerous times, which he simply shrugged off and apologized for to me). His Gemini Sun conjunct my Gem Jupiter exact, his Can Chiron conjunct my SN and Uranus exact, many indications of a past life contact, many transits at that time on Juno, Venus, Jup, etc., and transiting Saturn’s been chasing my Progressed Moon ever since. Still obsessed, no contact for 10 years, 5000 miles away, hopeless. Meanwhile, cannot root anywhere, moved cross country twice, still utterly confused about what on earth to do with my life and where. I’m 60, is there any hope for me?

  35. Wuthering Depths says:

    PS: My term “ideal man” — astounding chemistry and attraction, intellectual connection, deep confidences, finishing each others sentences, communication with a mere glance, carefree instant familiarity, playful like two happy children roaming the moors…

  36. X says:

    Saturn may take a long time, eh? I’m 31 and still haven’t found anyone. Nor am I likely to find anybody, as I do not date and am not exposed to any eligible men.

    Venus 12 in Taurus conjunct Chiron
    Neptune 7 conjunct S.Node
    Saturn and Pluto conjunct in house 5
    Gemini Ascendant

    Yeah, I’m screwed. I got Saturn inching towards Sagittarius, the sign of my Descendant, though it won’t be in house 7 proper for another two years. Still, I was warned that more “relationship lessons” awaited me. Let’s see: I’ve been through controllers, thieves, liars, cheaters and one threat of physical abuse. I have learned to avoid the controlling types, but now I’m attracting wishy-washy losers (usually of the Cancer persuasion) to whom *I’m* becoming the controlling monster. And I see this now – my Pluto fears of never having a rewarding relationship are driving away potential suitors, of whom I meet very few – but compromising with this tremendous energy is next to impossible. I like the advice I read here, about changing one’s attitude towards relationships. But letting go of this fear is an insane challenge. It’s consuming me.

    Saturn certainly can’t bring any more of the same type of loser I met when it transited my house 5 (while Pluto was transiting my house 7). I will not be dating those types again. But when I see Saturn, and hear “lessons,” I think “more suffering,” which I do not need and do not think I can bear. Relationships transform me into a victim (Neptune 7) or a monster (Pluto 5). I can’t seem to win no matter what I do.

    So yes, I’m screwed. Like someone else said, I’m choosing to pursue a career now, since a healthy, happy, passionate relationship is obviously not in my cards.

  37. Phil says:

    I have just been told by a friend that I have Saturn and Pluto in my 7th House, and from what I read it’s not promising of romance. My life reflects that……I am 66 and never married although I have longed for it; four broken engagements over a 30 year period; and I have not been in love with a woman who loved me for over 20 years. I consider myself lucky if I have a date every three months or so. Looks like I have no choice, I am fated to live alone and die alone. Even moving twice didn’t help.

  38. Erin says:

    What does Chiron Gemini 26.49 R signify in the 7th house? Bad luck in love? Marriage without true love and passion? Anyone with any idea?

  39. Lynette says:

    loved this article <3 I am still trying to figure all the wonderful things astrology has to offer to open one's mind and loved this article for it's very sweet way to be reflective on the " not so great placements" haha

    I have Pluto in the 7th opposing my sun, mercury, and Jupiter in the 1st house, while squaring off with mars in the 11th house. I feel with this energy I tend to hide myself in relationships for fear of myself being not right or good enough for who I am with. Or feeling like i have tricked them into liking me for someone that I am not. In my relationships they last a longish amount of time ( min of 2.5 years) and I am not quick to jump into bed with anyone — Venus Gemini & Mars in Aquarius…. none of my relationships have been violent, abusive, or intense possessiveness — in fact it has been more the opposite. They have been so kind, free, and independent that I feel, I am the one craving the possession to feel truly loved.. is that strange? To want someone to have control over me to feel loved, even though the last thing I actually want to be is controlled. oi vey — I am crazy haha

    1st Relationship : Aries with Taurus moon — this was an amazing first love relationship, classic in the sense of highschool sweethearts. We truly loved and cared for each other, but we grew apart and our desires in life became different. I still think of him and hope he is happy He was a musician who played several instruments and recorded/produced music. I would go to all his shows and set up his equipment — love that man always.

    2nd Relationship : Virgo, Libra Moon, Leo Rising — this was an instant attraction, who kind of distracted me from then BF #1 , He was emotional depressed with himself and all I wanted to do was make him feel great about himself. He was sick a lot, had a lot of health issues, and never had a girlfriend or girl who liked him in his life, His low self esteem drew me to him, because all i wanted to do was lift him up. I always felt like his ray of light on the cloudiest of days. Our relationship ended because he told me " I am moving to Oregon with 2 buddies, when the lease is up we have to move out " I spent six more months in that apartment with him knowing our "d-day" of relationship destruction. It was so odd and strange, yet I felt compelled to stay – because as he said " why can't we make the best of what we have left". We were together for just about three years.

    3rd Relationship : my current relationship is with a man much older than I am (9 years) He is a Pisces, Sag Moon, Virgo Rising — Mars & Sun are both in his 7th house. I feel we mimic the opposite of each other all the time. I am very "self absorbed" and he is always looking for "others needs". We balance each other out pretty well except he is one to Yell at me, act insane over nothing, and is hyper sensitive to anything I do or say. He is hot headed and it does scare me at times — not that he would hurt me — but just the yelling scares me, it triggers a fight or flight emotion in me and I typically tune it out. I literally do not listen to anything and sometimes have no idea what he is talking about. sounds so terrible when I type it haha we have made it through some crazy life changes and have been together now for close to five years…

    Very strange combination of men when I look at all three side by side. haha guess that's the venus in Gemini — always looking for an interesting person to peak my attention.

  40. maym says:

    Hello, Christina.
    Your article is so interesting. I am new to the Karmic astrology and English isn’t my mother-tounge , I find it’s not easy to learn lol.
    I’m cancer rising with Jupiter and Chiron conj.my ascendant.
    Pluto in 5th house Capricorn
    Saturn ,Neptune in 7th house, Uranus is in 6th but iT’s kinda conj.my descendant.

    I find it’s hard to interprete somehow , could you give me some advice?
    Anyway I usually attracted to those who flirted around, some were already in a relationship but still flirt me
    Later I felt like they were so insecure. Like they lack of self esteem,they don’t love yourself somehow
    It was a pattern,happened repeatly till one day I realize that ‘I ain’t a victim of these kind of ppl’
    Then it seems like I stop attracting these type of guys,actually nobody since then. Lol.

    • maym says:

      Oh wrong info
      My Saturn Uranus Neptune are in Capricorn sign,7th
      Pluto is in scorpio.

      • Christina says:

        OK – that makes sense now.

        Pluto in Scorpio in the 5th – that is those sexy, yet insecure flirts. You need to have a deep connection with the other person to get any pleasure out of sex, but if you do – wow! Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn is a very talented generation (I believe — maybe especially musically or to do with film), but it’s a tough one. The Berlin Wall came down under this combination — and that should tell you something about your love life. Highly idealistic, brave, unusual and ready to tear down conventions. On the other hand, you may be delayed because you need to have experiences that touch you deeply before you can commit. Pluto in Scorpio in the 5th is also power through sexual self-expression. In other words, you need to know what YOU want and who you are before you’ll make the right choices. Right now, you’re in a rest period, but you’re not going to spend your life alone that’s for sure. You evolve through personal relationships.
        Cancer Rising BTW is very powerfully alluring once you find your mojo.

  41. Carol says:

    Hi. My 7th house is empty. The cusp is at 28 degrees Cancer and my 8th house is 28 degrees Leo. I am most worried about that one, because I have Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter there, all retrograde. I feel doomed to have bad relationships. My Venus is also retrograde in Aries, which is my 3rd house. My longest was a 15 year marriage. The commonality that I came up with was most of the men were “workaholics.”

  42. purple says:

    Thank you for this writing. It’s like an enlightment for me. Although it’s an old post. i’d like to ask you about having these planets all in 7th and 5th house. A guy I love very much has sag venus mercury and neptune, as well as uranus in scorpio in 7th house scorpio cusp. His pluto and saturn are in 5th house. He got rejections from many girls he loved (like 24 girls already for the last 10 years) he is been suffering from unrequited love while all he ever wanted is getting married and having a family (cancer moon square pluto). How can it be solved? I love him but i rejected me. He always goes for red/blonde haired with long legs. Those who i am not :D. Thank you for your respon

  43. Bobby says:

    Hi all, J have saturn,uranius,neptune in 7th house of capricorn…venus,pluto,sun in 5th house of scorpio.,1st house cancer,ruler of 9,8,7 houses in 7th house…!?Any chance of getting married,because so far really but really hard to find someone….j think saturn in teaching me in a hard way?! 26 years old…tnx

    • Christina says:

      Bobby — as far as an astrologer is concerned, you are way too young to marry. Relax, you’re not going to get married before the age of 28 or even later….This is because it’s a truly serious business for you and you need to find someone you completely trust

  44. Bobby says:

    Maybe my Saturn return will change something ?I read somewhere its a important period..

  45. 44 and counting says:

    I’ll turn 45 in August but this far I’ve never been in a decent longterm relationship and had my heart broken six times which I think is unusual for a man. Maybe unusual for anybody.

    I’m very private and don’t rush into anything. I don’t make close friends quickly although I know lots of people. At work I’ve always done a good job but never been successful perhaps because I’m not good at self-promotion. There’s various parts of my chart that support this …

    – Leo Sun-moon-venus hidden away in equal 4H
    – Cancer IC
    – 5H virgo mercury and pluto analysing everything
    – Taurus ascendant and Aries hidden away in 12th
    – Only one cardinal planet – up&down uranus in indecisive Libra
    – aquarius mars & NN that want a friend first and are usually expressed for the betterment of the group than me individually

    At the beginning of any relationship I keep my distance to figure out what’s going on. I probably come across as the typically unavailable man and that’s attractive to a certain type of woman. At least four of the women who broke my heart had been in relationships with men who were abusive or cheating.

    Trouble is I’m not that sort of guy. Once I know how I feel about someone and can see whether the relationship might have legs I’ll open up.

    That’s usually when things go wrong. I might send them flowers or start wanting to see them more often. These types of women aren’t used to being loved and that brings up all their old baggage. Rather than address those feelings; they find it easier to just dump me. No arguments, no long discussions about the future – just a good old fashion dumping out of nowhere.

    I also have jupiter-neptune on the cusp of the 8th so casual sex was never my thing. My scorpio descendent wants an intense relationship and that sag 8th house really wants to explore the depths. I won’t settle for a shallow relationship but I don’t want a possessive one either.

    The past few years have been better with transiting saturn going over my descendent and now firmly wedged in my 8H. Strangely I’ve improved my relationships while not really being in any relationships. I’ve taken the tact of being more upfront and demanding from the beginning. I’m still not sure it’s perfect but it seems to get rid of the ones who have their issues – unfortunately that’s most of them.

    After twenty years of looking inwards and working on myself, I finally feel like I’d be a great person to be in a relationship with. I probably always have been better than most but it’s taken until my recent saturn half-return to conquer the problems of saturn in 2nd vs neptune in 8th.

    I still want a lifelong partner and to have children with that woman but the problem is I just don’t seem to meet anyone anymore. My lovelife has always been feast or famine so perhaps with transit uranus trining my leo sun-moon-venus in the next year and then crossing the ascendant the right person will appear.

  46. Anonymous05 says:

    I have the worst luck or more so NO luck when it comes relationships all my. I’ve gone years with being single, i never meet anybody i’m drawn and when i finally do meet somebody it never last. My love freaking sucks and damn near non-existent. My sun sign is taurus house 10 My venus is Cancer in house 11 in opposition with saturn capricorn, uranus capricorn and neptune capricorn in house 5 and ive read several birth charts and books telling me i live a lonely life and i pretty much do, how do i change my luck.

    • angel says:

      @anonymous05, I love astrology and all, I do however think that we can all do anything we want to. Astrology is a tool and it’s there to understand our own road map, energy and limitations. Never allow it to dictate how your life will be, it is a series of math and calculations. We as humans are freewill to do whatever we want to!!! Nothing in life determines who you are, it just defines things. Check out the secret language of relationships book and books on relationships, dating etc. Whats healthy and whats not for you. I think you meet your wife through your social network or social activities. She is gonna be a friend of a friend, Cancer venus means she will be very nurturing in the 11th house will mean she is going to have an originality to her, unique Aquarian like. I would start there for the type that is best suited for you. Anyway, I think the key to obtaining what you want from life is to understand yourself(astrology) and work around obsticles through educating yourself on your own limitaitions in your chart. My chart is designed to problem solve and you can look at the secret language of destiny to find your own path in life. I’m here to learn those things for myself and to help others. Psychology wise I just think it’s good to do that anyway because life is a series of obstacles and learning how to solve issues is apart of that. Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for!!!

  47. angel says:

    Forbidden fruitcake , lol!!! Your young and yes at your age your looking for what is called passionate love. This type of love is going to burn you out and is fleeting. Yes nice guys are the guys who really win in the end, those bad boys that we all want will break you down over and over again till you learn. Companion love or compasionate love is really the guy that is going to be the provider and real husband. Look to your jupiter in your chart as jupiter is husband for woman and venus\moon is wife for men. Mars is kinda what your looking at right now I think and oh boy, their intoxicating . At the end of the day though, your going to find the rugged guy on the motorcycle and traveling with a sac is not what you need to raise a family with, to provide for you and kids if you have them etc. , he’s not going to give you your hopes and wishes. Took me a long time to learn that and what real love is.

  48. M says:

    I have Pluto, Uranus, Venus, Mars and Mercury in the 7th house. I married at 24, to a man I met and fell passionately in love with at 17. We are no longer together, but are not yet divorced. I have had aonther relationship of sorts, mostly cerebral, for the past three years. But, I have effectively been alone for the past 15 years. I think I am too broken to enter into another traditional relationship. I think I will be alone – sometimes that seems ok…but other times I am heartbroken about it.

  49. L G Sangita says:

    I have Pallas, Neptune, Uranus and Jupiter in the 7th house, with Pallas and Neptune being in capricorn, the rest are in aquarius. I wonder what does it say about my love life, since I never date anyone

  50. Sam says:

    Very insteresting article, I learned a lot. But I would like to have your opinion about these placements … what do you think of the placement uranus saturn neptune ALL in the 7th house in capricorn ? Pluto&lilith both in 5th house of scorpio…?. to me it doesn’t feel very positive…

    • 31 year old male says:

      Hi Sam! Wow, I can’t believe I met someone else with Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn in Capricorn in the 7th house. I also have Pluto and the moon in Scorpio in the 5th house. Lilith is in my 4th house I think. Do you mind me asking if you were born in April 1989 in the Southern Hemisphere as well?

      Very interesting to see someone with a similar chart. I personally have a very hit or miss relationship history, either it’s over 2 years or under 6 months, never in between. I feel a lot of the different pulls mentioned in this article

    • Christina says:

      Well — I’d need to see the whole chart, of course, but it’s certainly not easy. I’d suggest that other people are going to be central to the story of your life & that you’re going to meet a rich and varied collection of individuals as you grow. Right now, of course, you’ve got Pluto transiting through that 7th house too, so I’m assuming there have been some big relationship dramas.

      Also, you’re not going to be interested in trivial, light-hearted relationships. You’re looking for transformation and depth. I’d be careful of getting out of your depth too.

      I don’t think it’s negative necessarily, but I’d be surprised if your Saturn Return was not a major deal. Look at what these planets are doing with your sun and moon also.

  51. Tiara Wells says:

    I have all of these planets, plus Venus and Mercury in the 7th… All are in capricorn, except Pluto. Should I just forget about marriage and avoid commitment even though I really want commitment?

    • Christina says:

      Dear Tiara, not at all. Commitment and sincerity are what you should be seeking. The current planetary stellium in Capricorn should also be changing things for you. This year could be a breakthrough.

  52. Moon Child says:

    Hi christina! lately i’ve been reading/studying astrology and it seems i only know the basic ones.
    I am a cancer sun, taurus moon, cancer rising after reading my whole chart my 1st house in cancer with (vesta and pallas) 4th house in libra with (node)
    5th house in scorpio with (pluto and jupiter)
    7th house in capricorn with (uranus and neptune) and 10th house in aries ( no planet) and 11th house in Taurus with (moon, venus and mercury) planets.

    Will i find a life partner? that concerns me a lot and i always think about it based on my astrology my 7th house in capricorn with uranus and neptune, No boyfriend since birth, but i went on dating before but it never work out or went to the next level of relationship. I am frustrated with my placements. Is it bad? Will i die stone cold not experiencing real love from someone? Makes me sad. am i doomed? 😔

  53. A says:

    If possible can you do a reading for me
    And help me exactly how should i keep my mindset positive
    Im gemini ascendant with – uranus, neptune, saturn in 7 house and pluto in 5th house.