The Autumn Equinox

Thursday September 22nd 2016
Now Is the Pilgrim Year Fair Autumn’s Charge — John Byam Shaw

Now Is the Pilgrim Year Fair Autumn’s Charge — John Byam Shaw

Today the Sun moves from mutable Virgo to cardinal Libra and the night is as long as the day. It’s one of the four corners of the year, when the season turns and we start our walk to the darkest day of the year.

We are at one of the four Cardinal points (0° Libra), a beginning. And this year, Jupiter, for the first time in 12 years, magnifies Libra, and the things of Libra… What is more Mercury, the planet of speed and communication, turns direct today…

That is something to bear in mind in the coming weeks.

Happy Equinox!

*This rather mysterious painting, titled with a quote that is not a quote, seems to show the personification of autumn leading the grey-clad pilgrim to a boat. In the background is the figure of Time or Death (Saturn to us). Love in the form of Cupid, turns back, perhaps to look at the season just gone.  A huntress, Diana, is the only figure to look boldly out at us. Flora and Ceres appear to be resting on the banks of this river and holding Autumn’s train. Most mysterious of all is Mist, rising from the river…

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  1. Sabrina says:

    Happy equinox! Love the colors and the layers on the painting. I went to check 2004-5 lots going on last time Jupiter was in early libra.