Yanis Varoufakis

Sunday February 8th 2015
No known birth time. Chart set for sunrise.

No known birth time. Chart set for sunrise.

For those of you curious to see the chart of Greece’s new finance minister, here it is. There is no birth time available, so I have drawn it for sunrise.

Just briefly

• Take a look at the nodes.
SN conjunct Mercury in Pisces. (Wonder if there’s an ancestor in holy orders.). Brains run in the family. NN conjunct Pluto. He’s going to slay people with the power of his mind. But that’s a dangerous path. Lilith was at 6° Virgo when he got his new job. This axis is quite solution oriented. Both Pisces and Virgo are drawn to problems and how to solve them.

Mercury is ruled by Jupiter in systematic, analytical, and humanitarian Aquarius. Big ideas about big systems. Maybe most importantly, Pallas Athena, the goddess of pattern-recognition — and a key asteroid for astrologers, mathematicians and weavers — is right there supporting that Mercury. But he thinks and speaks like a poet

• More Cancer
Moon and Mars in Cancer: tribal, emotional, soft-hearted, a warrior for the family. Moon is probably in its own sign. He’s sensitive, probably touchy. This fits right in with Mr Tsipras as does the …

…• Grand Trine in water
Mind (Mercury), vitality (Mars) and Neptune (spirit) are joined emotionally. Mercury + Moon + Mars makes for sharp thinking, but Neptune gives his ideas a wider, spiritual dimension.

• Aries Sun
Bold, rash, gutsy: well some people said his rejection of the”troika” was nuts. Sun’s ruled by that Mars in Cancer. You’d think he’s a hot-head & we can see his passion, but he’s actually quite calculating: how come? Back to the Pallas-Merc, Jupiter in cool Aquarius and, of course Saturn in his own sign. That Saturn in Capricorn helps to protect the Moon in Cancer.

• Venus in Aries
Well, he dresses like the biker he is.

With no birth time, I’d guess that the Uranus-Pluto square must have been activating the angles as well as the Mars in Cancer.


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  1. Sunis says:

    Hi Christina,

    Seems like there’s a lot of Cancerian influence in these pollies’ birthcharts..

  2. mimi says:

    Hi Christina,
    recently I’ve been playing with Solar Arc and when I use this on mr. V.’s chart Pluto has just entered Scorpio (other people’s money !!!). I don’t like this at all.


  3. Seema says:

    Reading the press this weekend that Mercury-Pluto-node interaction in Varoufakis’s chart is in play at the moment. His tour of the European capitals last week has unleashed huge amounts of anger, jealousy and distrust amongst the Northern Europeans.

    It is also becoming increasingly clear that the final decision will be not be based on economics but will instead be a political solution that suits Germany (Merkel to be exact). European meeting to discuss the Greek plan on Wednesday 11 Feb, just as Mercury stations direct I believe. I wonder whether the outcome will be favourable to Greece as Tsipras and Varoufakis want?

  4. anna says:

    Once upon a few decades ago, a brilliant, charismatic and sexy University professor from N. America returned to Greece as the Socialist Saviour. He didn’t wear ties, he wore turtle necks. He was cool. Women drooled. He had four children and an attractive American wife. He pointed out to Greeks that all their woes were the responsibility of the ‘hateful Americans’. The crowds roared with hatred for the ‘bad Americans’. This nice Socialist borrowed and borrowed, created a false sense of everlasting abundance, hired and hired until the state sector became HUGE and fat, ugly, and useless.( It took me four days to get a simple birth certificate the other week. I came across at least two people whose only job was to stamp papers-one of them stamped my papers upside down…and had to erase that, and stamp again,,…granted…it’s a tough job) Are you aware that state organizations were until a year ago or so not accountable to anyone for the money they spent? Greece is experiencing a deja vu! Like a neurotic , it has to repeat the mistake a few times it seems before it gets out of the mess, not through blaming the ‘Other’ (Germans, Americans, Belgians, whoever the case may be at the time) , not through teary eyed orations but through taking responsibility for ‘everything’ , and getting seriously down to the business of finding solutions that work.

    • Christina says:

      Indeed that does sound strangely familiar.

      The real test for these guys may not be the euro, but stamping out the culture of corruption.

      It’s not just the Greeks who play that blame game though. One of the functions of the US for half of the world is to play the role of the “other”: sometimes real, of course, but sometimes projected.

  5. kaya says:

    Hi there,

    I don’t know enough about this man but couldn’t the scariness be a Venus retro intensity? Venus stationed a few days before he was born and his progressed Venus is now direct at 16 Aries, which is the degree where Uranus will station direct on 25 december this year. Also, this summer, Venus will go retro through Leo in almost exact trine to the retro zone of 1961, and taking in his natal Uranus to boot. One to watch!

    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog.

  6. kaya says:

    Mimi, I’m not sure what detriment means in this context – are you saying it de-emphasises? I was thinking along the lines that it makes for friction and a challenge for the native and was envisaging the almost-stationary Venus boring a very deep mark onto the zodiac canvas that some find enchanting and others threatening.

    Anyway, I did some homework…

    In the recent Guardian interview YV himself said: ‘If I weren’t scared, I’d be awfully dangerous.’ Saturn squaring that Venus?

    Intriguingly, Christina Kirchner, the scary President of Argentina, happens to have her natal Venus at 16 Aires (and, guess what, her progressed Venus is retrograde and almost back at the same spot now). She has so far gotten away with some very controversial things to keep Argentina’s economy ‘going’ and made extensive use of blaming the imperialist ‘other’ in her rhetoric (not, to be fair, entirely incorrectly).

    At a glance, she and YV seem to be by far the two most prominent agonists of debt defaulting/cancellation on the world stage, though in very different circumstances. Nonetheless…

    Yanis: ’We’ve lost everything, so we can speak truth to power’
    The new cover of Yanis’ book ‘The Global Minotaur’ features the head of… a bull, the idea behind the title is that until 2008 the US was a kind of consuming monster which is now failing and no longer going to pull the world economy along and the whole system therefore needs to change more profoundly than is accepted. Some editions have had a target or shown the minotaur including the man’s body, but this one just has the bull’s head.

    Maybe if his Venus were in Taurus (which rules the neck) he would wear an elegant tie like a good boy and not question the received wisdom of bankers. Venus in Aires could describe a threat to the Taurean status quo?

    PS. Just had a glance at his chart next to Angela Merkel’s – yikes!

  7. Birth time – why not midday with – as you say Pluto transiting the Descendant – changing the publics perception of him? He has been a teacher of economics for a long time – 3rd Pluto/NN & 9th Mercury/Chiron. MC on Pisces and Sun in the 10th with the Greek June 1st 1973 horoscopes having its Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mercury in his 12th house. He’s the man!

    Then look ahead and see when the 30 days runs out around mid March when Saturn is stationary square Yanis’s Pluto/NN and Mercury/Chiron while the Sun on the 15th of March transits his MC – here is the man for the moment! And as a result the global economy may be in free fall by mid June (check the Sibly chart), and the US FED bank will be in the thick of it!

  8. […] The fact is Greece’s debt is too huge to ever pay off.  It’s around €240 billion. The population is 11 million. You can do the maths. Why anyone is pretending this can ever be paid off is part of the Jupiter (Falstaff) in Leo (theatre) playacting that’s going on. It’s also noteworthy that one of the key players, Yanis Varoufakis, is an expert in games theory. Games belong to Leo, and gambling belongs to Jupiter. To see his chart click here. […]