Full Moon Dreaming

Monday September 8th 2014
Thomas Alexander Harrison

Thomas Alexander Harrison

In the Mohawk language the word for shaman ” means “dreamer” in the sense of one who dreams strong, one who dreams true, one who can travel in dreaming and heal others inside the dreamspace. It also means “doctor” and “healer.” There we have the ancient understanding that to be a shaman, or doctor, or healer, you must be at home in the dream worlds.”

Robert Moss — Dreaming The Soul Back Home

There is the reason that Chiron, the shaman, spends longer in the Piscean sea of dreams than in any other part of the Zodiac. It is here that the deep healing happens for the world. Pisces is the 12th house, the ocean of spirit. Chiron has much work to do here. Tonight, the Moon joins Chiron in Pisces and together, they are lit up by the bright Sun himself.

Illumination, clarity, healing.

Not all of us can be shamans, but we can be active in our own healing.

Maybe your healing is obvious. Today a friend received the results of an MRI scan which showed exactly why his back has been hurting him. Illumination.

Maybe your illumination is on a soul level. Pay attention to your dreams — waking or sleeping. Something is revealed, something becomes clear.

Tonight and tomorrow this Full Moon is especially powerful, but this month the healing, compassionate energy continues to flow strong in the weeks that follow. Neptune and Venus — divine and human love — play a part too.

Today I received this book, Dreaming The Soul Back Home, in the post.


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  1. sabrina says:

    Hmm. MRI’s…

    • Christina says:

      He’s been in agony with back pain for a month & was just getting prescribed painkillers which didn’t work. The GP was treating him as if he was a hypochondriac. Finally, he went to a private clinic last week. The scan has shown that he has a torn disc which is squeezing a bundle of nerves, so instead of vague horrible back pain, he has a specific diagnosis.

      • sabrina says:

        A new Dr. is looking to my girl’s MRI’s around these days. I hope he finds something that hasn’t been noticed by the other Dr…We are indeded in the search for a specific diagnosis, so this is all very interesting. I had vivid and strange dreams in the nights before the full moon. Sunday and monday nights were difficult for sleep actually. I do pray for a healing moon. Saturn is on top of her Asc and Uranus is conjunct her Sun. Maybe protection coming from Jupiter trining Sun and the Moon/Chrin trining Sat….

        • Christina says:

          My thoughts & wishes are with you Sabrina. You know my girl was ill with a mystery disease for a long time – Moon opp trPluto and trSaturn opp Sun – so I know how scary it is. She is getting better now, but it’s been a tough one.

          Yes we all had a lot of trouble sleeping last night in fact.

          • sabrina says:

            Thank you Christina. Yes Pluto and Neptune are in the combo as well. It can be scary. Glad your daughter is better. Did you have a particular transit that connected to hers at the time?

          • Christina says:

            She’s not better yet. Still going to school part time, but this has been several years now. The transits are slow moving and so is the illness.

            I believe Chiron has also been involved. Currently it is sextiling my daughter’s sun & she is certainly on the mend. But the illness started with Chiron moving into Pisces & then neptune. She has Chiron in the 6th natally, trine the Sun. I will write a more coherent piece about this when I am sure she is completely out of the woods, but if you are asking me about turning points, I will say this:

            I know you are very Piscean, like me, and so you are also experiencing the Chiron-Neptune transit through the Fishes. One of the most important realisations for me was that I am the doctor. My daughter has been suffering from CFS which is multifactorial. We could not rely on any one doctor. In fact she was misdiagnosed several times and if we had followed doctor’s orders she would now be on migraine medication that she would have to take every day indefinitely …. one of the side-effects of this drug is psychosis … prescribed for a small 10 year old.

            What I am saying is this: You are the doctor now.

            lots of love

  2. Jamma says:

    Just woke up from a dream so strong I thought I could “look it up” on the internet … was very dissapointed when I couldn’t find it – HA! …
    But then I saw the link to this post … 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Can you tell us the dream — or is it a secret? I dreamt I was back in my old neighbourhood in London looking for somewhere to live with both my children and D. We were in the street and saw this very modern red-brick block of flats, which in the dream no one else would have wanted to live in. But as we were going around the outside of the building, I stepped straight into some quicksand. Not a lot of healing there perhaps…. but certainly no going back…

  3. sabrina says:

    So true Christina. Thank you! Much love and blessing to you and yours