Greece’s Alexis Tsipras Dreams Big

Saturday February 7th 2015
Alexis Tsipras -- tr Satrun trine Sun -- shouldering responsibility

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras — tr Satrun trine Sun — shouldering responsibility

Destiny, and the Greek electorate, have pushed Alexis Tsipras, up to Europe’s top table. He may be holding a weak hand, but it already looks as if he’s smart enough to play and maybe even win against bigger, richer, stronger, meaner opponents.

Tsipras was sworn in as Greek Prime Minister on January 26, and immediately set about saving the poorest people in Greece from going without electricity and food.

Compassion is written large in his natal chart. See Jupiter, the planet of caritas in its own sign Pisces right at the top. Jupiter is sandwiched between Ceres, which seems to be an important planet for politicians (and popes) and Juno, the asteroid of partnership. We’re already seeing that Mr Tsipras is something of a double act with his charismatic finance minister game theorist Yanis Varoufakis, and apparently his life-partner Betty Batziana is responsible for turning him into an activist.

He’s without doubt an emotional man with his Moon in passionate Scorpio and a stellium in watery, tribal Cancer expanded by Jupiter. He’s in politics because of how he feels. That Scorpio moon is also brave. You have to be to take on this job.

This is from astrodatabank with a C rating

This is from astrodatabank with a C rating

Mercury, the planet of rationalism is in the least rational sign. He thinks with his heart. But the Moon is ruled by Mars in Virgo. His mind is sharp as a tack and he can do detail — as well as the vision thing – Jupiter in Pisces, Neptune in Sagittarius trine Sun. Definitely an idealist, a man with big dreams.

Tsipras is shouldering a great responsibility. Saturn, the planet we look to for this, has just moved into Sagittarius, a sign of optimism and strength through knowledge. It’s squared his Mars — he may be under a lot of physical strain. But it’s trining his Sun, strengthening his conviction, and sextiling his Pluto — power. His highly intelligent Saturn-Mercury conjunction is under pressure from the mighty, transformative Uranus-Pluto square. Transiting Uranus is in his house of politics and Pluto is in its natural house in the chart, the 8th. This can be very personally empowering.

So far Tsipras and his finance minister, game theorist Yanis Varoufakis, sound like the most intelligent politicians in Europe. But can smarts match the cunning of Brussels and the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi?

There is surprisingly positive synastry between German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chart and Tsiparis’. They share the Cancer emphasis, and her Venus is at 4° Virgo, in exact aspect to his Leo Sun and Pluto in political Libra, and close to his Mars. They may turn out to have more in common than it at first appears. With his Venus conjunct her Mercury, it looks as if they might even like each other. They are certainly both patriots, whose love of country comes before personal power or enrichment.

The Greek election happened under a Mercury Retrograde in the sign of community, Aquarius. This is opposite Tsiparis’ Sun, so we can expect these negotiations over the Greek debt to continue without an immediate, clear outcome. Mercury turns direct on Feb 11, and on his natal Pallas. This is the goddess of strategy — so perhaps a new strategy will emerge then.

You can see from this chart that Tsiparis’ greatest gift is hope, and his anti-austerity, anti-corruption stance has not just given Greeks back some dignity, it has heartened citizens across Europe.

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  1. Something very exciting is happening in Greece. And am half in love with Yanis Varoufakis – his interview on the ‘Today’ programme last week was persuasive, coherent and very, very charming!
    This double act with Tsipras could be the saving of Europe, do you think?

    • Christina says:

      Sadly Sarah, I am so entranced with these two that I can’t make a sensible judgment. Yanis Varoufakis!
      I think though that we finally have a vision of a way forward. Let’s crush oligarchs everywhere.

  2. Seema says:

    Hi Christina

    I read your blog regularly but today is the first time I have been compelled to comment.

    I have felt personally energised by the hope I see springing up in Greece. It is a country very dear to my heart and it is amazing to finally see such inspirational politicians emerging from it. You are right, Tsipras is ruled by compassion and it comes across. But I have been closely watching Yanis Varoufakis in operation over the last week, and I finally know what it is like falling in love with someone you have never met. And I am not alone. I see all sorts of people saying he reminds them of Voldermort and then being swept along by his words and his vision, including some very hardened City investors. One of those was quoted in the FT as saying that Yanis is more eloquent than the entire British Cabinet put together. And from what I have observed, it is not just on a superficial level, the man has a handle on the detail and the big picture. It looks like with these two on the scene, progressive politics and standing up for the poor and the weak is not dead in Europe yet.

    I have also been wondering how much the Uranus-Pluto square has a role in the election of these two. You answered the question on Tsipras, would be interesting to see how it is playing out for Varoufakis. He must be affected as he has an Aries sun, but that is all I know.

    Thank you for the post and the opportunity to write this comment.

  3. vicki says:

    I’m curious about why you call Mercury the planet or rationalism. I associate Hermes with trickery and border crossing, as well as communication as a messenger. I guess I’m especially curious to understand this as I have mercury in cancer.

    • Christina says:

      Well, Mercury is all those things. As you know, planetary archetypes are multidimenisional. Mercury is generally considered to rule reasoned intelligence. The Moon is our instinctive mind.

  4. mimi says:

    Christina, how about this Neptune very near to his ascendant – I’m sorry – I do not trust these two men. Neptune is very able in diffusing things and laying smokescreens all over the place.

    I fear they are going to try and trick everybody in Europe. Well, I guess then he will have to deal with mrs. Merkel. I think she will want all of her money back and frankly so will everybody no matter how long this will take !!


  5. Eleonora says:

    Christina, do you consider mars to be the ruler of scorpio and jupiter of pisces, or do you consider pluto/neptun more relevant?

  6. anna says:

    I am terribly weary and mistrusting of these two who keep saying what people want to hear, but have no concrete plan yet as to how they will materialize all they promise. I came here for some insights, and I find more people ‘under the spell’. Wow! indeed.

  7. anna says:

    Really? You too? Under the spell of two narcissists who utter the things people want to hear? Really?

  8. qwerty says:

    I have just been reading an article on an other blog, basically stating that brussels have got it the wrong way round. Basically brussels thinks it hold the winning hand but waiting in the wings is russia and the eurasion economic union. There is also the south stream pipeline canceled with ukraine/bulgaria but could go through greece netting the greek government cheap gas and at least 600m a year for transit fees.

    Lets hope anyway that this is the begining of the end of neo-national-socialist politics/ideology/doctrine. Spain next. fingers crossed.

  9. […] of the first moves by freshly-elected government of Alexis Tsipras (click here to see Tsipras‘ chart) was to vow to stamp out corruption and tax evasion. Strangely, this was not greeted […]

  10. Anne Williams says:

    I was in Thessaloniki last month and although the tourist area was financially rich there was terrible poverty if you went futher into Thessalononiki and a lot of very elderly people begging on the streets. Unless we can become more compassionate and maybe tune into Neptune in Pisces I really fear for our world

  11. anna says:

    In January when I read your comments and analyses about Tsipras and Varoufakis, I was astounded. Now I realize that astrology will never really be accurate because the personal bias of the astrologer will create misperceptions. You read, what you want to read. Anyway, thank you for teaching me this.

  12. anna says:

    Just so I make my self clear: I meant to say, these two have done more harm to the country than any politician before in record time. They are arrogant idiots who had no clue , no plan, so backbone. But yourself, as many others (mostly women!) thought they were God’s gift to (woman ) kind. Interesting. Neptune, anyone?

    • Christina says:

      I think you need to read this post more carefully, Anna, before you start casting aspersions on my astrological judgment, and I resent the suggestion that because I am a woman I am unable to make a judgment.