August Monthly Horoscopes

Friday July 31st 2015
John Wayne in the final shot from The Searchers.

John Wayne in the final shot from The Searchers.

There is just so much going on this month: Jupiter changes signs, Venus is Retrograde, and Saturn turns his face to the future and starts to make his final farewells in Scorpio.

The first week of August does look fabulous with Jupiter and Venus in a clinch. Saturn, the old devil, is trying to put a stop to this canoodling, but maybe we do need some boundaries!

There are some sparky, lucky days for just about everyone and at the end of the month a Full Moon that brings a tidal wave of emotion: a great day for the senses.

Because of the goodbyes — Jupiter’s and Saturn’s — and the nostalgic Venus Retrograde, the OA horoscopes are a mini film festival this month.


Aries through Virgo, click here.

Libra through Pisces, click here.

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