Ukraine: History Is A Process

Friday January 24th 2014
Stamps depicting traditional Ukrainian headresses.
Every woman is a queen. Ukraine has Venus in Leo/Moon in Aquarius.

Is Ukraine destined to be a free democracy and part of Europe or a Russian vassal state?

That is what people are protesting about on the streets of the capital Kiev this winter.

Ten years ago, street protests in Kiev blossomed into the peaceful Orange Revolution. It seemed to be successful at the time since the corrupt leadership was replaced. However, today, the very president ousted during the Orange Revolution is back in power and Yulia Tymoshenko,  one of the most high profile leaders of the opposition, is in jail. And hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting in the streets and squares since the end of November. This week three protesters died, and unrest spread to other parts of the country. Reconciliation talks with protesters broke down.

Ukraine is in such flux; this chart*
will doubtless change.

Ukrainian Independence Day is celebrated on August 24, the day in 1991 that the parliament declared independence from the Soviet Union. Despite the name, this was a conservative move. Ukrainian politicos were worried about the dangerously liberal direction Boris Yeltsin was taking Russia and they wanted to conserve communism.

You can see in the chart that conservative Capricorn rises. This is the sign of the establishment. In fact what happened on that day in 1991 is that the people who already held power in Ukraine ensured that they held on to it. Saturn, the planet of rules and tradition, also rises here but it is in Aquarius.

Now it’s important to remember that Saturn is traditionally Aquarius’ ruler. The modern ruler is revolutionary Uranus. Aquarius as a sign is both conservative and revolutionary, a rule-maker and a rule-breaker. Aquarius is about establishing systems. So Saturn Rising in Aquarius is a perfect expression of a conservative revolution.

The Ukrainian Sun is on an awkward degree, at a tricky angle to that Saturn and in an awkward house. But it is part of a nice stellium. Break the Sun’s placement down like this:

• It’s within the first degree of Virgo, the sign of service. This degree in any sign is often extreme. This would fit with being a vassal state.

• Quincunx Saturn, difficult adjustments need to be made to reconcile national identity with power.

• Seventh house. Sun in the 7th house in a mundane chart can mean that the real power is held by someone else, even by a foreign power or by an enemy. In other words, real power over Ukraine may actually be in neighbouring Russia.

• Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo. This is very creative, expressive and flamboyant, and indeed the Ukrainians as a whole seem to have responded to their situation with vibrant artistic flair and theatricality. Their demonstrations have not been boring. They include dancing, art installations, poetry, and, of course, the feminist group Femen which gained worldwide attention last year.

Talks have started this week as tr Merc
approaches the Moon, but we have a Rx
coming up and  already we’re in the shadow.

This stellium in the 7th is opposed by the Moon, that is the people, in community-minded Aquarius. This is tension between self-expression and group expression, between the lions in power and the people, between Leo hierarchy and Aquarian equality. No wonder they’ve been having a rolling revolution since 1991 that erupts every few years.

The leader on the barricades who’s attracting the most media attention right now is ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko, whose chart slots right into this Leo-Aquarius axis. His dynamic, intelligent Mars is at 21° Aquarius, conjuncting Ukraine’s Moon, firing up and energising the people. And his Mercury is at 20° Leo, speaking a language the powerful understand.

The astrological signature of the peaceful revolutions that took place between 1989 and 1991 across Eastern Europe was the conjunction of revolutionary Uranus with idealistic Neptune in the sign of government Capricorn. In 1989 this was conjoined by Saturn and in 1991-2 by the North Node.

Saturn is important for Ukraine. It’s rising and it’s the chart ruler. The Orange Revolution broke out on November 22, 2004. The Sun was on Ukraine’s MC, the highest point in the chart and square natal Saturn — and Saturn was on the Descendant. Today Saturn is in Scorpio, in the 9th house, approaching the MC.  So both popular protests have taken place when Saturn was in an emotional water sign, and near the angles of the chart.

Yulia Tymonshenko in happier days
picture courtesy

But these protests kicked off on November 21, 2013. Obviously the Sun was in the same spot as last time – right at the top of the chart and square natal Saturn. But transiting Saturn itself was on natal Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto is the highest planet in the chart, which makes you wonder if the jackboots are in charge. It’s not inevitable but you see this in a state run by the military or the police.

What is more transiting Pluto has now reached the Velvet Stellium of 1989-1991. All those revolutions may be transformed during this period – for better or for worse.
For Ukraine, Neptune is poised to wash over the progressed Ascendant opposite the natal Sun. Progressed Jupiter has also moved to conjunct the natal Sun. This could mean a total sweeping change again. Transiting Saturn will not reach the MC exactly until next winter. It’ll be interesting to see what happens then.Meanwhile, Venus in Capricorn has played a pivotal role in all this. On November 21, she was at 14° transiting the Velvet Neptune exactly. Today she has retrograded to 15°. She will back up over Neptune this week and then turn direct over that position in the first week of February.Who has Venus in Capricorn at 14°? Yulia Tymonshenko, Ukraine’s jailed ex-Prime Minister. As you would expect from such a survivor, she also has Saturn at 15°. Watch that space.* The time for this chart is from astrologyweekly, an excellent source for mundane astrology. They based this on The Book of World Horoscopes by Nick Campion. However, they had set the time for Moscow not Kiev, which put the ascendant out by an hour. This new time puts the revolution of 1991 into the hidden 12th house since in fact it took place behind closed doors. There were no street protests that day. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very well analysed Christina.

    It is very interesting: the president Janoekovitsj is a Cancer – same sign as Vitali Klitschko. He was born 9 July 1950 – right now Jupiter is retrograde and is therefore helping him by delaying the process. But this spring and summer he is going to have Jupiter transiting his Sun (before Vitali Klitschko). He could be on the winning hand then, but may later have to back down. I further noticed he has transiting Uranus opposite his natal Mars in this period. Could be very dangerous.


    • Christina says:

      The whole situation looks volatile. I was thinking about the series of retrogrades that we’re in — Venus, then Mercury, then Mars up until May — last night. The main thing to do is keep talking.

  2. Christina says:

    Over on the OA Facebook page Lamont Robinson has pointed out the Venus Rx has been important at every pivotal moment in Ukraine’s story since 1991.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I sincerely hope the Ukrainian people push and even if that “push comes to shove”, they break from the past and into the “Aquarian” flavored future of a liberal democracy like most of modern Europe is today. However, unfortunately as is often the case in these clashes, and history is my teacher.. bloody revolution and civil war could be needed to get the message across… such is the stubborn nature of the old ways when change is knocking on the door..
    In my opinion, the same should go for all repressive states around the globe… Including the 2nd most populated country on the earth…


  4. Those pictures on the stamps remind me of that line from the old Beatles song – Back in the USSR,
    “Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out
    They leave the West behind… etc”
    They are pretty!

  5. Anonymous says:

    About this stellium in the 7th in Leo opposed by the Moon :

    In 2004 the Moon (the people of Ukrain) who was originally in Aquarius had progressed into Leo. In the meantime the Moon has progressed into Sagittarius and is therefore ruled by Jupiter, who is now retrograde.

    The New Moon in Aquarius in this horoscope won’t be until 2017 or so
    I’m afraid that maybe they will have to bide their time until then !

    With regard to Venus being important I thought I would check the midpoints in this horoscope. Maybe Venus touches a point that could be very important. Venus is now transiting natal Neptune. Maybe Neptune is more important.

    I noticed that there are a lot of midpoints in this horoscope in Scorpio – where Saturn has been transiting the last years and is going to be until the end of this year. The MC in the natal horoscope is in Scorpio at 27 degrees 56.


  6. Christina says:

    The natal Neptune is that Velvet Neptune-Uranus of 1989-91 – idealistic,romantic, peaceful and revolutionary.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi. The ascendant is incorrect. Check your time zone. 8 degrees 41 rising. Love your blog by the way. My best, Elizabeth

    • Christina says:

      Thanks Elizabeth. What’s your source for that? This is Kiev time.Some of the other charts I’ve seen have been for Moscow time, but that doesn’t make sense to me. I would love an explanation.

  8. Sabina says:

    Last week (22 Jan), local Ukrainian activist Katernya Kruk was interviewed on the CBC program ‘As It Happens’ and she spoke of 6 possible dead. Her earnest and intense POV contrasts with that of MP of the governing Party of Regions, Oleksiy Plotnikov, (24 Jan). Mr Plotnikov is something of a throwback to the Khrushchev era, and one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry to hear him earnestly and intensely explain how Pluto in Cap sees it. He reminds me of another CBC story last week about Brit teachers who never studied grammar now being expected to teach it.
    Gorgeous stamps and gorgeous women.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi, This is the Source. “Independence was proclaimed on 24 August 1991, probably at 14:31 p.m. GMT [5:31 p.m. BGT].” Campion, “The Book of World Horoscopes,” (Second Edition, 1996), p. 372, citing information from local astrologers (see his footnote #1203). Best wishes, Elizabeth Hathway, DFAstrolS, QHP

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for getting back to me.

      Yes. I looked at that — The Book of World Horoscopes (as I said in the footnote) — and still changed the time from BGT, which is Baghdad time as used for Moscow to EET, which is Kiev time. Although this may not be correct either, I’m unconvinced by something quoting the wrong time zone.

      Although I refer to other sources for charts – almost always The Book of World Horosocopes — I always recheck them against some personal research – with the exception of the UK chart. I use Campion’s 1801 one for that but I often wonder if one of his later ones might not be more appropriate. The US chart always causes me trouble too since there is so much controversy about it.

      I don’t think Nick himself ever claims that his book is an oracle. It is a very well researched cornerstone of mundane astrology but like all sources, it can be questioned.

  10. Christina says:

    I think as events unfold we might be able to get a tighter grip on the chart angles. Saturn approaching or crossing the MC rather than already well in the 10th would seem more appropriate for the resignation of the PM.

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for confirming the chart A.H! Your transit data is pretty complete.

    • A. H. Cats says:

      Birthtime 17h31m, which I rectified as 17h30m42s.

      Ascendant 27 degrees Capricornus; MC 28 degrees Scorpio.

      Progressive aspects according the Gieles minus 1 system:

      29-Nov-2013 000°,31’31 Aquarius Sat 30 mutual Asc
      30-Nov-2013 015°,31’48 Capricornus Drac 45 mutual Asc

      9-Dec-2013 000°,34’37 Virgo Jup 180 mutual Asc
      15-Dec-2013 011°,00’39 Sagittarius Moon 45 Asc
      18-Dec-2013 017°,41’19 Sagittarius MC 150 Pars
      23-Dec-2013 011°,16’30 Sagittarius Moon 45 mutual C-12

      7-Jan-2014 -11°,12’37 Asc // Moon
      9-Jan-2014 011°,50’35 Sagittarius Moon * RASTABAN (SAT – VENUS )
      13-Jan-2014 +10°,30’42 Merc // mutual C–2
      19-Jan-2014 017°,46’04 Sagittarius MC 30 Plu
      24-Jan-2014 012°,20’46 Sagittarius Moon 135 mutual C–2


      19-Dec-2013 017°,46’04 Cancer Jup 120 Plu
      19-Dec-2013 017°,41’19 Cancer Jup 0 Pars
      19-Dec-2013 019°,12’14 Scorpio Sat 45 C-12

      1-Jan-2014 015°,58’52 Cancer Jup 45 Sun
      14-Jan-2014 014°,15’49 Cancer Jup 180 Nep
      23-Jan-2014 013°,07’27 Cancer Jup 45 Ven
      26-Jan-2014 012°,52’04 Cancer Jup 135 MC
      26-Jan-2014 012°,47’37 Cancer Jup 0 Black Sun
      31-Jan-2014 004°,12’14 Pisces Nep 60 C-12

    • Christina says:

      I’ve been hoping for some Ukrainian input but I guess everyone’s too busy!

  11. C. King says:

    Another awesome blog, as usual! And, love the art as well, you really have an eye for beauty!

  12. Dave says:

    A very timely analysis. I see the Ukranian Neptune is about to feel the impact of transiting Pluto and the Grand Cardinal Cross.

    Thank you.

  13. ethere-al says:

    about your ukraine analysis : i personally think this independence chart makes more sense — there was a change of time zone after independence which is overlooked by most ppl — and in 2012 when pluto went over this independence char’s ascendent at 8cap , there were elections: — furthermore and presently, pluto transits over Uranus 1st planet below horizon while stationning saturn in scorpio (ruler of asc) squares the sun/moon opposition 😉

  14. […] Prime Minister of Ukraine (2007-2010) “the Gas Princess” More on the Ukraine astrology here. It’s interesting to see how the chart for the country is playing […]

    • Andries H. Cats says:

      My first rectification of the birth time of Ukraine 1991, 017h,30m42s0 was not correct.
      Correct rectification:
      Birth time: 17h,30m38s
      Time zone: +2 hours
      Birthplace : VERCHOVNA RADA KIEV
      50°,26’50,0 N
      30°,32’13,0 E
      Birth day: 24-8-1991
      Day: : Saturday

      Ascendant 25°,59’45,3 Capricorn.

      Progressive aspects:

      5-Jan-2022 018°,25’45 Pisces Moon 120 mutual Plu
      16-Jan-2022 017°,40’23 Pisces Asc 120 Pars
      18-Jan-2022 018°,52’53 Pisces Moon 135 Chiron
      1-Feb-2022 017°,46’04 Pisces Asc 120 Plu
      17-Feb-2022 +00°,09’21 Sun // mutual Moon
      22-Feb-2022 025°,07’20 Sagittarius MC 90 Mars
      6-March-2022 020°,31’48 Pisces Moon 120 AR02
      8-March-2022 014°,15’49 Libra Mars 90 Nep
      8-March-2022 006°,00’15 Gemini C–3 135 AR08
      14-March-2022 -22°,45’52 C-11 // C-11
      15-March-2022 018°,01’18 Pisces Asc 45 C–3
      18-March-2022 020°,55’48 Pisces Moon 180 mutual Merc
      20-March-2022 021°,00’15 Pisces Moon 60 AR08
      27-March-2022 021°,15’13 Pisces Moon 45 mutual C-12
      1-Apr-2022 021°,00’15 Virgo Merc 120 AR08
      28-Apr-2022 013°,31’19 Capricorn C-11 * ASCELLA (JUP – MERC )
      5-May-2022 022°,38’59 Vissen Moon 0 C–2
      6-May-2022 022°,39’30 Pisces Moon 30 Moon
      6-May-2022 022°,39’35 Pisces Moon 120 AR05
      6-May-2022 022°,39’54 Pisces Moon 120 AR03
      11-May-2022 022°,50’07 Pisces Moon 150 mutual Ven
      23-May-2022 018°,26’24 Scorpio Plu 120 mutual Asc
      26-May-2022 023°,22’04 Pisces Moon * MARKAB (MARS – MERC )
      9-Jun-2022 023°,51’59 Pisces Moon 60 AR07
      30-Jun-2022 009°,50’35 Capricorn Ura 120 mutual C–2
      8-Jul-2022 024°,52’24 Pisces Maan 45 mutual C–2
      9-Jul-2022 021°,30’05 Virgo Merc * DENEBOLA (SAT – VENUS )
      11-Jul-2022 000°,00’00 Libra Sun Nw
      15-Jul-2022 025°,07’20 Pisces Moon 180 Mars
      26-Jul-2022 025°,30’09 Pisces Moon 90 mutual MC
      3-Aug-2022 +02°,38’58 Moon // Mars
      4-Aug-2022 018°,52’53 Pisces Asc 135 Chiron
      8-Aug-2022 025°,59’22 Pisces Moon 150 Jup
      9-Aug-2022 025°,59’41 Pisces Moon 150 Merc
      9-Aug-2022 025°,59’45 Pisces Moon 60 Asc
      11-Aug-2022 +02°,46’46 Moon # Plu
      21-Aug-2022 +02°,55’02 Moon # C–2
      24-Aug-2022 026°,32’03 Pisces Moon 90 AR01
      31-Aug-2022 002°,23’35 Virgo Jup 90 AR11
      2-Sep-2022 026°,51’47 Pisces Moon 90 AR10
      5-Sep-2022 010°,06’14 Taurus C–2 120 Ura
      10-Sep-2022 010°,07’20 Taurus C–2 135 Mars
      17-Sep-2022 -04°,17’33 Asc # Ven
      18-Sep-2022 021°,51’40 Virgo Merc 135 mutual C-12
      19-Sep-2022 025°,38’20 Sagittarius MC * ACULEUS (MARS – MOON )
      30-Sep-2022 027°,52’16 Pisces Moon 120 MC
      7-Oct-2022 028°,07’27 Pisces Moon 150 Ven
      7-Oct-2022 028°,07’51Pisces Moon 60 AR12
      13-Oct-2022 013°,57’54 Cancer C–5 * SIRIUS (JUP – MARS )
      22-Oct-2022 013°,59’23 Capricorn Nep 0 mutual C-11
      31-Oct-2022 000°,17’53 Libra Sun 120 mutual Sat
      8-Nov-2022 029°,15’22 Pisces Moon * SCHEAT (MARS – MERC )
      10-Nov-2022 029°,19’56 Pisces Moon 120 AR06
      18-Nov-2022 010°,23’21 Taurus C–2 120 Black Moon
      21-Nov-2022 +04°,17’33 Moon // Ven
      28-Nov-2022 007°,06’36 Leo C–6 * PRAESAEPE (MARS – MOON )
      29-Nov-2022 000°,00’00 Aries Moon Nw
      2-Dec-2022 -23°,22’26 MC // C-12
      7-Dec-2022 000°,17’47 Aries Moon 60 mutual Sat
      20-Dec-2022 +04°,43’18 Moon // Mutual Merc
      26-Dec-2022 000°,58’52 Aries Moon 150 Sun