Astrology of Now: Soul Theft

Friday November 21st 2014
Briar Rose by Edward Burne Jones.

Briar Rose by Edward Burne Jones.

You are familiar with the story of Sleeping Beauty, so familiar that the horror of it has ceased to horrify. This is the story of a baby, born perfect, sentenced to death. She is cursed in the cradle by a vengeful fairy to die at 16. Only by the actions of a good fairy is her death sentence mitigated to a sleep of 100 years.

You may feel as if your life stopped at a particular moment. It’s as if part, or all, of you was lost; it may even have been sent into a stony sleep. The cause might be an accident, the death of a parent, illness, addiction, war or sexual abuse. Afterwards, life is a long struggle to wake up.  A few times it may have seemed as if you had awoken, but really it was a dream within a dream. Sometimes this is labelled Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Child-molesters, child-eaters,  feed off the radiance of children, breaking the bright thread of life-force that pulses through each of us, and metaphorically consuming it. Break the thread and then suck out the marrow.

In some myths, Lilith is a demon who steals babies because she cannot have her own. She desires them so much that she snatches them from the cradle, but when she suckles them, her poisonous milk kills the baby, and so she has to find another. It’s as well to remind ourselves when dealing with these dark archetypes that they can be powerfully wicked.

Jimmy Savile, the notorious child molester, had a conjunction of Lilith and the Moon in Virgo.

For more on Savile and the Westminster child abuse scandals, follow these links.

Corrupt Britain, Listen to the Children

The Paedophile Scandal in Westminster

Scary Monsters

So what has been happening in the sky that has brought child molesting to our consciousness so repeatedly in the past few years.

Today the Sun squares Lilith

Today the Sun squares Lilith

The truism always was that most abuse took place within the family and that stranger danger was a neurotic fantasy. Statistics would be touted about the low number of child-killings in this country.

But so many cases of organised paedophilia have come to light during Saturn’s transit of of Scorpio, the sign of sex and the dirty underbelly: Rotherham, Oxford, Rochdale, Haute La Garenne, Islington, North Wales… the list is too long now. Some of those cases are new, some are old, but all are organised gangs of men raping and terrifying children. You don’t have to kill a child to murder her or his soul.

But this has not been the work of Saturn alone. Lilith has been in Leo, the sign of personal identity, the ego, the core person, since early spring, and she has been in a tightening square to Saturn in Scorpio. The victims suffer a loss of that solar energy. The ogre needs it to for his darkness. Lilith in Leo blots out the light of the Sun so that we may see more clearly. She blots out the ego, so that it can be reborn, and sometimes she simply blots out. Victims of these crimes have been trying to get their voices heard for years. It’s as if a room full of talking people fell silent and suddenly you could hear the man in the corner screaming.

In the UK chart this year:
transiting Lilith conjuncted UK Saturn
transiting Saturn conjuncted UK Neptune.
transitingPluto conjuncted the UK  Sun

Krampus, the legendary child stealer bears an uncanny resemblance to Kali in this Austrian card. He works in conjunction with St Nick, stealing the "naughty" children.

Krampus, the legendary child stealer bears an uncanny resemblance to Kali in this Austrian card. He works in conjunction with St Nick, stealing the “naughty” children.

What does the Westminster pedophile scandal have in common with the muslim paedophile rings in Rotherham, Rochdale and Oxford? The police did nothing, the social services did nothing, whistleblowers were ignored, derided, hounded, sacked. The rationale may have been different, but the fact is that the people who are paid, trained and duty-bound to protect, did not do so. In fact there was a void where there should have been protection.

Saturn and Pluto, the cruel fathers of the solar system, represent both the abusers and the authorities that closed their eyes and ears to the victims. Daddy was either raping or ignoring. And again, as is the way with astrology, they also represent fear. That is how the victims were controlled for years, but something broke through that fear.

You need the screaming, out-of-bounds madness of an unhinged Lilith to break the taboo against child molesting in this culture. However, Pluto is the one who keeps it secret, keeps the victim terrified, relishes the cruelty, imprisons the victim in invisibility, so that no one hears the accusations. At the same time and according to the oppositional laws of astrology, Pluto is also about telling truths that are unsayable.

Currently Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of government — and we have seen the turmoil this has caused globally: Pluto is a paradigm-shifter.  He has been in mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio. Combine that with the dynamic Saturn-Lilith square and you get change. Saturn and Pluto have actually been working together on this, and for many people this has had remarkable personal consequences. To put it another way, the victims coming forward and telling their stories and being believed has shone a light on a path to healing for others.

We may finally have seen a paradigm shift away from victim blaming during this passage of Saturn through Scorpio and Lilith in Leo.

So how do you reclaim the light? Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to humans. Victims of abuse need to take back the fire in order to live again. That action can be facilitated during a Uranus transit, especially to itself, the Sun, the Moon or Lilith in your natal chart. Like perpetrators, victims often have a powerfully placed Lilith, indeed a lunar conjunction. Uranus is an avatar of Prometheus himself. I have a client who “woke up” during her Uranus Half-Return. Her ego had been devoured by her abuser when she was a small child, and she describes herself as asleep during the first part of her life. Uranus is, of course, known as the awakener.

In Sleeping Beauty, the prince fights his way through a thorny forest to awaken Briar Rose from her deathlike sleep with true love’s kiss. This is true in life: real love can awaken you, but the story is also a metaphor. The prince slashes with his sword, the mind, at the wall of thorns, fear and habits. There is violence in this breakthrough and then the gentlest of kisses. Be gentle with the sleeping part of yourself. In a few days time Venus in Sagittarius (love on a horse) will trine Uranus in Aries, the awakener of the Self.

Vasilisa the beautiful escapes from Baba Yaga's house. Click here to find out how she beat the forces of darkness.

Vasilisa the beautiful escapes from Baba Yaga’s house. Click here to find out how she stole back the light.




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  1. Natalia says:

    I find it appropriate to also relate the sky to the recent Bill Cosby allegations… women that were drugged and raped all of these years, yet no one listened to them when they spoke. Until now.

  2. Padmini says:

    It’s also bpeen a paradigm shifter for grown women calling out celebrities in particular for multiple rapes. In Canada, Jian Ghomesi’s career is all but over; the same may be true for Bill Cosby in the US. #beenrapedneverreported, #ibelieveher, and other ‘believe the victim’ paradigm shifters have been taking place with astonishing speed over the last 4-6 weeks. Something seems to be shifting, hopefully permanently, in the conversation about sexual crimes.

  3. Padmini says:

    Um, Britain had a ‘Paedophile Information Exchange’??! Okay then….

    • Christina says:

      Yup – A lobby group in the 1970s. Hard to believe. At one point it actually had an association with the civil rights group now called Liberty, which has a very good reputation.

  4. weaver says:

    Venus in Sagittarius (love on a horse) will trine Uranus in Aries, the awakener of the Self.

    Love this!

  5. mimi says:

    Maybe the real change will come when Saturn and Pluto meet up in 2020 ????


    • Christina says:

      Yes. I noticed your last comment on Saturn and Pluto working together on the Beheading post, too, and I think this shift in the rules about sex is an example of that.

  6. Eleonora says:

    Hallo Christina! I just sent you a link per email (very interesting post about children, saturn and pluto in capricorn). I think it resambles a bit to your idea in this pot.

  7. Faye says:

    Great post! – I would also include the wrath of Ceres stepping up to protect her daughters. Almost to the day of her promotion (again) to a ( dwarf) planet in 2006, Natascha Kampusch escaped from the underworld and there have been more since. Ceres doesn’t put up with powerful and greedy men.Women are increasingly learning how to do that.

  8. mike says:

    There has long been a double standard applied to boys sexually assaulted by adult women…the boy is thought to enjoy this act…the woman was doing him a favor. Boys don’t tend to report these assaults. It’s interesting that in our digital age, the boy’s parents typically discover digital evidence and report the assault.

    It’s thought that more male-male rape occurs every day in the USA than male-female rape. This is due to the high incarceration rate.

    The male circumcision rate in the USA is 75%, with a small percentage due to religious principle. This is due to a carry-over from the Victorian era, when it was thought that male circumcision would minimize masturbation.

  9. mike says:

    I forgot to include an interesting PBS Frontline episode, “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”. The program exposes the cultural custom of selling boys to heterosexual men for sex. These dancing boys are considered entertainment only for men after heterosexual weddings!!! Weird, eh?!

    • Christina says:

      In the UK, the Westminster ring abused boys and most of the children’s home victims seem to have been boys.
      I agree with what you’re implying though — boys hurt just as much as girls. These are sexual crimes.
      I also agree with you about male circumcision. It is wrong to mess with someone else’s genitals, no matter what your excuse is.

  10. Snowy says:

    Interesting comment Mike, especially about prisons: The rate of male-male rape is higher than the rate of male-female rape in the whole of the USA because of male incarceration and rape in prisons. Any links? I wonder what the percentage of people in prison is to the entire population of the USA, male and female? And if that’s true, then why do this proportion of men rape? How do the prisoners report it and how is it recorded? Not all men in prison are there for rape, surely, some must be in for things like fraud or embezzlement, so then why is there such high a proportion, as you say, that go on to? Male hormones? Power? Just because they’re bad? Because given your facts, female prisoners don’t rape each other as much, so it must be a purely male thing? As a male (given your name) what is your view on why men rape disproportionately? It’s obviously not because of homosexuality. Is it just because a disproportionate amount of men want to bonk anything and if a female’s not available they take a male? You give a good example of Afghani men taking young boy prostitutes. Why do they do that, given that they are heterosexually married? Could it be perhaps, that Abrahamic religions paint women as the devil’s gateway, dirty, second class, to be used only as baby-carriers. And cultures that haven’t split church and state, and haven’t had their own period of ‘enlightenment’ carry that on?

    Also, OF COURSE! OF COURSE boys get abused too. No shit, Sherlock. Of course it’s terrible. Of course they don’t get listened to. Neither do girls. It’s called Patriarchy. And whenever the hugelyl disproportionate level of female rape victims is brought up, we have a little bleat about boys getting abused too. Of course they do. They are powerless. While missing the real issue of why it seems to be mostly men that are doing it. Why is it mostly men that commit rape and violence? And here we go AGAIN about circumcision. OF COURSE circumcision is painful and wrong. Try having your whole penis cut off, sewn up and then cut open again whenever a female wants to penetrate you. And what’s the background to circumcision? – patriarchal religion. Isaac and Abraham is the real story of patriarchy (the story is the same in Christian, Islamic and Judaic religious texts) and the message is: men submit your loved ones to a vengeful god. Don’t love, commit murder, even murder you most loved son, in the name of religion, because god has commanded you to do that. And of course it’s the women who cut, the women who used to footbind in China, the women who ‘choose’ to wear a burka. Of course.

    And also, souls aren’t stolen by childhood sexual assault, it’s like an underground bomb going off, yes, but people can heal and people are very resilient. Greg Thompson, a survivor, writes that nobody expected anything of him because he was assaulted in childhood. Saying a soul has been stolen is putting survivors back in the role of victim and squashing healing. Guess what though? It’s a man saying it. It’s a man that raised again the issue of Bill Cosby being a rapist, and it’s a man, Shia LaBoef, who is raising again, the issue of consent in sex. Who is powerful in this society, who’s voices are heard? Who makes the rules? Have a think please. And don’t come back with Margaret Thatcher ffs.

    I’m getting a little sick and tired of people not seeing what’s in front of their eyes – women and men, together, are being brutalised, humiliated, brainwashed by this stupid hierarchical system. The only other argument, if it isn’t one of socialisation, is that men are just born like that and can’t control their hormones, and I refuse to believe that.