August Horoscopes

Thursday August 1st 2013
This is the ceiling of the Villa Farnesina in Rome. The frescoes in the room tell the story of Cupid and Psyche.
Photo is by me.

We enter the month with the council of the gods still in force. All the planets are between 5° and 12°. Luna is currently in Gemini, but soon she will move into Cancer to rejoin the conversation.

The two main pattern are the Grand Trine in water, and the T-square in Cardinals. Those of you with planets between 8° and 12° Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Aries will be feeling the burn of this T-square especially. It becomes especially active whenever a faster moving planet turns it into a Cross. This happens when the Moon goes into Libra on the 1Oth and then Venus on the 16th to stay for the rest of the month. The dynamic T-square is alleviated by the luscious Grand Trine however and both patterns connect at  Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and benevolence, of course, and he is said to be exalted in Cancer. This month, he is the pivotal planet. As king of the gods, he is quite comfortable with this. The astrological effect of a Jupiter transit is magnification, both in the sense of making larger and making magnificent. So the king is shining right across the whole court this month, bestowing both favours and judgements. In some ways, it means that we are all in the laps of the gods right now. 

It seems as if we have less say in events than we would like as fate or destiny pushes us on. However, this is just a resting period before we will all need to become active players in the game of life. It’s as if we are in a pre-birth moment just now with the watery Grand Trine, suspended in a cosy womb, but come the Grand Cross at the end of the month, we will have to start pushing – or swimming down that birth canal.

Enjoy this summer of emotional nourishment. It won’t be completely over since this Grand Trine comes back into action in months to come, but don’t waste the goodness now either. And you may well need it to cushion the buffeting promised by the Cardinal Cross and its build up.

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New Moon. August 6.
Full Moon. August 21.

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  1. Diane L says:

    the council of the gods
    Love it! And so true but I can’t wait until Jupiter leaves the room. His talent for blowing matters out of proportion is quite annoying. LOL

  2. As a Sagittarius with many planets also in Sag, I am bewildered by Jupiter lately…He’s not bestowing his normal benevolence & luck in my little corner of the Universe!