The Donald: America’s Shadow Steps Out Of The Looking Glass (P1)

Thursday November 24th 2016
Trump on The Apprentice.

Trump in the boardroom on The Apprentice.

Donald Trump has been on TV since 2004, sitting at a big desk with the stars and stripes behind him. He wasn’t the president then, just pretending to be a boss on the reality TV show The Apprentice. He looked menacing and said, “You’re fired”, and rewarded contestants if they were “good”, and appeared to be in charge of something important.

Now he has stepped through the screen and will soon — if all goes according to plan — be sitting in the real Oval Office, making real decisions that affect the lives of millions of real people around the world. (Neptune in Pisces, preceded by Uranus in Pisces)

Brilliant, well done everyone. Big round of applause for the cast and crew. Can we all go home now please? Oh what? We’re actually not in Oz any more? This is Kansas.

The whole system is to blame for allowing a hollow man such as Donald Trump this close to the levers of power.


I have just read this interview with psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung in 1938 in which he discusses the psychology of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. He is particularly interesting on Hitler, someone he was able to observe first hand. He points out that Hitler does represent the German people — a shadow side of them. He calls him a “medicine man” — voicing collective desire, irrational, the lowest common denominator.

Every nation and every person has a shadow. There’s no shame in it. Part of our life’s struggle is to recognise and integrate the shadow because, as well as being a place of darkness and irrationality, it can be a source of creative wonder. Indeed, art is often quite simply a shadow projection, and so much the better for it. But what happens when a person channels the shadow of a nation and is given the opportunity to act on it.

The President of the US reflects a set of values and ideas back to the people. So for example, Obama reflected back fairness, intelligence, grace and humour. America at its best. Reagan reflected a similar set of values: grace, humour, fairness, but instead of the intelligence, he apparently, had “common sense”. These two men were at opposite sides of the political spectrum but nevertheless there’s a similarity in what they projected, which showed Americans a side of themselves they liked.

We come to Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is representative of all that we hold dear: money. Or, rather, he is representative of greed for money. We common people may not be able to match Trump’s piggy bank, but we can match his piggishness.” — PJ O’Rourke


And there, my friends, you have it. Donald Trump is a distillation of American grabbiness. This is the manifest destiny to take what you want — including pussy. But what if that pussy happens to belong to Columbia herself?

The shadow unleashed is a destructive force. It can devour the other parts of the person — or nation.

After havering around for a while about which chart to use, I’ve settled on this one because of 9/11.

After havering around for a while about which chart to use, I’ve settled on this one because of 9/11.

It’s interesting that the tightest aspect between the US chart and that of Donald Trump is Saturn-Chiron in Libra. The American Saturn is exalted in Libra: equality is a core part of American identity. Yet we all know that this equality (Libra)  is an ambition (Saturn again) rather than a fact. Indeed America was built on the oppression of Africans, native people and, yes, the poor and desperate from Europe and the rest of the world. Manifest Destiny was a fancy way of saying stealing land from the natives.

Not only is this the closest contact between the US and Trump, but Jupiter, the planet that magnifies and exaggerates, was on this point on the day of the election. So this connection between Trump and the US was highly active. Well, it may be true that some people who voted for Trump were America’s Chirons — maverick, wounded, left behind — and it is also true that he ran as a “maverick” candidate.

Trumps on TV

Trumps on TV. Chairs in the style of the Marcoses.

Trump and his family on their golden thrones are the living embodiment of inequality. Somehow instead of being repulsed by the parade of Trumpescu vulgarity, Americans were hypnotised by it. They were hypnotised by the misogyny, the ugliness, the coarseness, the venality. The shadow.

There is even more Chiron going on.

The US Chiron is at 20° Aries. Uranus, the Awakener, is at 21° Aries by transit (last time Uranus was in this area was during the Great Depression). Chiron might be a nation’s wound, in this case, it’s in the sign of individualism — and “rugged individualism”.

“Rugged individualism was a phrase used often by Herbert Hoover during his time as president. It refers to the idea that each individual should be able to help themselves out, and that the government does not need to involve itself in people’s economic lives nor in national economics in general. It is often associated with Social Darwinism or an “up-by-the-bootstraps” philosophy.” Wikipedia

Hoover’s presidency ended with the Great Depression. (Uranus in Aries: 1927-1934). But in fact the idea is still with us now — and in some ways Trump exemplifies this. Furthermore, he is a highly visible Uranian type (Sun, NN, Uranus conjunct in Gemini) — erratic, charismatic, revolutionary.

The Rugged Individualist is not going to pay taxes. He’s not a respecter of rules. I expect Trump identifies with this American archetype: his Sagittarian Moon exactly trines the US Chiron, and his Solar stellium sextiles it.

And the American people, represented by the Moon in Aquarius, stare into Trump’s snakey Mars on the Ascendant. The opposition is just one degree apart. Mars on the Ascendant dominates by bullying. At its best it’s highly energetic, and it’s worst, brutal. We saw that Mars stalking Hillary Clinton in the debates. This is the god of anger. This anger shines straight into the US Moon, and bounces right back out again.

America is in existential danger. Pluto, the destroyer, opposes the US Sun for the first time. If you wind the clock back to before the Declaration of Independence which is the moment astrologers date as the “birth” of the USA, Pluto was at this point in 1768, when martial law was declared in the colony.

Uranus, the planet of change, is on the US Chiron, and Saturn (the Grim Reaper) has just crossed the Ascendant for the first time since the late 1980s. Chiron will soon cross the IC for the first time since 1968/9.

Today, that Jupiter on Chiron squares tr Pluto and the US natal Sun.

Happy Thanksgiving!




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  1. mike says:

    You mention Mars: his Mars opposes Sibly Moon (the people) and Sibly Mars on his Sun-Uranus-N Node, which squares Sibly Neptune. This made me consider the role of Mars in medical astrology:

    “Mars is the force that seeks to create imbalance. Where Venus achieves unity by harmonising and bringing together the two opposing streams, Mars also achieves unity but through the destruction of the lower aspect of duality. Mars brings about new conditions that go against the status quo. This takes place both in the internal and external worlds. Internally, it is the force responsible for inflammation, redness, and fever associated with disease. Through this process the Mars forces purge the body of the old and limiting information and allow the new codes coming from the soul to enter that part of body. The other function of Mars within the body, is to deliberately rouse the lower nature through the blood so that the soul can rise to the challenge and overcome it.”

    The Mars interplay between his and Sibly chart indicate symptoms of disease…Trump is a metaphor for the imbalance…he’s the fever-with-chills of the underlying condition.

  2. Louise Larchbourne says:

    Do notice (I seem to have posted this here before ineffectively) the Royal Star – Regulus – rising. I put a lot of it down to that. I think Corbyn has his ruling planet with Regulus. Very different person, similar effect.

    • Christina says:

      Yes, astrologers often mention the Regulus. But if we’re talking fixed stars, how about Algol on the MC? That’s pretty frightening.

      • Eleonora says:

        Didn’t know about Algol. His progressive moon is conjuncting his ascendant right now, and so it is conjuncting Regulus as well.

        • Louise Larchbourne says:

          Thank you Eleonora; how interesting. I feel a compulsion to explore Regulus in history! (and contemporary politics and society)… Hmmm

      • Louise Larchbourne says:

        Oh, sorry to be repetitious; I haven’t encountered much mention of it, and it fascinates me. This star is one of the handful I’d always notice when prominent in a chart (as here, not only ascending but just about conjoint Mars – tho that may be pushing it). i find it interesting not only as an indicator of ‘kingship’, but as a reminder of the essential indifference of astrology; it takes me out of my normal frames of thinking. I may not want to see Trump as a king, I may want to nurture some image of a good, wise, etc king. But so what? This is a king (with a golden elevator), and many people are impressed by that. I mention Corbyn also as I see the same mechanism in his case. People want this man to be powerful REGARDLESS. On Saturn, Regulus has a different tone, but I see it there. Algol indeed, though that one is not so much of a surprise for those of us who see Trump as selfish and bellicose. Now he has the job. I do find the Regulus as ‘frightening’ to be honest, it shows how powerful he can be. They fit together along with the Saturn/Venus Jupiter immoderacy and poor timing, and the Moon Uranus opposition imparting self-centredness and a tendency to argue, along with the delusions of the Merc Nep square. Especially, for me, I think I’ve learnt so much, again here – astrology being one of my best teachers – about Regulus and all it denotes, in human life.

  3. Nancy says:

    Right. What does happen when a person channels the shadow of the nation? And, when most people in the nation don’t understand what the Shadow is and how it could play out? What does the other half, who didn’t want this, do? Try to deep breathe and hope for the best?!

    • Christina says:

      Worst case scenario, I don’t want to contemplate. Best case scenario: find every recourse you can for stopping him, take him to court, get the recount done, don’t allow this to become normalised. Resist. Immediately, the best route is legal — Jupiter in Libra. He may have bitten off more than he can chew.

      On a personal level, don’t let them tell you it’s all OK, because it’s not.

      He reminds me of Berlusconi, who was devastating for Italy — and that is a small country protected by EU membership. The potential in America for harm is exponentially huge.

      I do believe there are still good choices that can be made. After all most voters did not even vote for him.

      • mimi says:

        I’m sorry, Christina, I really feel your sorrow, but it is not going to happen that the Donald will be stopped. I understand your wanting it not to happen.

        I read this interview with C.J. Jung yesterday and it clarified a whole lot to me.

        What we are seeing is the evolution of the USA, i.e. Donald Trump represents the will of the majority of the people, which is that every man, woman and child will be equal in the opportunities they get in life. I guess the majority was so fed up with the current unequality that they reacted in this way and ………………. evolution tells us : what will be will be ! It simply has to be done in order for the people to learn what the effect of their actions is.

        As Jung pointed out these feelings and thoughts come from the unconscious but are very deeply felt by the people.

        I don’t really like the Donald becoming president but I can also understand this vast sea of people who are just so tired of making ends meet every day of their lives and not seeing any improvement and then I can also understand the way they look at the Clintons who are so priviliged and have been all their lives.

        Don’t get me wrong I would have voted for Hillary, I think she would have made a great president, but I can now see how the evolution in this situation will be working.

        Maybe, the Donald will soon lose interest in the job he is going to do and will find a way to step out of it (him being a Gemini, Mercury can be very inventive – he was always playing tricks on the other Gods, remember ??) and than ………………. only God knows how this will work out. Maybe in the end everybody will come out of this in a better way.


        • aqua says:

          And in no shape or form does Donald represent equality, neither astrologically nor in reality, its just more mythmaking.

          He hates blacks, poor people ‘losers’ women, etc etc etc
          Any myth that he was a ‘populist’ candidate is just that, and is used as justification by bigots for their choices.
          He is not interested in the populace beyond self validation.
          He does not pay taxes but uses the populaces resources, without contributing.
          He does not allow the peasants into his buildings
          He inherited all his money
          He deliberately rips off and screws the little guy
          He goes to other countries and steam rolls the locals rights
          He sexually assaults young women girls
          Where in all this is ‘equality’ Mimi?
          That is part of the lie and propaganda of dark side Pisces – ‘poor me victimisation, that is used as an excuse and evasion.

          Ironically its those who scream it most about the others ie the alt right about women /black people etc, who are the ones who really demand special treatment over and above either their genuine neccessity or their willingness to contribute.

          Perfect examples of this kind of disengenious self entitlement is to be found with the Bundy brothers in Oregon, and to a larger degree, a big swathe of the Brexit voters who should have been targetting Austerity and the Tories rather than the EU, if their vote was genuinely about need.

        • aqua says:

          What we are seeing is the evolution of the USA, i.e. Donald Trump represents the will of the majority of the people, which is that every man, woman and child will be equal in the opportunities they get in life.’

          Sorry but this is simply NOT true.
          Firstly only about a quarter[if that] of the USA voted for him.
          Hillary Clintons vote is one of the highest ever.

          She now leads by nearly Three million votes! So the polls were accurate.
          NO majority at all!
          More people didnt vote than voted.

          With all due respect Mimi, but it clearly seems to me that you are falling for the Piscean Neptunes conjunct South Node traps and misunderstandings.
          – Lack of critical thinking.
          -ignoring facts
          – Fatalism/fated/apathy
          -Being blindsided by the media and alt rights propoganda and mythology, such as Hillary wasnt popular, she is , she won the POPULAR vote, massively.
          – That poor people were desperate and voted for Trump out of desperation

          The reality is a combination of misogyny racism aspiration and most of all INTERFERENCE, and lack of critical thinking, acceptance of lies.

          Interference from online trolls and fake News sites, lack of decent education that allows for critical thinking, Russian influence, GOP willingness to sink further and further into calmuny and treachery. And Assange, a man whose whole life is a projection designed to avoid facing himself, hence a very dangerous meddling individual.

          No I agree with Christina, If astrology is to mean anything the we need to observe that the Piscean Neptunes [chiron] themes of a phoney sense of Fatedness/destiny, Factual innacuracies, despair, apathy, resignedness, avoidance, fear, fantasy, addiction to drama, religion used as an excuse for bigotry – has all been done before, endlessly, to devastating effect, throughout history.

          America is addicted to fantasy, to drugs legal and illegal, Fake food Fake news Fake emotions, and with Mars and Uranus in Gemini, the polar opposite of hate, despair and cynicism all wthout a genuine grasp of current affairs, the practicalities of goverment and the lessons of history.
          The USA is a nation who acts through projection, and Donald reflects tand enables his.

          The North node in Virgo calls for intellectual clarity, proper research, critical thinking, truthfulness, pragmatism, analysis, factual accuracy, usefullness, service, Sweat the Small stuff, grounded yet refined.
          As to Jung, he is interesting and more apparently humane than Freud, but by no means the be all and end all.
          He had many many issues, not least his blatant racism and expoitation of women, and his work is accepted far too uncritically by the ‘spiritual community’ while not standing up particularly well to research or practical use in the wider world.
          Astrologers Deify him too easily because of his interest in the subject.

          What you are suggesting Mimi unintentionally or not, is a kind of appeasment or fatalism.

          And the astrological repeat patterns from the 30s tells us precisely how well that went.

          • Jen says:

            Aqua, it’s a misjudgement through ignorance of more direct comprehension in regard to purposeful intent of Assange or Wikileaks as publisher prior or post election. Wikileaks opens governments to scrutiny, any government.
            Following the Bay of Pigs fiasco, President John F. Kennedy expressed his desire “to splinter the C.I.A. into 1,000 pieces and scatter it to the winds.”
            Some portion of humanity accepts a broader planetary perspective as
            potential destiny being spun, with or without your approval. You don’t appear to understand activism at Wiki’s level or Assange’s reflective ability in critical
            thinking. Persons with purpose or mission against the odds are rarely appreciated in their own time. Thanks for your comment.

          • aqua says:

            Talking of accuracy, so many typos in that post – sorry.
            Thatll teach me to post with a fever and without several keys o my keypad…

          • Christina says:

            All your comments are most welcome, aqua — with or without typos!

        • Christina says:

          Actually mimi, I pretty much agree with you: America has to evolve,indeed, all Western “democracies” do. Trump’s victory is likely to be part of that. And the Jung interview really clarified my thoughts too. Including the fact that it was done in 1938 —- before either Auschwitz was built or WW2 started.

          BUT the forces Trump unleashes are frightening, reactionary and possibly violent. So it would be better for America to evolve differently. The answer to Trump could have been Bernie Sanders — and may still be.

          Although, I respect Hillary for trying, what she stood for was always part of the problem. I wanted her to win so she could keep Trump out. If somehow she does steal the crown, she will need to implement a radical agenda.

          At this moment of turmoil, there is still everything to play for.

          In the 1850s, America was in similar inner conflict (while Neptune was also in Pisces). This ended with the Civil War.

          • mimi says:

            Don’t forget : change and evolution can be done in a quiet and in a subtle kind of way, but it can also be very violent and cruel.

            Which do you prefer, the changes in the USA with a controlled kind of violent or not so violent uproar and “where the öpposition can have some kind of influence” or the changes in Syria in a violent and cruel war (both are a way of changing history). I know I would prefer the American way !

            Seen in that context I think the Americans will soon come to their senses and start thinking how they can make the most of this for some people difficult period.


      • Sabrina says:

        What do you think about dec 19th? That’s the deadline for the Electoral College to reconsider their decision.
        Mercury will go rx at 15° cap adding to the Uranus Pluto Jupiter T square.
        The moon will be in Virgo on his 1st house and tr Mars will enter Pisces so exactly on his desc…

  4. Eleonora says:

    Talking about shadows, and unconsciousness, we always talk about Lilith… There is an approching progressed Mars – progressed Lilith conjunction in the US chart. It wan’t be exact until 4 years from now on, though. The eclipse in Virgo in 2015 hit the natal Lilith. But it has to be activitated trough some heavy transit, like transiting Neptune opposing it (in roughly 4 years as well).

  5. Fairhavenmaven says:

    Thank you Christina for your analysis; astute as always. A little gift for we Americans for our holiday weekend. We too have been sick these last few days, and heartsick since the elections. It is indeed a shadow drama playing out. It is not difficult to grab power if you are willing to appeal to base instincts.

  6. Laura says:

    Fascinating, Christina! Well done. I do feel that there is some possibility he will be stopped around the time the electoral college votes, with Mercury going retrograde, and Jupiter opposite Uranus at that time. Now that recounts are happening in key states, we may find that Hillary Clinton won after all, because I think it’s likely that voting machines were hacked in those states. Of course, even if that happens, it will be a challenge, because his supporters won’t be happy about that, and they too, represent America’s shadow, with many racists and misogynists among them, as well as many gun owners.

    I also think that in some sense maybe the U.S. needs to face its shadow, before it can grow up. Many people in the U.S. vote based on emotions, without realizing the consequences of their vote. Many of the same people who voted for the Donald are now upset that he’s talking about cutting Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare. Well, what did they think he was going to do? Republicans have never been in favor of a social safety net. But many people here do not understand this. They just vote for the personality they find the most interesting.

    • Christina says:

      Yes I was just discussing how emotions have won out over reason. The same was true of the Brexit vote. This seems to be a theme of the time — Neptune in Pisces is strong!

      • Pamela says:

        I agree with Bernie Sanders when he said this election was a complete repudiation of establishment politics. I also believe if the press would have covered him, the super delegates system as well as the closed primary system would not exist we would not even be in this mess.

        • Christina says:

          Yes, Bernie was the real alternative to Trump.

          • Scot says:

            Elizabeth Warren was the alternative many of us wanted. What scares me is Trump’s Sun Uranus on the US Mars. The Cheetos Hitler is wants more money and power. He could rape and destroying the planet with Exxon and the other fossil fuel plutocrats. If he destroys the Arctic with Putin the earth loses it’s air conditioning and we’ll feel the wrath of Mars with global warming accelerated. And of course the shadow of America’s grabbiness works through war and cruelty as well.

          • Christina says:

            Yes. Elizabeth Warren is a voice of sanity. Why do you think she chose not to run?

  7. Sabrina says:

    Last night we got to read Jung’s interview. Thank you for the link!
    Hours before that, Fidel Castro came into a conversation -and wether or not he was still alive- and we wake up to the news… I had to check his chart a bit. So much going on his Nodal axis and Pluto at 15° cancer on 1rst house and the Libra moon in the 4th. He lived long enough to experience a Pluto opposition.

    • Eleonora says:

      How interesting… I remember reading an interview with Castro, he stated that the number 26 has a significant importance for him. Born 1926, the 26th July movement and some other things I forgot. He finally died on 26th November 2016.

      Catsro and Trump have much in common, in their upbringing. Both are born in wealthy, privileged, but not educated families. They both were somehow troublesome in their youth. Bad relationship with the father. Castro was given in the foster family, where he was severely abused. Both went to military schools as teenagers, and both were sent to schools led by Jesuits.

      There are also some similar tendencies in their character – narcissism, fear of criticism, manipulation, an absolute drive to win, win, win, authoritarian behaviour… And yet, the way they deal with it and their policy could hardly be more different. Cuba sent thousands of doctors (more than any other country) to help defeating Ebola in Africa, while Trump proposed prohibiting even those few American doctors, who went there on their own, of traveling back to US.

      The main difference lies not in what they are, but in what they decided to be. Cubans in Miami celebrate Castro’s death with Trump’s flags… Their votes for Trump decided the election, since Florida is the most important swing state. Sometimes, the universe has strange ways to teach us something.

      There is a photo of a very old Castro, not in his uniform, but in a jacket. With his beard and with half moon spectacles. It was in the context of an interview, where he talked about the dark forces becoming stronger (he grew up among the poor workers from Haiti, and was a beliver in magic). I had to laugh, because in that moment he reminded so much of Dubledore. And, in Rowlingian world, it’s the best description of him. Manipulative, capable of sacrificing innocent humans for „greater good“, even instrumentalising the death of his best friend for the „cause“.

      And yet, the world is not going to be a better place without him.

      R.I.P. Fidel, and thank you for everything.

      • Lucy says:

        This is Trump’s statement on Castro

        “The world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades,” Trump said in a statement issued hours after Castro’s death. “Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.”

        Trump, who has pledged to roll back the Obama administration’s diplomatic opening to Cuba, said the nation remains “a totalitarian island,” but he hopes that Castro’s passing will mark “a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve.”

        “Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty,” Trump said in his statement.

        Trump while he shit talks a lot hit the mark on this one.

        • Eleonora says:


          Sorry for responding tardily, but Uranus-Jupiter-Saturn T-Square (my 2nd -8th -4th house) caused two deaths in my family and knocked me out for several months.

          Or it’s not astrology, but Trump – each time he says „theft“, an angel dies.

          Castro was a truly Machiavellian historical figure and a relict from the bloody, ideology-infected 20th century. But he was a historical figure. And as such, it seems fairly wrong to me, to reduce his historical legacy to his negative record. If you do the same to Churchill, you could say he was just a dude who is responsible for millions of deaths in the Bengal Famine, or for establishing concentration camps for native civilians in South Africa, in Kenya and elsewhere, or for suffocating and burning alive about 40 000 women and children in Dresden and in Hamburg in just few days.

          Btw, I could write much more, for Churchills criminal record is quite long (and each and every single point on it overshadows BY FAR everything, what even the harshest critics are accusing Castro of).

          And yet, reducing Churchill to his negative legacy is historically inaccurate, even highly dangerous! (I pick out Churchill as an example, but of course you could do the same with Roosevelt, or with Kennedy, or with de Gaulle, or with any of those honorable, historical 20th century leaders).

          The same logic should apply also to Castro. You can’t simply ignore Cubas role in the liberation of Africa, for example. The habit of pitying and paternalasing a non-Western nation, which never asked for that pity, is a nasty little relict from the colonial age and CA belongs to the past (which is also partly Castros credit).

          In doing so, one doesn’t misjudge Castro (something he certainly deserves), but rather minimise (by devious means) the historical role and achievements of the whole Cuban nation. The same nation Trump so warm-heartedly cares about.

          If there is still a need to pity someone, go ahead with Cubas neighbouring states – Haiti and Dominican Republic, the poorest countries on earth and the truly bloody legacy of their both leaders – Trujillo and Duvalier.

          Or, talking about the theft and suffering, Hillary Clintons and her brother’s involvement in gold mines in Haiti, or the blocking of the proposed minimum wage increase in that country.

          In comparison to that, Cubans seem to do reasonably well, even without Trumps altruistic help and without him slaughtering the angels.

  8. Madeira says:

    The shadow looms both ways. The brightest light will cast a very deep shadow. Trump may indeed be America’s shadow, but for those who demonize a flawed man, he is also theirs. I’ve seen many appear to take great pleasure now, forecasting doom and destruction with an unaccountable glee.

    I wonder, where does their shadow lie?

    To project so much onto a man who has, as yet, said a lot (of terrible things) but done little -it would be worth anyone’s time to consider their own role in Trump’s shadow. Those who most believe themselves to be in the light are those most prone to casting a very long shadow.

    Some are delighted when a (supposed) devil appears. He makes them appear very very good in comparison. Delighted by the (much suspected) view of their own brilliance, they fall prey to the greatest Fall of all. Hubris. And ego.

    The path to Hades is littered with good (self-righteous) intentions.

    • mike says:

      Can’t polish a turd.

    • Eleonora says:

      Now, really.

      People are not afraid and angry because some random things he said, but because of his inflammatory speeches, which caused the rise of the alt-right and therefore the violence. So, he didn’t just „said“ something, he has „done“ something already.

      And the cabinet he is creating (which means „doing“ something), consists of racists, megalomaniacs, crusaders, chauvinists… There is not even an excuse to remain silent now.

      Otherwise, yes, I’m with you – there are a lot of supposed self-righteous humanitarians and anti-fascist out there, who are delighted when a supposed devil appears. They make their living with it.

      But THIS time, however, it’s not only a supposed devil. So now, we shall see how many of the supposed antifascists will remain loyal to their values, once they are put in the situation, in which they can actually lose something (money, influence, freedom, friends) instead of making profit with it.

  9. Isy Aweigh says:

    So, actually, Hillary won the popular vote by 2 million (2,000,000) votes, but lost the electoral college presumptively because those are sliced by state, not by total population. It’s rigged to let the states with low population have the bigger say.

    There are several ways this could go. Electoral college votes, Senate stonewalling (something they’re very good at, BTW), legal eagles coming home to roost, and so on. Not to mention a meteorite taking out the entire mid-Atlantic Seaboard.

    Bernie was the only real competition, and the way he was taken out was the poison pill that the Dems gave themselves.

    The Dem leadership really screwed up. They betrayed themselves and the nation by becoming precisely what their stated platform opposes. I could go into this at eye-bleedingly tedious length, but I’ll spare us all that. The betrayal is complete, however.

    Obama is now to the right of Reagan and possibly Bush 1. He didn’t used to be, and he still has such a classy mien that he’s a pleasure to see, but his morals have failed the test of time. Clinton is well to the right of that. Look at her donation records and voting records — if you can find them; they had mysteriously disappeared from the record, last I saw.

    No, the Dem leadership has betrayed their base and their nation. Trump did nothing more compelling than say “F**K YOU!” to the “Washington Establishment.” It’s sick and sad, but enough Americans responded to his mindless appeal to the basest motives, because the professional politicians had muddied the waters past all possibility of clarity and reason.

    We need a big cleanup. Sadly, I don’t see any of it being pretty.

    If Clinton does get it, it will be because of enormous popular pressure, and she had damn well better change her behavior. Otherwise, she’ll drag it all right back down, and Americans will let out another bloody roar of frustrated rage and we’ll have something *worse* than Trump next time.

    I’m well aware that things could always be worse, even when imagination fails as to what that could be!

    • mike says:

      With Clinton’s more than 2.5 million popular-vote-lead over Trump, I wouldn’t say that the DNC failed, though the DNC’s ethics toward Bernie are in question. The Electoral College is what counts here in the USA. We do not have a federal election, but a state-by-state election, with each state having a share of the electoral votes. How each state determines its winner is by tabulating individual votes within districts.
      “”Republican strategists spent years developing a plan to take advantage of the 2010 census, first by winning state legislatures and then redrawing House districts to tilt the playing field in their favor. Their success was unprecedented. In states like Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina, Republicans were able to shape congressional maps to pack as many Democratic voters as possible into the fewest House districts. The practice is called gerrymandering, and it left fertile ground elsewhere in each state to spread Republican voters among more districts, increasing the GOP’s chances of winning more seats. Geography helped in some states. Democratic voters are more likely to live in densely populated urban areas, making it easier to pack them into fewer districts.”

      • Pamela says:

        Hi Mike, read the article and yes the Republican’s are definitely better at this and Bernie Sanders has advocated focusing on change from the bottom up through grassroots organizing at the local level.

    • Pamela says:

      I completely agree. The Democrats have to clean house big time, I blame them for the mess we are in. The arrogance they kept on portraying pushing their candidate when thousands of people at Bernie rallies were clearly wanting someone and something else. What was also telling to me was when Hillary nominated Tim Kaine to be her running mate. The Democrats deserve everything they get – instead of whining about Trump this and Trump that – they should be cleaning up their own act.

      In the meantime, things should start to get interesting around the end of December and into January for Trump, he has a Saturn transit conjunct his Moon and opposite his Sun/Uranus conjunction coming up.

      • aqua says:

        How utterly unjust and inaccurate to blame all the Democrats!

        Blame mainstream media for not calling him out from day one, for giving him endless free airtime, for creating false equivalences between the 2 candidates, for focusing on emails and tweets rather than foriegn hacking, wikileaks motivations, and trumps business links tax returns and sexual violence.

        But most of all blame Americans for their misogyny, racism, credulity/naivety, smug ignorance, cussedness and their constant aspirational greed.

        The American people need to take responsibility for this.

        Most especially the ones who didnt vote!!

        The rest of the world has to live with Americas permanent emotional adolescence.
        We wait with bated breath for you, after 300 years, to attain adulthood, because your national temper tantrums and emotional instability are destroying all of us.

        • Sarah says:

          ‘Ironically its those who scream it most ..’

          Interestingly, reading this thread through, yours are the most ‘shouty’ comments. All the below are cut and paste from you:

          How utterly unjust and inaccurate
          Blame mainstream media
          Sorry but this is simply NOT true.
          The reality is a combination of misogyny racism aspiration and most of all INTERFERENCE,
          Interference from online trolls and fake News sites
          foriegn hacking, wikileaks motivations,

          This is partisan ranting, nothing more and the tone of the other commenters’ is far more considered and respectful. You think CNN lies more than the Daily Mail, lies more than the RT, or the Guardian, or than the alternative media ? There was just as much anti Trump propaganda and there was anti Clinton. The facts are that Trump played an unfair electoral system better than Clinton and he better exploited people’s anger over decades of failed neo liberal (and neo con) bankster policies and war mongering. So get down off your high horse and realise that you are contributing to the polarisation.

          In his inauguration chart Trump has a tight Mars/Saturn square found only in Buchanan’s inaugural chart. This will be a civil war. It is the herald of the collapse of the Western paradigm and it is not happening because of Russian hacking or American misogyny. A new power will rise out of this decay and we can only hope they show the Pax Romana more mercy than we have shown to those who resources we have plundered for centuries.

        • Pamela says:

          Greetings Aqua: To clarify I meant the DNC is to blame in a large part for this – not the Democratic voters – and in an earlier comment I do reference the media as complicit in this as well. The object is to get people to the polls and vote and Bernie Sanders generated that kind of enthusiasm, but the DNC had really chosen their candidate already and did not listen. Over and over again it was statistically proven Bernie was in a better position to win against Trump but this did not matter to the DNC.

          I do believe as you say that the American people need to take more responsibility and be better informed voters rather that just voting on ‘personality’ and propaganda fed to you by the media, but this takes time and when you have two jobs and a couple of kids and are struggling to make ends meet this becomes really difficult.

          Finally, I do not think that all Americans are misogynist and racist. Here’s an article that I think sums it up pretty well if you are interested.

  10. A very perceptive post, Christina, and very interesting comments. We are seeing up close and personal/collective what happens in a culture which by and large fears and rejects that vital ‘shadow’ side of the whole of life:

    ” …Every nation and every person has a shadow. There’s no shame in it. Part of our life’s struggle is to recognise and integrate the shadow because, as well as being a place of darkness and irrationality, it can be a source of creative wonder…”

    Culturally, as Jung wisely pointed out, we have failed to see the above point. So – our projections of the shadow onto that “Evil Other” in all its many personal and collective variations, are largely at the root of what has got us into the mess we are now in…

  11. aqua says:

    Late here, but just want to say spot on!
    He is the pure essence, the distillation of selfishness.
    And what is the point of all this greed which creates so much misery?

    You can only sleep on one bed,
    fly on one plane
    and eat one meal at a time.
    A life is finite in its ability to experience and consume.
    This level of greed has no rhyme or reason or logic behind it – if he consumes and expands anymore, he will explode, in all senses.

    And the irony is he clearly doesnt enjoy himself, or love or be loved.
    No fun, just MORE…

    And isnt this all the ultimate cliché, every famous literary tale, wise philosopher and every saccharine hallmark sentiment has undescored this oh so basic lesson, since we first started hoarding as an agrarian society.

    Uranus in Taurus will be a riot, if we dont finally encapsulate this and revalue life : (

    • Jen says:

      Trump has M.C. cj. Algol. Lost regeneration trigger, marker of an unconscious presidency moved by a volcanic archetype outside of his control. Major archetypal themes do work through certain human conduits to action a collective through combustible psyche shifts. A fine line between madness and sanity, life and death. Algol is a clearing house for old traumatic imprints such as patriarchal imposition on the feminine as evil and opens us
      all to instinctual bodily wisdom to claim power over oneself. A sacred feminine, or Algol Kundalini gazes on Trump’s goal post chart section, arousing the nature of the serpent’s regenerative power of healing. Hell and high water collectively ensues. We are not in control, able only to consciously surrender to our own clearing out process, no matter our cost. That’s a worthwhile embrace. Thanks again for your comments.

  12. Lucy says:

    You think Obama is decent; he was responsible for the mass surveillance by the NSA which is illegal under the constitution (4th amendment). He increased the national debt from 10 trillion dollars to 19 trillion dollars, he bailed out the banks! He launched approximately 500 drone attacks (Bush launched 47), through NATO he pushed an Anti-ballistic missile system on Russia’s border (highly aggressive policy), put sanctions against Syria, Russia and other countries. Obama is perhaps the worst president in history!!

    The thing you said about America being built by slaves is false. Practically every civilization had slaves (e.g the their were over 3.5 million slavics who were enslaved in Rome, Mongolia, by the Arabs and Greece), I don’t see Greece or any other countries being as great as America despite the fact they used More slaves than America.

    Also there were 400,000 slaves in America, only 1% of the population had slaves (yes still one slave is one slave too many) 620,000-750,000 died in the civil war to stop slavery (and yes they were practically all white men, shock horror)!!! Additionally Brazil was actually the largest importer of slaves from Africa (4.9 Million slaves) yet their country despite being built on more slaves than the US is worse off.

    As for wage inequality, he got rich because he has real estate empire, sure you can say he got a one million dollar loan but how many people do you know could turn 1 million dollars into a billion dollar real estate empire?
    Equality under the constitution and equality of opportunity was the original intention by the founders of America not Equality of Outcome, this is because the latter is impossible humans are born with different capabilities and in a equal society people will never be free and in a free society people will never be equal. The purpose of the USA was to be a country with limited government, free market and leaving people to their own devices to succeed.

    Equal wages for everyone involves government compulsion, meaning threatening a person with a gun to their head to confiscate wealth that is what government compulsion is.
    An example is Bill Gates, he has made billions by providing people with laptops and good technology. If you compare him to a person who works in a 9-5 jobs it’s obvious why he is richer and deserves to be rich. He has created more valuable goods and exchanges those goods for wealth. You need rich people in a society to offer services and goods to the middle and working class.
    Therefore wage equality will never occur without confiscating and stealing wealth through the threat of force from the rich which is not ethical at all and fails e.g socialism and communism.

    I’m ambivalent to Trump, I don’t hate him nor do I love him like some do but I’ll be happy if he is less interventionist and focuses on improving the economy and lifting the debt (I read his tax code and it seems quite good) rather than focusing on wedge issues such as abortion, gay marriage etc.