Astrology of Now: Low Tide Secrets

Tuesday May 28th 2013
Low tide Cornwall, high noon.

As the tide pulls away from the shore, a wondrous world of rock pools is revealed. Anemones, starfish, crabs. Slippery seaweed.

Broken fishing nets, plastic bottles, a locked box, a glove. Detritus along the high tide mark.

A dead crab.

Thousands of glistening black mussels clinging to the wet rocks. The birds come to harvest.

The sea sparkles in retreat, revealing a perfect beach where previously there had been mysterious water, reflecting the pale sky. The beach fills with people playing ball, strolling, splashing through the short waves, some dogs.

In the miniature world between sea and land, children’s imaginations are running free. Temples are built, mermaids rescued, the Nile discovered.

Who would have imagined that beneath that glassy, reflective surface lay so much life and death, beauty and trash?

This week, the Sun in detail-oriented, inquisitive Gemini squares Neptune, the god of the sea and illusion, in Pisces, the sign of dissolution. It’s a clash of two quite different views of the world. But at low tide they meet. Most of the ocean remains hidden still, it’s true, yet the in-between world of the shore gives us a clue to the magic and wonder of the deepest ocean. Gemini is the teller of tales, Pisces is the infinite ocean of imagination and inspiration. Pisces other ruler is Jupiter, still travelling through Gemini until July. Together these two energies can make a mermaid sing. Or reveal treasure.


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  1. Sabina says:

    Beautifully said.

  2. Natasha says:

    I sat yesterday, at the very low tide and watched the seaweed slowly dance like elegant zeus-like temples in their firm but yielding home of water. The seagulls picked off mussels and dropped them on granite rocks to prise open. I kept sitting there, just watching. And then I went inside and the meditation lasted for a timeless time…I love this inter-tidal zone you are painting, this source of life.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful piece – I love the way you describe how the sea (water – feelings) brings lots of secrets to the shore in the open (air – mind).

    It’s like when you have certain feelings but are still unaware of them and all of a sudden they are revealed to you. You get to know the secrets of your heart just by being there and sitting still – watching.


    • Christina says:

      That is a very lovely transit to leave under – angelic.

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand – I have not been in for a few days myself – due to my mother of nearly 94 years dying last Wednesday – we expected it, but still – it always happens too soon.

      I’m glad she died under a Jupiter / Venus conjuction and the last eclips certainly effected her! Moreover I saw a conjuction of Chiron and Osiris in her 8th house. She had a beautiful life and her death was beautifully quick and in a graceful way. So now we are busy arranging for her funeral.


    • Christina says:

      Sorry Mimi. I didn’t get round to publishing this til this morning. But what great advice!

    • Anonymous says:

      This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    • Anonymous says:

      May be you should help him a little by playing the mermaid.
      Who know what might be revealed !


    • Anonymous says:

      the way you put that made a lot of sense to me… im hoping the gemini i love experiences an epiphany like this regarding our relationship…

  4. “Who would have imagined that beneath that glassy, reflective surface lay so much life and death, beauty and trash?” Fathoms deep that phrase that you have written, paradox of life – one man’s trash, another’s beauty – death for one brings opportunity to another. Very ‘ebb and flow,’ love the way you have presented this.
    Many thanks

  5. Isy Aweigh says:

    I’ve had quite an inner tug of war between the deceptively reassuring old ways and the tao-ish flow contained in a new set of disciplines. The old ways appear to have structure but what they have is outward form. The new have more structure than form. Each is a combo of soft and hard qualities but the old ways calcify my being in a way, and the new ones offer to melt those warm but crippling barriers and remold this mess into something much more useful.

    I could probably spend a month trying to explain that but the point is, this piece made no sense to me when it first came out, but now my inner tide has shifted and this piece reflects my own estuarine reality with startling clarity.

  6. It’s AMAZING that I wrote about a similar scenario years ago in my old personal blog(in portuguese) when I had Neptune trine my Gemini Sun(and I didn’t even knew it, because I barely knew Astrology). And it’s even more amazing that I dreamed about this kind of scenario by the day you wrote this post! Wow!