Open For Discussion: Virtual Vision Webinar

Thursday November 12th 2015
Bette Davis during a radio broadcast.

Bette Davis during a radio broadcast. This could be how I feel on Sunday!

This Sunday, November 15 at 9PM GMT, 1PM PST, I’ll be on Virtual Vision FM, “your platform for all things psychic”, talking to well-known clairvoyant Nina Ashby and friends for an hour or so. It’s a live broadcast and you are welcome to join in.

I note that previous guests include David Icke, Avril Price and Simon Ludgate, as well as my Vedic astrologer colleague Adam Smith.

I’m not sure quite what to expect but I’m excited to be doing something I’ve never tried before. We’ll be on air for about an hour and a half, and I expect we’ll be discussing the current astrological weather, astrology in general — and the intersection between psychics and astrologers.

With Leo Rising, Venus in Libra and Mercury in Scorpio on the day, I am hoping for a sunny, friendly but profound discussion.

You can participate live. I am not quite sure how this works. It is free, but you need to register. To do that, click here.

I hope you can join us.


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  1. Lucy says:

    You make me laugh. But Bette was a “baller” so you’ll be fine. I, too, have radio shows (first time, ever!) this weekend/Monday. It seems auspicious that you’re clocking along with me. I’ll try to catch yours. Here’s to our future fine, award-winning performances! xx, Lucy

  2. Gilly says:

    I’ve registered – it’s a very awkward time for me so I may not manage it but will try my best. How exiting! 😀