Asteroids Paint A Picture of A Modern Martyrdom

Thursday August 4th 2016

My colleague Rollan McCleary sent me this email last week, which I thought I’d share with you. This is especially for those of you interested in asteroids.

“I will paste below a small piece I put out on the American Noel Tyl site and called Picture of a Modern Martyrdom.  You  may find you could use some of this. I feel that the point alone about asteroid AHMED is important to know.

I don’t have the facility to include asteroids with this programme but this is chart for the right time.

I don’t have the facility to include asteroids with this programme but this is chart for the right time.


Two days ago on July 26th around 9.25 am according to report, two youths devoted to ISIS entered a village church near Rouen, France, and murdered Father Jacques Hamel while he said mass and took several persons including nuns hostage before the pair were shot by police.

France was once again under attack but this was also a modern martyrdom and I looked up the astrological picture primarily to see what might or might not be shown by the Martir (Sp Martyr) asteroid. A good deal more was shown and I suggest the picture is well worth studying. These are salient and truly surprising things I have seen.

Mars in Scorpio was suitably angular conjuncting the IC from just inside the 3rd while the moon in militaristic Aries just inside the religious 9th house conjunct a Uranus itself just inside the deadly 8th, bespeaks the shock at a service. This is all I need say about the planets unless to remind us that of course Saturn in Sagittarius (here in the fourth of endings) doesn’t bode well for religion generally especially currently in its square from tr Neptune, the planet of any suffering person or martyr situated in this picture in the seventh.

But it’s the asteroids that really grab my attention. The 6 Virgo ascendant is conjunct MARTIR at 7 Virgo. In the way that conjunctions are very for or against something, MARTIR is conjunct AHMED at 9 sealing my conviction that this is indeed the Islam asteroid, about the only one we have, Ahmed being one of the names of Mohammed.

Also rising within the first house describing the moment  is LUCIFER at 15 Virgo and CHURCH at 24 Virgo CHURCH  itself conjunct  MALIN at 25. Malin is French for devil and I have long assumed it is the devil as darkness as opposed to the devil as light which Lucifer can be. MALIN is in stress quincunx to the mentioned Moon/Uranus in the 8th/9th.

Jupiter is in the first house at 21 Virgo which means it is exactly opposed by the hell asteroid HELLA and HELLA besides is opposed to FRANZIA (France) at 21 Virgo.

I have also long assumed that PRIESTLEY, named for the English author, is in fact the priest asteroid and so it is here. It is found in the 7th of open enemies conjunct wounded Chiron (they are at 23 and 24 of suffering Pisces respectively).

Finally I would note that, a little widely for asteroids (2 degrees), asteroid THEOTES (God or Godhead hence the nearest to a Trinity asteroid) is conjunct the tr Saturn in Sagittarius. There is the suggestion in harmony with the powerfully expressive first house picture that in some sense God and Truth-in-itself are being attacked and limited by the ultimately spiritual evil that is let loose.


This is what I wrote but I didn’t point out (because I hadn’t then seen it), that interestingly CHRETIEN (Fr. Christian) at 16 Taurus in the 9th of religion is trine the rising LUCIFER. This I am inclined to suspect reflects how much and how easily the priest and his associates were deceived and betrayed by especially the local Muslim youth – they had been giving them free lessons and had even liberally gifted migrant Muslims land for the building of a mosque and appear to had no evangelical relation to Muslims whatsoever. Asteroid CHRISTEN (Ger. Christians) however make a direct semi -sextile/quincunx to CHRETIEN from within the 8th – death to Christians of any stripe is what is intended as the ISIS youths made clear in their mini sermon.

ISIS itself at 4 Scorpio is square the Leo Sun at 3 which might reflect their tense relations with the terrorist group and the rapid pre murder swearing in of one of the pair.

It is also interesting that the THEOTES, asteroid just about conjunct Saturn in Sag from 12 degrees, is trine PARADISE in the 8th.  It’s a bit like saying death in this picture here admits to the paradise of God.

I feel the martyr pattern illuminating for the very real accuracy that asteroids today can supply, pinning down events descriptively in a way the planets cannot always do in their  multivalence.”

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  1. mm says:

    This is fascinating, Christina. Thank you for passing on Rollan’s input about this horrific occurence and for your own. I’m just starting to incorporate the asteroids into my thinking about charts but this amplifies my own knowledge considerably.

  2. Isy says:

    Interesting footnote, as the Sun swallowed a comet the day you posted this…

  3. Sarah says:

    Which asteroids are these? I can’t find reference to them anywhere. Thanks

    • Christina says:

      That is a good question which I will pass on to Rollan.

      Although you can probably find them on If you go to extended chart selection and scroll down to the bottom, there is a link which says

      Asteroid name/number list with 19933 names [3.8 mb] Big file!

      I see that Martir is number 1582 for example.

      This vast quantity is why I stick to the big ones only!

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks Christina – I didn’t go through them all as it gave my computer constipation :-/ I would be interested to know how they get assigned astrological meaning though, especially given how many there are. I see that Ahmed as named in honour of an American high school kid for a science project for example. But thanks for sharing, I will definitely keep an eye out for any astro books on this subject! Sarah