Charlie Hebdo

Wednesday January 7th 2015

This issue got the offices of CH firebombed in 2011.

Today 12 people were gunned down in a magazine office in Paris. Charlie Hebdo is a well-known satirical magazine, the equivalent of, say, Private Eye or National Lampoon. Two, or maybe three, murderers shouted Arabic slogans as they left the building.

Charlie Hebdo has a history of pissing Islamists off, so it’s assumed that this is yet another attack on Europe by fundamentalist muslims.

Laughter is central to freedom: they have struck at the heart of our culture. And they were right: ridicule is the best weapon against fascism.

Here is a chart of the attack. Time is approximate. I feel too disheartened and angry to analyse it, but I thought you might be interested. Can’t help noticing violent Mars & deluded Neptune clamped around the Ascendant & Lilith in Virgo, the assassination went like clockwork, opposite Neptune.

Pat has found a better time, so I am adding a second chart.

Time is approximate. A guess from news reports timed at 11.17 saying the attack had taken place about half an hour earlier.

Time is approximate. A guess from news reports timed at 11.17 saying the attack had taken place about half an hour earlier.



This is the time th two attackers entered the building according to Le Monde.

This is the time th two attackers entered the building according to Le Monde.

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  1. Pat says:

    Christina, thanks taking the time to post the chart.

    According to a timeline in Le Monde, the first emergency call came in to the police “toward 11:30.” According to the report, the gunmen showed up at the magazine’s archives at 11:20 and realized they were in the wrong place, so the exact time is probably around 11:25. That would put 19-20 degrees Pisces on the Asc, with Neptune in the 12th house. Mars rules terrorist attacks, and Jupiter, ruler of both Asc and MC, rules religion. That seems pretty straightforward. But Neptune and 12th house indicate that there may be more to it.

    • Christina says:

      Yes. That’s a better timeline than the one in the telegraph, which is where I got mine. Interesting that the witness felt that the attack went on for half an hour when it was about 10 minutes according to this one.
      I’ll adjust the chart.

      • Pat says:

        I can well understand that! Time is probably the last thing you’d be thinking about. I’m not sure I’d even have had the presence of mind to dig out my cell phone and dial 911. Thanks again for posting.

  2. Victoria says:

    Can’t help feeling these (I am including the ISL phenomenon) are not what they appear to be, but something even more sinister – intentionally created ‘fronts’ to foster support for mass take-over of oil producing states. Mars conj. Neptune in the 12th – among other things, would support a military deception served up mortally. It’s true that Saturn in Sag in the 8th supports an actual ‘religious’ attack… The violence is all over the chart, obviously, and Pluto conj. Sun in the 11th does support the idea of a ‘group’ behind it – sq that nasty Ur conj SN in Aries in the 1st.. But I am not convinced one iota that these things are not somehow even darker than what they are made to appear… That they actually are weapons of the West, for the sake of justifying war and resource takeover.. Still – That Saturn in Sag in the 8th..

    • H says:

      I don’t think those ideas are mutually exclusive, Victoria. With Mars Cnj Neptune in the house of hidden enemies and Sun conj Pluto in the house of society and groups, I think you can bet that all is not as it seems and that some very powerful groups are in play, possibly with oil in the mix. Saturn in Sag also throws religious extremism in – but Muslims are not the only extremists in this game – just listening to some prominent US Neocon politicians talk about ‘the Ratpure’ and you’ll be just as frightened. It’s the easiest thing in the world to manipulate a foot soldier – people sign up to murder strangers ever day because they are told their ideology or religion is superior and is threatened by another. Hopefully Saturn in Sag will expose all the players in the game for what they are and the outrage will no longer be reserved for the white bodies. In the US Sibly chart Saturn is Conj the NN of the Hebdo attack and the US moon is conj the12th Mars, and sun exactly opposes Pluto – I don’t see how they cannot be players in this incident.

  3. aqua says:

    ‘I feel too disheartened and angry to analyse it,’
    Im not surprised, I know how you feel – its way too early

    …absolutely appalling situation words fail…Je suis Charlie

  4. Gilly says:

    Such a lot going on there. My eye is constantly drawn to Uranus so tightly conjunct the nodes, and that Pluto-Sun conjunction. Thank you for posting this. I don’t know much about fixed stars, but I notice the rising sign is close to a star called Homan, ‘said to indicate vain individuals with a great deal of ambition, but with very poor judgement.’

    • aqua says:

      ‘to Uranus so tightly conjunct the nodes, and that Pluto-Sun conjunction.’ Yes but thats been ongoing – and the conjunction isnt exact -its not specific enough.
      For more accuracy one would need to include the locational chart in Paris as well as the main players horoscopes, plus some fixed stars imv.
      Prediction is not simple in astrology even with hindsight.

  5. I have just posted on my own Facebook page about how often a major event shows when one of the slower-moving planets changes signs. This tragedy is so clearly connected to Saturn’s move into Sagittarius; Sagittarius ruling our beliefs and Saturn trying to control and force beliefs onto other. “You must believe what I believe otherwise you’re wrong…” etc. and done in a harsh and brutal manner. The tragic irony of the Saturn-Neptune square is that Neptune in Pisces rules images and here were the cartoonists being murdered for what they believed, freedom of speech. My hope is that Neptune’s square to Saturn will start to dissolve the fundamentalist approach to belief and religion and that Neptune in Pisces will spread a wave of compassion around the world for the victims and for tolerance of all beliefs. However, Neptune is nothing if not elusive so that may well be a vain hope.

    • aqua says:

      ‘This tragedy is so clearly connected to Saturn’s move into Sagittarius; ‘
      I think that is partly true, an event that speaks of the signs themes – on the otherhand this kind of terroism is an ongoing issue for several decades.

      But regarding Sagittarius themes and the hard lessons learnt, with Saturn- I would like to underline the other themes at play here besides just belief- and faith.
      Humour > cartoons, specifically political cartoons
      Publishing via Jupiter
      Speaking out /Irresponsibility/Self responsibility/going too far/foot in mouth
      Freedom to do the above or not
      Belief in ones right to freedom to speech

      Charb/Stéphane Charbonniers chart covers these issues with moon conjunct Chiron in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Pisces opposite the Sun in Leo widely conjunct Pluto – Mars in Scorpio describes his I would rather die standing, statement -one could go on and on – and that doesnt include the rest of the victims nor the perpetrayors. Nor the mundane chart for France which is crucial in my view.

      But at anyrate Charbs chart does indicate someone very idealistic, somewhat naive, hyperbolic and willing to be ruthless abut it for good or ill.
      This is not a criticism, merely an observation.

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for this Sally. I actually tried to share your comment but FB wouldn’t let me. I have been doing a hygeia vigil all day (broke my wrist) — otherwise I would have written at much greater length on the Saturn connections — you inspired me. There are more

  6. Dunyazade says:


    I wrote an analysis myself. You can see it here:

    (Though I used a different map.)

    Hateful event :((((

    • Christina says:

      Thanks for this and the chart! You’ve already been shown to be right about the impossibility of killing charlie. One thing that occurs to me is that at last we have our own symbol: the pen.

  7. Juliem says:

    Well-said Christina and bravely said.


  8. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,
    while searching for a chart for France I came upon a website by Beatrice Boucher ( a French astrologer living in the Netherlands). You will find her at

    She uses a chart for the 5th republic of France and I was stunned :
    Sun at 12 degr. Libra 7th house, therefore Aries at Ascendant
    Uranus at 15 degr. Leo / Chiron at 17 Aquarius
    Saturn at 20 Sagittarius
    MC at 15 Capricorn / IC 15 Cancer. Clearly this country is in the midst of this Uranus/Pluto square.

    What’s more on her website she has a very enlightening article by Andre Barbault, the French astrologer who has researched a lot about the planets that determine our society : Uranus and Neptune, while Saturn and Jupiter take turns in aspecting these two planets during their cycles.

    Beatrice Boucher has translated this article into English. Very, very enlightening.
    It makes me wonder how the next cycle of Saturn conj. Neptune is going to work out. This new cycle starts in 2026, by that time Chiron is at 1 Aries.


  9. For what it’s worth I’ll reproduce here a message I sent to a debate about the signs for the Paris massacre on Noel Tyl’s site

    While the last full moon has been mentioned, it might be worthwhile to point out that some kind of world relevant event was suggested by just the last lunation which was on 0 Cap, in short a world/solstice point. This was re-emphasized at the time of the attack if one accepts with many and with Astrodienst it was 11.30 am in Paris, in which case the MC was conjunct the Galactic Centre 26 Sag – world events and events in religion, this event in religion occurring not too long after Saturn had entered Sag the religion sign.

    I would also note that Jupiter (affairs of religion) was at 21 Leo which means it was on a critical degree though not a particularly fortunate degree – in my data for Jesus discussed here before Christmas, it is even the degree of Vipera especially relevant given Adam and Eva conjunct in Leo too. It looks though from data given at Astrodienst for one of the killers with Leo rising as though the current position of Jupiter would be helpful to doing what he planned to do.

    Islam itself is of course very much involved with the Cancer/Cap axis which lunation and full moon have stressed, and it is a notably political and tradition bound faith accordingly. The moon is core symbolic for Islam – I momentarily forget which of Noel Tyl’s books demonstrates the astro of Islam with the Cancer/Cap emphasis but some here will know. The attack on Twin Towers followed an eclipse at 0 Cancer. In my data for Pentecost/Christianity, Ahmed (a version of the Mohammed name and the only relevant asteroid one can use for Islam, is at 26 Cancer, a critical degree, in its 12th house). For the birth of Christ I don’t make much sense out of it, but it is again in Cancer in the unoccupied 2nd house a minute off 6 degrees, incidentally the Cancerian degree of both true and mean nodes at the Twin Towers eclipse. I doubt any of us could have forecast quite what has happened, but I do think we need to look out for sensitive degrees in any attempts to forecast what will probably be hitting the world more in coming times.

  10. Jane Lyle says:

    Hello Christina

    I guess we’re all trying to make sense of this horror. I too looked at the chart for the 5th Republic, which has Mars at 2 degrees of irreverent Gemini in the 2nd house of values, with transiting Saturn moving towards an exact opposition from Sagittarius in the 8th. Natal Saturn, ruling the MC, is in the 9th house, awaiting its second return.

    I also found an intriguing asteroid, the centaur Okyrhoe at 15 Capricorn, where it opposed the full Moon, and connected with all the powerful aspects of that lunation. Okyrhoe was a female centaur with the gift of prophecy, but she was silenced by the gods for revealing too much sensitive information. According to Mark Andrew Holmes, this asteroid represents “…being criticised or attacked…..the ability to stand up for one’s beliefs and principles”.
    There’s more about Okyrhoe at, and
    Nous sommes Charlie.

  11. me says:

    The press would have you hating the oppressed, and loving the oppressors, should you not be vigilant.

    From my experience, its those who have a sense of houmer, that have crossed the line into oppression. Isnt it the cry of the bully – wheres your sense of humour?

    Good article on zerohedge covering the fake/faux photo of countries leaders – many of which are on the more oppressive side when it comes to press freedom. Trying to show they were leading the march, when in fact they was on some side street.

    Je Suis Charlie – Non!

    All that has happened is a false flag event that will be used to further erode alternative media, and anyone who wants privacy.

    They deserved it. Period. You dont push people that have made it clear they dont like it, and will push back.