June Horoscopes and General Overview

Sunday June 2nd 2013

June begins with shift in mood for everyone. Mars, the planet of action, moves into Gemini, the sign of speed and communications. But meanwhile Mercury, Gemini’s own ruler, splashes into watery Cancer.

These are the planet of luck’s last three weeks in the sign of the twins, and Jupiter won’t return for another decade. So combining with the Mars energy, it’s as if we need to get all our Gemini stuff done in a hurry and a flurry this month, because our minds, Mercury, are already on the next thing, which is the general state of our emotions.

Mercury in Cancer is not so comfortable. In a nutshell, it’s the planet of rational thought in the sign of irrational instinct. It’s like we’re all going to put our emotions under a microscope – and worry away at them. There’s the potential there for some for pretty odd decision making. This is important because, Mercury is going to be in Cancer until August 7, due to a retrograde period that starts on the 27th.

Of course, if you were born with Mercury in Cancer – you know how to deal with this.

But back to June. The first part of the month is full of Gemini, but gradually the energy is shifting to Cancer. This move from air to water anticipates the very wet summer we’re going to have – at least metaphorically. An unusual Grand Trine in water is the main feature of the season – as important as the Uranus-Pluto square. This is between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune and it lasts most of the summer. That doesn’t take place until July, but each planet that moves into Cancer this month creates this Grand Trine – first Mercury, then Venus, then the Sun – so each has powerful watery support, and in return enlivens the relationship between Saturn and Neptune.

In general, expect news around Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. On a public level, this could be more dirty laundry washing, but privately it could be extremely constructive, since this is joining of the practical and hard-working energy of Saturn, with the imaginative energy of Neptune.

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  1. Diane L says:

    Love those flower photos! My Cancer father is a serious amateur botanist and has an amazing collection of photos he’s taken of flowers. I lust after his camera . . . it is very fine!

    Thanks for the good June ‘scopes.