Refugees: Jupiter-Neptune In Action

Monday September 7th 2015

Last week, I did a talk at Aquarius Severn which included a short picture essay. I’ll show it to you here.

Remember that Neptune and Jupiter, the planets that promote flow, meet across the mutable Virgo-Pisces axis once a century.

Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces — 1849
Irish immigrants waiting for the boat 1849, Illustrated London News.

Irish immigrants waiting for the boat 1849, Illustrated London News.

Bridget O'Donnel and her starving children, 1849, Illustrated London News.

Bridget O’Donnel and her starving children, 1849, Illustrated London News.

Jupiter in Pisces, Neptune in Virgo — 1939
6. Spanish refugees 1939

Refugees from the Civil War in Spain, 1939


Child refugees from the Spanish Civil War, Argeles Plage, France

Child refugees from the Spanish Civil War, 1939, France. They stayed in camps on the beach in southwest France.



Kindertransport arriving in London, 1939. These Jewish children escaping from Nazi Germany were fostered by British families.


Two brothers on the Kindertransport, 1939.

Two brothers on the Kindertransport, 1939.

Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune in Pisces — 2015
Aylan and Galip Kurdi, Syrian refugees who drowned off the coast of Turkey last week

Aylan and Galip Kurdi, Syrian refugees who drowned off the coast of Turkey last week.

refugees (Photo: Jens Meyer/AP)

Syrian Refugees arriving in Germany this week. (Photo: Jens Meyer/AP)

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  1. Nancy says:

    I never get over how literal these aspects are. Traveling by sea for a better life. I guess a lot of us are trying to move on to a better vision of life than what we currently have. All in different ways. Those 2 little brothers–I go to pieces every time I see their little faces.

    • Leonora says:

      Saturn wil rumble inot the picture – and Germany is now taking about reinstating border controls at least temporarily because of the sheer numbers of people migrating.

    • Christina says:

      Yes. The final picture I had previously was of poor little Aylan washed up on the the beach — a sacrifice to the sea god. But that was too harrowing to look at again.

      Also the beach theme is repeated with the refugees from the Spanish Civil War, many of whom ended up at Argeles Plage, now a resort.

  2. mimi says:

    Isn’t it terrible that only a picture of this unfortunate little boy washed ashore dead could bring the authorities to action ?? We should all be very ashamed, because all summer long everybody knew what went on ! Action should have been taken on a very large scale months ago and only governments or organisations can do that.

    At the same time isn’t it beautiful and sweet that this little Aylan died when Jupiter and Neptune made contact ? Inspite of his misfortune the Gods made sure he died in a very soft and sweet way and so did his little brother and mother. Bless their souls. And let us not forget all the other victims !


  3. mimi says:

    do you have any thoughts how this drama will develop in the coming months when Saturn is going to enter Sagitarius and he will get involved ??


    • Christina says:

      Yes. Saturn will square this axis from Sagittarius. International rules will be put in place to deal with the refugee crisis. I think it the migration will become organised by legislation and government rather than gangs. Another way this could work is that borders could be slammed shut, but I think the sheer volume of people makes that impossible.

      • Leonora says:

        Hi Christina (will take this opportunity to say as a newbie how much I love your site and insight.) – When the square is exact, end of Nov, there will also be a square of Mars Pluto Uranus and human game changer Sirius. A big shift for the human family on some level way beyond human control in the political sense. A driving of force to push things further into meltdown? The Saturn Neptune Sun square also touches mighty star Antares. I can see some real unrest and international intervention in Syria on a much larger scale. I’m sure you’re right about the borders being reinforced and refugees being officially moved. Especially if there is military action over Syria. its worth a look at the national chart of Syria too. Mars and Uranus conj in Gemini so square (2 degrees off) Neptune and Saturn end of Nov. Syria has 13 Libra rising – square Sirius. IMO it is the focal point of a massive and far reaching change – for everyone.

        • Christina says:

          … and thank you for your thoughtful and thought-provoking comments. I have not looked at Sirius at all & would be interested to hear more. A very important star to the Egyptians I believe.

  4. Simon Jenner says:

    Hi Christina,

    I’ve stumbled across the strangest Jupiter/Neptune confluence – and by the way your research here is stunning. Examining John McDonnell’s rough chart (8th September 1951, Liverpool) I find his Venus at 7 Virgo is undergoing one interesting transit with Jupiter conjoining and Neptune washing away at what some would claim were grandiose illusions. But are they?

    There’s no call to detail his chart here. We can do that – perhaps you can Christina! But I’ll just try to focus on the 5H for any clues beyond the obvious Virgo-trigger.Mars Venus Jupiter and Pluto plug to Uranus. If we knew his time we might find an ascendant link. By coincidence I gave him a putative 7am (6 GMT) birth and the Leo Asc 12th shrouded Sun and 11th Venus/Jupiter might even be right. But it’s dirty data. What drives McDonnell is a fire-earth steamroller idealism, a little air and only Uranus in water. That’s often significant, showing vulnerability in his Uranian brilliance, since a lack of an element is over-compensated for quite often. But chuck Uranus in water by itself and then make it the focus of the chart, and perhaps it explodes like an electric fire in a bath. McDonnell’s intellect is then inflected by a crusty Cancerian defensiveness. I don’t want to over-emphasize this but anomalies and singletons are often definers.

    Coming back to that Jupiter/Neptune, what does it tell us? Surely this would be what you might expect from Jeremy Corbyn with his empathy for the sufferers of injustice and persecution. Yet this odd echo is shown in McDonnell. If he were Chancellor now you’d expect him to come up with a kind of fiscal sleight of hand that could resolve his EU partners towards magnanimous settlements for refugees. But he’s not that kind of man. Nor can it be entirely coincidence. Nevertheless how his chart maps on Jeremy Corbyn is surely going to be more telling than anything, synastry or composite. His Jupiter and Sun bracket Corbyn’s Sun for a start. That’s for another time perhaps.

    I’ve noted a close Sun/Mercury/Venus conjunction in their composite as well as a wider Mars/Uranus close by; though some like this method and others don’t, so we can stick to synastry too. Either way, the next few months are going to be defined by this dynamic duo, and perhaps rather a few years too.

    John McDonnnell has an interesting 5H chart and his Jupiter/Neptune rather wide 12 Aries/18 Libra echoes the powerful one from 7 Virgo to 8 Pisces that happens as we can see to conjoin his natal Venus at 7 Virgo on the day of the new Parliament. A Virgo stellium is rather loose, and the Mars-Jupiter trine might explain mace-wielding and kill-Thatcher jokes though not the quality of mind that was able at 29 to run the finances of the GLC. 5H gives us some clue. But it’s fuzzy, and seems rather lacking focus for a combative and by all accounts fiercely intelligent financial idealist. There’s a Sun/Saturn 20H for instance and several other elements, Another Jupiter/Venus squares or 20H Uranus possibly conjoined by Moon but this is virtually worthless (in 5H the Moon would travel 65 degrees a day) but more stably opposing Pluto. Mars makes a quincunx or 12H exact to Uranus very close. Mercury makes a 15H to Uranus too though at an orb of 3 degrees (about 36 minutes natally) but clearly there’s a Uranian circuit plugged in here. Irascibility and lightning-quick reflexes are heightened in Mars like Taurine. I’m sure you’ll have enlightening things to say about this new character as he swims more sharply into our ken.

  5. Simon Jenner says:

    p. s. Referring to the natal chart after brief remark of 5H. Sorry. McDonnell’s natal chart has a rather uninteresting unless mid-pointed Jupiter/Neptune opposition of 12 Aries and 18 Libra but this sharpens with the current transit of Jupiter/Neptune over his natal 7 Virgo Venus. Corbyn’s Sun has been transited but some time ago. It’s his Venus/Mercury at 12 and 14 Gemini that will feel first the hubristic and possibly super-magnanimous Jupiter square soon, and alter Neptune’s strange abjurations. But I won’t under-estimate his ability to work with Neptune.

  6. Christina says:

    Simon – I am just trying to wrap my head around this.

    So his natal Jup-Nep is enlivened by this one… As for the Venus at 7° Virgo: he is feeling the love (kind of). I heard him on the radio just now and was fascinated by how he calls David Cameron just Cameron. Short and sharp like a bark: not the Prime Minister or even David Cameron. Absolute enmity…