Astrology of Now: Ready To Catch The Wave

Friday November 13th 2015
Walter Crane's Horses of Neptune

Walter Crane’s Horses of Neptune

Neptune goes direct November 18, 16.30GMT.
7’01 Pisces

Salt water is sucked backwards over the shingle, and you are pulled over loose sand and pebbles. You can see the shore, but the wave drags you away. The energy is concentrated, focused in the belly of the wave. Then it seems to stand still and grow taller. A moment later it’s crashing, rushing forward to the beach with froth and roar.

Neptune, the great god of the sea, has been quietly retrograde since June 12. He moves very slowly. He’s gone back all of two degrees. But this slowness has focused the energy on to 9-7 Pisces with intensity. This last month, Neptune has been almost stationary as he gathers in his strength before roaring forward on November 18. If you have any planets at 7° or thereabouts, you may have felt this strange, still intensity this month. With Sun, Moon or Ascendant there, you can go up to 10° and down to 4° at least.

Retrogrades work differently for each of us and this one seems to have combined strongly with the Venus Retrograde of the summer, which pivoted at 0° Virgo, opposite Neptune. I know two women with Pisces Rising who have not just returned to old loves — but returned to the arms of someone they had not seen or heard from in decades. In one case, the wait was over 40 years. Romantic, dramatic — and tearful.

But you may not have experienced this current station in this way at all. In fact, you may have felt it as a kind of oppressive emotional waiting. It’s the moment before the storm. When the wave has reached its apex, and just before the rain starts to fall. If you have felt a lump in the throat, a tightness in the chest, a need to cry — it may have been Neptune in Pisces gathering power.

Some things are worth waiting for.





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  1. Es says:

    I am a Pisces rising and what you wrote above about the two women…. bingo and maybe there is more worth waiting for.

  2. With a 7 degree Virgo Sun and 9 degree Virgo Mars I really have lost count how each day seems intense and soaked with emotions. I am just overwhelmed…and I am hoping to say, one day, it was worth all the long intense stillness when everything was stripped to its pure energetic cosmic essence. Thank you for making it clearer somehow.

  3. Gilly says:

    He is opposite himself for me. ‘The moment before the storm’ feels exactly right.

  4. Donna says:

    Following on from your comments about people meeting up after many years. Amazingly, I have reconnected with a man I knew 40 years ago with a completely overwhelming emotional response.

  5. eggcup says:

    The Pisces rising man I dated from February to June reached out to me with a simple “I miss you” while Venus was retrograde in Virgo. I had broken up with him on a whim in June and regretted it. We’ve been happily back together since the end of August, although we have yet to discuss what we’re doing.

    I have Uranus opposite Moon/Chiron in Gemini, Jupiter in Pisces, and Venus retrograde in Scorpio natally. His Jupiter in Gemini is conjunct my Moon and square my Pisces Jupiter. I’m also coming up for my Saturn return at 7 Sag, which is opposite his Venus/Mercury in Gemini.

    Certainly feels like something is brewing…