Astrology of Now: Love Subdues Anger

Monday November 2nd 2015
Paolo Veronese

Paolo Veronese. Mars, a powerful muscular soldier, about to make love to bejewelled Venus glances over to see that his horse (male power) is restrained by cupid. Venus perhaps is merely checking that Cupid is doing his job properly. She is relaxed while Mars is full of tension — about to be released. They are holding hands as two equals in the act of love.

“Love is the one thing stronger than desire and the only proper reason to resist temptation.”
― Jeanette Winterson, Venus and Mars in Virgo

“The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, century to century, from age to age. Men and women garner these kisses, offer them to others and then die in turn.” ― Guy de Maupassant, Venus and Mars conjunction in Virgo







“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche — Mars and Venus in Virgo







Paolo Veronese - United by Love

Paolo Veronese – Mars and Venus United by Love. Cupid binds the lovers together. A putti restrains the horse. Venus squirts milk. Mars is domesticated.

Tomorrow, November 3, the two planets conjoin in earthy Virgo, a fertile and literary sign. This year, Jupiter the planet of expansion joins in, and we have a prolonged love fest this week. Virgo is about craft, precision and perfection.

“What’s terrible is to pretend that second-rate is first-rate. To pretend that you don’t need love when you do; or you like your work when you know quite well you’re capable of better.” ― Doris Lessing, Venus and Mars in Virgo


Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon in Wuthering Heights, from the wild imagination of Emily Bronte -- Mars Venus conjunct in Virgo

Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon in Wuthering Heights, from the wild imagination of Emily Bronte — Mars and Venus conjunct in Virgo

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”
― Guillaume Apollinaire, Venus and Mars in Virgo

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  1. Severne says:

    The conjunction falls close to my Asc and loosely opp my Sun. What I’ve been feeling is more recognition for things I have been working diligently for the past few years. The important conversations I’ve had in the last few days are more productive and balanced in getting my point across clearly in a kind, respectful way.

  2. Isy says:

    ouf… this conjunction is on my natal Hygeia, so I borrowed a Venusian comb from my grouchy Martian lover and took up my Martian shears, and cut 3 inches off my hair so I stand a better chance of keeping it hygienically clean.

    More than that, it’s been a paralyzing and punishing day. This conjunction opposes my natal Saturn/Chiron conjunction at the top of my 12th… it has taken all day, but I’ve succeeded in injuring myself pretty well and my lover will barely talk to me; he ignored crucial info so I wasn’t there when he called.

    I looked up transits this morning, stunned by the depth of fog I was in, looking for some staggeringly anti-brain signature. This may have been it.

    • Christina says:

      Also it’s in Virgo, the health sign along with Jupiter — you might push your health boundaries over the limit. Was it in the 6th or 5th for you Isy?

  3. Prospera says:

    In Australia, a woman jockey riding a gelding and wearing suffragettes’ colours won the Melbourne Cup for the first time in its history. She said, “I can’t say how grateful I am to [the owners]. I want to say to everyone else, get stuffed, because women can do anything and we can beat the world.”

    • Christina says:

      A fantastic image for this energy. And we can see from the Veronese that our Renaissance ancestors associated Mars with the power of the horse.

      • mimi says:

        I must say I don’t like his feet though in the first painting.
        He has got bad feet (standing on top of Pisces ??).


        • Leonora says:

          Great observation! Those feet convey awkwardness and the one place where he shows uncertainty/self consciousness. His feet are squirming! Being Mars he is driven by his head first attitude but his feet are reluctant to follow – they even look acutely embarrassed! He is self conscious and self regulating by his feet! As if he knows the act will destabilise him – cupid restrains and makes him think again!

        • Christina says:

          There’s a lot of tension in those feet.