Taken at the Flood

Monday June 10th 2013
The Rhinemaidens

The Elbe, the Vistula, the Inn, the mighty Danube himself, the busy Rhine – the rivers of central Europe are swollen, bursting their banks, rolling across the countryside, swallowing roads, cars, houses. Twenty people have lost their lives.

The river gods are hungry. They are the sons and daughters of Oceanus, the great god of the sea. And astrologically, he is the planet Neptune, more powerful now than he has been in 160 years because he is in his own sign, Pisces, the fishes.

The floods began with the torrential rains at the end of May, when the Moon went into Pisces and conjuncted Neptune at 5°. Neptune’s power was already heightened by an exact supportive trine from Saturn in fellow water sign Scorpio.

It just got wetter as Mercury, Venus and the Moon all trined Saturn and Neptune this week. They are in fellow water sign Cancer, and at the end of the month expansive Jupiter will be there too. It could conceivably get wetter still.

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  1. Very true… Today, it will rain all day as it did yesterday and we are on Flood watch…I love your blogs!!!!

  2. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!


  3. Christina says:

    I noticed also that the demonstrations in Turkey started on the same day as the heavy rains in central Europe.

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  5. Jassi J says:

    A few nights ago, I listened to a report broadcast-ed on BBC radio. It told of an old man in his eighties / nineties, who during the years of the war between the FARC and Colombian military, he would retrieve the dead bodies, the victims of the conflict, from the river that floated downstream. Both sides are equally accused of doing this act. He would take them and bury them. The reason the story is now being brought to light is because the government is digging up the bodies in order to identify them after all these years. I related it to the river (water) and what is surfacing.