September Horoscopes

Saturday August 31st 2013
The goddess Ceres and the four elements. Jan Breughel

Plenty’s rich queen, cheerer of fainting souls,
Whose altars are adorned with ripened sheaves.

Mercury to Ceres in The Cobbler’s Prophecy

It’s September, Virgo’s month, and the harvest is coming in. This year, the asteroid Ceres is in Virgo for all of September. Surely this is auspicious, because in all likelihood, Virgo is Ceres sign.

Ceres is the goddess of grain, fertility and motherhood. In Greek, her name is Demeter. Most people know her from the story of the Rape of Persephone. She is the mother who never gives up on her daughter, and who eventually cuts a deal with the Lord of the Underworld himself. She is his sister after all, and just as powerful as he is.

A few years ago, astronomers demoted Pluto from planet to dwarf planet, and at the same time promoted Ceres from asteroid to dwarf planet. Go figure.

So this month, Ceres is at full strength. She certainly promotes fertility in natal transits. Some financial astrologers use her cycle to invest in commodities.

The other thing to watch this month is Mercury’s transit through Libra. Things may get a bit hairy mid-month, especially for Virgo and Gemini.

To read your horoscope click here. I recommend reading both Sun and Rising sign.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Christina,

    hope my horoscope works out.
    What lovely painting you found for Ceres in all the different signs. Just beautiful.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Why Tropical zodiac?
    Sorry, maybe it´s not the right place to ask this but I need to ask for people who are in western astrology.
    I was using Tropical Zodiac with placidus houses when I didn´t know that Sidereal Zodiac exists. Now for me it´s like Sidereal is the real Zodiac and for me Tropical Zodiac doesn´t make any sense. But even using Sidereal we see squares trines etc and no acurate predictions, no lord of the periods like in western. Conclusion: I´m learning vedic astrology, need to learn a lot of sanskrit words because the western system lacks information like the lord of the periods and many other things. But what really bothers me is the Tropical Zodiac.
    Please, someone explain a reason for using a Zodiac created years after the Sidereal (used by Nasa)that has nothing to do with the signs in the sky? I mean,for example: If you call Nasa now and ask for the position of Jupiter they will say to you that Jupiter is at 20 degrees Gemini (Sidereal). How can it be considered 24 degrees behind, getting out of Taurus? I don´t see how Jupiter can be seen in Taurus yet.
    I know Tropical Zodical is based on Sun/Earth relationship but everybody say Aries. Aries is Aries. How can we say that sometime Aries is above us if actually it´s not Aries in the sky? And the difference will increase because the Tropical Zodiac is “walking” every year.
    If it´s based on seasons we can say that this Zodiac talks more about phychological side of an individual and not about things that are going to happen in life (predictions). But so what? It´s like a dog running behing his tail, we see a square, a trine and who is the lord of the periods? Who is the Sub lord? Where is the South node that nobody gives much important but it´s one of the most important planets?
    The great thing in western astrology is the use of outer planets but I can´t stay in a system that I think it´s all wrong because of the outer planets (I have 3 close conjunction of outer/inner planets).
    So I found out that many vedic astrologers are now using the outerplanets and that´s the perfect system in my opinion: vedic astrology with outer planets.

    With all the respect for everybody here who uses western astrology, I just want to know your thoughts about it. I said Tropical Zodiac is wrong in my opinion but I´m not God, I´m not the king of knowledge. Maybe my point of view is wrong, maybe right?
    Maybe someone can change my mind about this.

    Thanks and sorry if a offended anyone;

    • Christina says:

      Not at all offended. It is a perfectly valid question.

      The answer is simple though: because it works. I don’t mean theoretically but practically. For example, certain Sun signs are particularly strong – Aries and Leo for example – and in Vedic astrology these people would be Pisces and Cancer. These are entirely different characters. You just can’t confuse a Cancer Sun with a Leo Sun or Aries with Pisces.

      You need to look at the people you know and make your own judgment. You will see that Western astrology works. Vedic astrology also has it’s strengths, but when it comes to psychology , it is a much weaker tool.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I commented earlier today, but it didn’t show up. My question was about transiting Ceres opp my natal Sun, and transiting Sun opposite my natal Ceres, which lies at my natal Sun-Moon midpoint. I don’t know how to interpret this other than it seems like a lot of “confrontation” from the goddess of the harvest. Maybe she’s mad that I’ve been forgoing wheat! You mentioned in the horoscopes about Pisces experiencing the Neptune transit, and yes he landed on my 2 Pisces 59 Sun awhile back. I’ve definitely been feeling a bit drifty and have noticed that written instructions seem to be more mystifying than usual.
    Any advice will be most welcome. Thank you. – Janonymous

    • Christina says:

      That’s weird, because I replied to your comment and now I can’t find the reply….

      It’s clear to me this is about fertility and identity. Now I don’t know how old you are or how relevant babies are, but if you’re in that age bracket, think about it. If not the fertility is to do with your creative drive. In other words, this is a fecund moment for your creative self-expression. If you are an artist or creator of any kind, you should be paying attention to your dreams and writing them down now. Whatever you think of now has the potential to be actualised later. I think — without having seen the rest of your chart. The opposition is a very creative transit anyway – two opposites coming together….. etcetera… see what I mean. Have a look at any other planets that are also squaring or trining this mix and see how they can take the juice these two produce and really work with it.

      I hope that helps.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much, Christina … especially for taking the time to reply twice. Wonder what trickster energy zapped those earlier posts!
    I am well beyond the baby-making stage (tho I wouldn’t mind a bit of procreative activity, just for old time’s sake!). But maybe this will be the push I’ve needed to dive into an art project that’s been on hold and/or a story that’s been writing itself in my head. My Piscean Sun, Moon and Merc keep me swimming back and forth so much that I wind up doing neither.
    Certainly, the notion of fecundity rings true: It feels like I am pregnant, but whatever I’m about to give birth to is a Mystery.
    Meanwhile, Jupiter is transiting my 7th, so I’m intoxicated by the idea that Father Christmas will open his bag and pull out a new bf for me. (Pluto has already scoured my 5 Cap ascendant.)
    Oops, just noticed transiting Chiron is also conjunct natal Ceres … hope he’s being nice to her. (I’d post the chart for you to see, but I’m not sure how to do that.)
    Thanks again … I really appreciate your insights.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi christina,
    Many times I have read my horoscope and at times it hits the nail on the head and at other times I have to sing the Rolling Stones song,”you can’t always get what you want”.
    Well I did inheirt another guardian angel this month. On yom kippur to be exact. This death was symbolic in so many ways but he is in a better place; god rest his soul. To say the least it released a big ugly something but it still hurt awfully.
    Regarding the money matters. I had a situation that would not let me go forward. Today I finally took adidtional matters and discovered my complaint was handled. That person is no longer a hinderances too the company and me getting employment. I wasn’t the only one unrightously discriminated. Thanks for the advice.
    ” but if you try sometimes you find you get what you need. “