Astrology of Now: Fresh Eyes

Monday March 21st 2016
Lily catkins

Lily catkins

Wipe away the steam and fog of Pisces, and look out through the crystalline window into the new year, freshly hatched in Aries.

The equinox – which was officially yesterday – is a moment when day and night are held in balance. Then we tumble into Aries. We leap into impetuous spring. It’s a time to start something new, instinctively, boldly, imaginatively. Step off the cliff, laughing…. but wait….

Aries, always a sign that fizzes and sparks, is exceptionally zinging these days because of the presence of Uranus. Uranus gives the Ram electric horns. Think of the difference between an acoustic guitar and a Gibson. That’s Aries now, and with the Sun joining in, that energy gets amped up.

Both Leo and Sagittarius are benefitting from this energy too.

But meanwhile this year, there’s still a bundle of soaking wet planets in Pisces, which infuses the Aries enterprise with a certain amount of existential threat. Water and electricity can be dangerous. And furthermore, Mars, Aries ruling planet is slowing down precariously in fiery, unpredictable Sagittarius. We seem to be teetering on the edge of something, unsure where to go next, unable to see where to put our feet — on one side is a swamp, on the other who knows?

Furthermore, there’s a quarrel going on between the two kings of the Zodiac, Jupiter retrograding in timid Virgo seems unable to assert himself, meanwhile, Saturn in Sagittarius blunders on, making arbitrary rules, trying to shore things up. Perhaps the EU rule on a one-for-one refugee swap with Turkey is an example of a rule that’s bound not to work. On the other hand, President Obama’s trip to Cuba was perfectly timed. He’s broken through a barrier that’s been in place since 1961 — the year before he was born — and he’s done it in a suitably Saturn-in-Sagittarius manner, with stately composure and a planeload of investors.

The way forward is through generosity —  in short supply with Jupiter Rx in Virgo, but when the planet of giving turns forward in May, we might see that turn around. At the same time, restrictive Saturn is in generous Sagittarius. Still, this doesn’t mean stop giving, it means be organised about it. Don’t randomly hand out your cash, ideas or assets; invest them, generously.

This could apply to all of us. We’re at a moment of serious uncertainty vis-a-vis the wider economy. What we do know is: trust no one — not government, not banks, maybe not even property. That is deeply unsettling.

In Aries month though, we ought to remind ourselves that the future belongs to our children. It’s our responsibility now, collectively and individually, to make it a future worth having.

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  1. Excellent post, Oxford Astrologer. I like the way you weave the individual and the collective together. I’ve just subscribed to your blog.

  2. Angelena says:

    Hi what do you make of the ingress into Aries and the Brussels bombings? Is there a link?

    • Christina says:

      Yes. Mercury was on 0° Aries at the moment the first gunshots were heard — 8am Brussels time. 🙁 Mercury often lights the touch paper, but also the Moon which was on an exact trine to Pluto on the Midheaven. You need those fast moving planets to kickstarts these events.

      The astrology is really straightforward, so I will post the chart.

      What a start to the year. Very very sad.