A Talk, A Chat and A Lecture

Tuesday May 2nd 2017
Still from It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Still from It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Hello. Yes, it’s still Mercury Retrograde— and the little planet of speed and thought and communications is still conjunct the planet of electricity Uranus. What is more, Mercury is in “mutual reception” with Mars Gemini. In short, words and ideas are flying along at the speed of Uranus.

Wacky Races. Dastardly and Mutley.

Wacky Races. Dastardly and Mutley.

Who knows, somewhere on this planet, a Gemini or perhaps a Ram is probably inventing a flying car. Oh wait a minute, that already happened, apparently they are really “roadable aircraft”. But maybe someone is inventing a flying car for everyone, not just zillionaires.

So this week, I am in a flurry of public speaking, since Mercury is travelling through my 9th house of publishing, lecturing and broadcasting.

• I will be back on Alex Lester’s show on BBC Oxford at 1.30 this Friday, May 5, and we’ll be making the one-minute video and posting it as usual. Back on schedule now, the first Friday of every month.

• On May 4, I’m giving a talk at Aquarius Severn. We’re calling it the Astrology of Now, and it will be a round up of what’s happening in the sky at the moment — and how it’s working for the collective (or not)! Click here for directions and timing.

• On May 20, Bernard Eccles and Adam Smith will be coming to Oxford to do a joint day-long workshop on Grand Conjunctions and Shadow Planets. Click here for more info and tickets.

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