The New Princess

Saturday May 2nd 2015

Delighted that the newest addition to the royal family is a baby girl. According to Kensington Palace, she was born at 8.34am today (British Summer Time). Here is her (very glamorous) chart.

Natal chart Princess

Birth time according to official sources.

This a nicely balanced person with a mixture of air, earth, fire and water. She has sensitive Cancer Rising — to match her mother’s Moon, her Dad’s Sun-Moon and Grandma Diana’s Sun, Sun in enduring Taurus like her Great Grandma, the Queen, and Moon in Libra, which looks like she will be the keeper of the peace in that family — and just as adept a diplomat as her mother. Her mother’s powerful Saturn (the grown up) is right on that Moon, so we know who will always be in charge.

It also looks like the new princess will join the hard-working royal team – she has Saturn in the 6th house of work and Pallas Athena will give her a strategic brain. She will be inclined, though, to keep her good mind hidden with Mercury in the 12th. I hope her parents plan to give her an excellent education because it will be a solace for her.

It’s stating the obvious really, but this little girl does look like she will receive mass projection from the public (Pisces on the MC and Neptune there too). Being put on a pedestal is actually quite stressful for her (Chiron up there opp Lilith) but at the same time alluring. Her parents will need to work out how to train her emotionally to deal with the constant limelight. It definitely looks like she is at her most charming and fun-loving (an important element of her character) when she’s out of the public eye. But with the Sun in the 11th, she is not only high-born but destined to work with the powerful.

The Princess is born with Jupiter in Leo — a right royal placement — and it’s right on her Great Grandma’s Moon. The Queen must be absolutely punching the air (OK jubilant).

Apparently, the bookies’ odds are for her to be named Alice, a trad royal name which hasn’t been used since 1843. That Princess Alice was a bit of a feminist apparently.

I hope they squeeze Flora into her string of first names in honour of the goddess of spring, whose day it was yesterday.

Congratulations to them all & especially the Duchess.


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  1. Christina says:

    Just realised I called the Queen her Grandma. She is, of course, the Great Grandma. Duly corrected.

    • Is astrology elevated by cooing over the chart of a newly born infant, whose only claim to fame is that she is born of a grotesquely privileged family? Some of us think not. Please give it a rest. Remember William Lilly and Nicholas Culpeper.

      • Christina says:

        Looking at the charts of royals is a pretty traditional activity for an astrologer. Part of my service is to provide readers with charts of people and events in the public eye with some analysis. By providing the chart, readers have an opportunity to draw their own conclusions and see how I have reached mine. I am in the business of democratising real astrology, and trying in a small way to make astrological thinking part of the public discourse.

        And this chart is fascinating partly because we don’t have accurate birth times going back multiple generations for many families, so we immediately start to be able to put this child in a historical context. Like it or not, this family is extremely powerful and this child will have influence. It’s not fair but there it is.

        There’s a difference between cooing and good manners.

    • Jamma says:

      I thought “grandma,” too … and the baby looks just like her!

  2. mimi says:

    Of course congratulations to the UK with this beautiful little princess, but at the same time I have to say I’m very sad as well, as the most intriguing writer of thrillers Ruth Rendell died at the same time. She was my favourite writer and I shall forever miss the books she cannot write anymore !! She gave me lots of pleasure reading her books as well as many a sleepless night, whenever I was reading one of her outstanding thrillers.


    • Christina says:

      Ah Ruth Rendell — an incredible storyteller. I’ve had many sleepless nights with her too….