Marine Le Pen: Killing the Father

Thursday April 9th 2015

Tough, intelligent, focused and energetic, Marine Le Pen is France’s most charismatic politician. Compared to dreary Francois Holland and preening Nicolas Sarkozy, she has the “it” factor.

Her chart ruler, Venus shines brightly in Leo.

Le Pen is a serious contender for the presidency in 2017. If she wins, not only will France have its first female president, but also its first far right leader since Maréchal Pétain collaborated with the Nazis during the Occupation. The consequences for Europe could be catastrophic.

She has taken the Front National (FN) party, founded by her father in the wake of France’s defeat in Algeria, and turned it from a hysterical mob of bullyboys into a disciplined(ish) election winning machine. They won 25% of the vote in the last local elections. She’s done this by getting rid of the racism, toning down the crazier ideas and through the sheer force of her own personality.

But there’s been a serious fly in the shiny, new FN ointment: Daddy. Last week, he repeated his assertion that the gas chambers in WWII were “a detail” and that Petain, the puppet president who oversaw the humiliation of France by Germany, was not such a bad guy after all. He has a natal conjunction of Mercury (words) and Pluto (vitriol).

King Lear and his daughters, imagined by Julia Margaret Cameron. Believe it or not, that is Alice Liddell of Wonderland fame, on the right,

King Lear and his daughters, imagined by Julia Margaret Cameron. Believe it or not, that is Alice Liddell of Wonderland fame, on the right,

Marine Le Pen had to take swift action. Here’s what she said about her father, (Oh “sharper than a serpent’s tooth”).

“Jean-Marie Le Pen seems to have descended into a strategy somewhere between scorched earth and political suicide. His status as honorary president does not give him the right to hijack the National Front with vulgar provocations seemingly designed to damage me but which unfortunately hit the whole movement.” – Marine Le Pen

Hmm. The ancients would recognise this story of succession. The father will have to be killed for the daughter to succeed. He has simply lived too long. We might think of Uranus’s castration by Saturn perhaps, or Saturn’s incarceration by Jupiter.

This is an astrological tale of Uranus and Pluto — again. And Saturn too, of course.

astro_2gw_461_jeanmarie_le_pen_adb.39350.9467Jean-Marie Le Pen was born with Uranus (7° Aries) and Pluto (16° Cancer) square. In fact he has just had his Uranus Return, and Pluto, the planet of raw power, of potency, has been opposing its natal position.  His comments were an attempt to assert his dominance over a daughter who has turned out to be more powerful than he.

He spent a lifetime running for presidency.

Marine Le Pen was born in 1968, the year Paris burned and Danny Le Rouge led the student sit-ins. Of course, she has the Uranus-Pluto conjunction.

Right now Uranus is going forward over her angle of partnership. She making a radical change in who she chooses to work with. Look at Papa Saturn there, sitting in that house. She has spent her whole adult life — until now — working with him. That Saturn is on the point of a Yod from eccentric Uranus and idealistic Neptune.

The housing arrangements of the Le Pen clan were interesting. Although Jean-Marie divorced Marine’s mother in the 1980s, they all lived until recently on a huge property in various houses.  Jean Marie moved out eventually but he maintained his offices there. Marine moved her offices out in September.

astro_2gw_460_marine_le_pen_adb.30238.57348Pluto is currently going through Marine’s third house of communications and family. Her niece has recently been making political headway too. It went across her Moon in cool, calculating, ambitious Capricorn a few years ago, but surely it’s building up to the crossing of the IC, the angle of father — and tribe. This will be in 2017, the next election.

Marine’s time is this year with Jupiter powering her forward. Today it turns direct at nearly 13° Leo, on her Sun. She is a tidal wave of energy. Leo women often seem to struggle under the shadow of their fathers until mid-life and then suddenly, watch out world.

Ms Le Pen took on the mantel of her father on January 27, 2011, when Papa Saturn crossed into her first house. She literally took on the role of the father. It was also her Uranus half-Return which happened to be under a conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Pluto was at 5° Capricorn, a few beats past her natal Moon.

It’s interesting to note the difference between the father’s Moon in attention-seeking Leo — he needed the audience — and the daughter’s in steely Capricorn, she needs executive power. Both these needs are at play this week as Saturn trines the father’s moon and semi-sextiles the daughter’s.

This family saga may not play out completely until Saturn completes its retrograde and returns to where it stationed in mid-March, c.5° Sagittarius. That will be in November, and by then Jean-Marie Le Pen will be silenced. With Jupiter in her Sun sign until August, we can expect Marine to be in the spotlight even more than usual this year.

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