Astrology of Now: Moonlight And Music

Tuesday February 3rd 2015

There’s a big fat passionate Leo Moon out there, and with Venus, Mars and Neptune all in Pisces the air is singing with romance and yearning. Let’s face the music…

from astrodatabank with today's transits

from astrodatabank with today’s transits

There are so many great interpretations of this song: from wistful (Diana Krall, Scorpio) to tear-jerking (Willie Nelson, Pisces), from comforting (Ella Fitzgerald, Taurus) and sweet (Nat King Cole, Pisces) to razzmatazzy (Tony Bennett, Leo and Lady Gaga, Aries) or seductive (Fred Astaire, Taurus), but for this month’s mood, Sinatra hits it just right — jaded, salty, a little sad, but full of life. The arrangement by Johnny Mandel isn’t too shabby either.

Today’s transits are singing sweetly with Frank’s chart too.

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