Astrology of Now: Venus Exalted

Thursday April 20th 2017
The broch at Stoer.© D Gould.

The broch at Stoer © D Gould.

My daughters’ favourite moment during the recent Venus Retrograde was their discovery of a large skeleton in a lonely, crumbling ruin by the edge of the roaring Atlantic — even the 13 year old lost her composure for a full moment. They burst out of the broch — a 10th century miniature fort — and into the rain, terrified and thrilled. Then they crawled back through the dark, muddy tunnel for a closer look.

The 40-day Venus retrograde can be read as Venus’ journey through the Underworld. Perhaps this was a little re-enactment of that story of Inanna’s journey to the Kur, the Sumerian hell.

As you may know, Venus turns retrograde every 18 months — and if you draw a line between these retrogrades across the sky, you create the famous five-pointed star of Venus — which repeats every eight years. The retrograde pattern gradually shifts backwards just a few degrees. During much of the 20th century, Venus retrograded in these signs — Taurus (Aries), Sagittarius (Scorpio), Cancer  (Gemini), Aquarius (Capricorn), Virgo (Leo). This means Libra and Pisces did not get the retrogrades for a long time. They only came into play again about eight years ago.

Detail from James Ferguson’s, Astronomy Explained Upon Sir Isaac Newton’s Principles, 1799 ed., plate III, opp. p. 67.

Detail from James Ferguson’s, Astronomy Explained Upon Sir Isaac Newton’s Principles, 1799 ed., plate III, opp. p. 67. Venus apparent orbit is the five-petalled one at the centre here.

Venus retrogrades influence the whole spirit of a time. Sometimes the planet bridges two signs, but sometimes a retrograde is solidly contained within one sign. Imagine that you get repeated opportunities to enter a particular kind of underworld. What effect  did the Venus Retrogrades in home-loving Cancer in 1932, 1940 and 1948 have on the collective, for example? Kinder, Küche, Kirche — maybe.

The one we have just experienced was chiefly in Aries — a sign which will continue to dominate the Venus Rxes for many decades. Here, she is in her detriment — of course: this is the planet of peace in the sign of war. Aries’ hell might be an inferno. It’s notable that the wars of words and bombs continued unabated while Venus retrograded through Aries — if anything it all got worse. You may ask yourself, what was Venus looking for as she retraced her steps in experience-hungry Aries? What does Aries love?

Venus Rx can also show us what junk is valuable, and what luxury is really trash. Having turned direct, Venus will go back over these degrees of Aries again from 28 April to 19 May; this time in direct motion — and you may get greater clarity about the meaning of this period. Aries is a sign where planets take action.

On April 3, Venus slipped through a door into the underwater world of Pisces. She has been at 27° of the Fishes for much of April, ruminating maybe on spiritual values, utterly withdrawn from the world of action. Things have been running amok up here. So what is this Pisces hell? Perhaps it’s a ruined fortress by a cold, cold sea. And what treasures is Venus fishing from the collective imagination? She sits now, coolly, in her exaltation, readying herself to return to a world where she is desperately needed.

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  1. aqua says:

    Chaos 🙁
    Great post Christine.
    I wonder if i can ask you for your thoughts on something off topic? In your opinion, when transiting moon conjuncts the sth node/chiron might include exhaustion, especially in the 1st house?

    Granted Im moving house and I have MS, but I do seem to observe that Im more than usually wiped out on those days. When I get to the other side, Id love to have that reading.

  2. We do need a lot of Venus….

  3. Maureen Doran says:

    Great insights thanks, retro’s are quite hard to fathom sometimes! Where you say Libra and Pisces retrogrades only came back into play 8 years ago, could that be that someone who went away 7/8 yrs ago, return with this retrograde of Venus?

  4. Lis says:

    Hey Christina, I really enjoyed reading this and thinking about where it manifested around me. I just read an article on ProPublica about how the Washington Post has exponentially increased their income by focusing on investigative journalism (digging deep into shadowy activities!) and taking advantage of online networks like Twitter and FB (talk about valuing the collective).

  5. Steven Turner says:

    Dear Bathsheba Venus, what is this apple doing in the Bible? (Proverbs 5:19, 25:11)
    The Holy Grail Cup of Astrology is sealed when Juno, Venus and Pallas
    Athena are within 1 to 15 degrees Scorpio, in Libra, and within 15 to
    30 degrees Virgo. Venus likes to be in Libra with Juno and Pallas
    in Scorpio and Virgo. See what your family and close ones can find for
    the three olives in the Holy Grail cup of the supper of Jesus Christ. Venus is the black
    olive. If you have Eris on 15 degrees Aries, she may make you drink it for Ezekiel too,
    otherwise someone else will. (Matthew 20:22-23) This is my cup of the blood of
    the covenant of my resources. Drink it from ancient dates to the modern dates anew.
    Many people must drink together so that they are able to find the Holy Grail Cup.
    Children with their parents, and such is the way. Astrology is to be a gathering of spirits
    for our Father in heaven. (1 Corinthians 11:18-34)