Clare Hollingworth’s Appointment With Destiny

Wednesday January 11th 2017
Clare Hollingsworth at her typewriter. She found her vocation on her progressed lunar return.

Clare Hollingsworth at her typewriter. She found her vocation on her progressed lunar return.

It was August 1939 when 27-year-old Clare Hollingworth spotted rows and rows of German tanks, hidden under burlap on the German border . She might have been a rookie, but she knew a story when she saw it. She wired back to London warning “the German war machine is ready for a swift stroke”. Three days later, Germany invaded Poland.

Hollingworth’s report was called the “scoop of the century”.

Hollingworth stumbled into journalism. She’d gone to Poland initially as a political activist and ended up saving thousands of lives by getting visas for people fleeing Nazi persecution. But she’d  been forced out of that role and switched to journalism at the end of August in that fateful year. On the day she filed that story, she’d been a journalist for less than a week. But she spent the rest of the war reporting from the front lines from Poland to Tripoli. And the rest of her life reporting from all around the world, living to the grand age of 105.

What about that moment when her own destiny and the fate of Europe merged?

Well, here’s an extraordinary bit of astrology. On the day she saw those tanks, the Nodes of the Moon (destiny points) were at 0° Taurus/Scorpio. Hollingsworth Nodes are at 0° Scorpio/Taurus.


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  1. Lu Sadler says:

    Saturn was in 1 degree of Taurus, conjunct her North Node in August 1939. Saturn turned retrograde on Aug 14, 1939, heading back to an exact conjunction by early Sept. Her natal Saturn was in 19*R of Taurus. So while not quite in her Saturn Return, Saturn was definitely setting her course. Her natal Mars is in Gemini. Perfect for a war correspondent.

  2. Iris Horsey says:

    Sounds like an open door or tunnel. Her Mars would have made here feel alive.

  3. That’s a stunning example of a Nodal appointment with Destiny, Christina. It bears out what I found in the people whose lives I chose to present my Nodal research study …

  4. Hi Christina

    many thanks for giving the study a plug – people are always extremely interested in the Nodes – it was my own fascination/obsession ( anything to do with my North Node exactly conjunct the MC , do you think? ) with the topic that caused me to write the study as the thesis for my Centre for Psychological Astrology Diploma in 1998. In 2015, a brilliant colleague who is a web designer resurrected the ancient files from techno-oblivion and published it beautifully for me. It really is my pleasure to offer it for free to fellow Node-obsessives out there!

  5. I am not seeing a chart for Claire Hollingsworth who was born 10th Oct 1911, but anyone with sufficient biographical facts could probably establish one rather easily. I should say she was virtually guaranteed to have been born sometime after midnight with Leo rising. The similarity to the mature looks of Libra sun, Leo rising actress Angela Lansbury is pretty striking and Leo rising would be almost necessary for the almost reckless boldness shown by Hollingworth.